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Battle of Barbalissos

Battle of Barbalissos
Part of the Roman-Persian Wars
Date 253
Location Barbalissos, Mesopotamia
Result Sassanid victory[1]
Sassanid Empire Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Shapur I
Unknown 60,000[2]
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Barbalissos was fought between the Sassanid Persians and Romans at Barbalissos. Shapur I used Roman incursions into Armenia as pretext and resumed hostilities with the Romans. The Sassanids attacked a Roman force at Barbalissos and the Roman army was defeated. The defeat of this large Roman force left the Roman east open to attack and led to the eventual capture of Antioch and Dura Europos three years later. This battle is only known through Shapur's inscription at Naqš-e Rostam.[3]


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