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Beslan Butba

Beslan Butba
Беслан Быҭәба
Prime Minister of Abkhazia
Assumed office
29 September 2014
President Raul Khadjimba
Preceded by Vladimir Delba (Acting)
Leader of the Party for the Economic Development of Abkhazia
Assumed office
26 September 2007
Deputy Beslan Baratelia
Preceded by Position established
Personal details
Born (1960-02-07) 7 February 1960
Chlou, Soviet Union
Political party Party for the Economic
Development of Abkhazia
Alma mater Moscow State Construction

Interdisciplinary Centre of
Ergonomic Research and

Beslan Butba (

Political offices
Preceded by
Vladimir Delba
Prime Minister of Abkhazia
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In November 2014, Butba, driving his car without security guards, was attacked and beaten by two drunken men, who were later detained and brought to police for questioning. Butba was briefly hospitalized in a Sukhumi hospital and treated for concussion.[15]

During the election to succeed Ankvab as President, Butba campaigned with opposition leader Raul Khajimba as his Prime Ministerial candidate. Khajimba won a narrow first-round victory and Butba was appointed as Prime Minister on 29 September.[14]

Following the 2014 Abkhazian political crisis and the resignation of President Alexander Ankvab and several other officials, including Vice Premier Beslan Eshba, Butba was appointed as acting Vice Premier on 13 June.[12] Accordingly, Butba's membership of Parliament was terminated on 18 June.[13]

Prime Minister (since 2014)

On 1 February 2013, Butba was appointed Special Representative of the President for cooperation with the countries of South and Middle America.[11]

In 2012, Besla Butba was again elected to Temur Logua. He was nominated by an initiative group on 12 June.[8] In the first round on 22 July 2012, Butba won a plurality of 920 votes out of 2040.[9] In the second round on 5 August, Butba defeated Beslan Tarba by winning 1125 out of 2193 votes.[10]

Member of Parliament (2012 – 2014)

On 23 October 2009 Butba was nominated by his party for the December 2009 presidential election, running together with former Interior Minister Almasbei Kchach as Vice Presidential candidate.[5] The pair came in fourth place with 8.25% of the vote share.[6][7]

2009 Presidential election

Beslan Butba was a member of the People's Assembly of Abkhazia from 2002 until 2007, and he headed the Committee for Interparliamentary Relations.[1] In 2007, he failed to be re-elected. He then founded and became Chairman of the Party of the Economic Development of Abkhazia, which held its first congress on 26 September 2007.

Member of Parliament (2002 – 2007)

Political career

After graduation in 1983, Butba began working for the Repair and Construction Department No. 1 of Moscow. Three years later he became head of the department. Butba first entered business when in 1989 he founded a cooperation in Moscow. He returned to Abkhazia in 1990 where he also started to do business. In 2005 he became head of the Business Club Sukhum.[1] In 2007 he founded Abaza TV, Abkhazia's first private Television channel, which started broadcasting at 19:30 on 26 June 2007.[3] Butba also owns the newspaper Ekho Abkhazii.[4]

Business career

In 2009, Butba obtained his Candidate of Sciences degree in Moscow, and in March 2011, his Doctor of Sciences degree in Tula at the Russian Interdisciplinary Centre for Ergonomic Research and Development.[2]

Beslan Butba was born on 7 February 1960 in the village of Chlou in the Ochamchira District of the Abkhazian ASSR. In 1983 he graduated from the Institute for Engineering and Construction in Moscow.[1]

Early life and education


  • Early life and education 1
  • Business career 2
  • Political career 3
    • Member of Parliament (2002 – 2007) 3.1
    • 2009 Presidential election 3.2
    • Member of Parliament (2012 – 2014) 3.3
    • Prime Minister (since 2014) 3.4
  • References 4

. December 2009 presidential election. Butba was an unsuccessful candidate in the Party of the Economic Development of Abkhazia and is the chairman of the Abaza TV. He owns Abkhazia's only private television station Prime Minister of Abkhazia) is a businessman and the current ბესლან ბუთბა

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