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CONCACAF Under-20 Championship


CONCACAF Under-20 Championship

CONCACAF Under-20 Championship
Founded 1962
Region North America (CONCACAF)
Number of teams 12
Current champions  Mexico (12th title)
Most successful team(s)  Mexico (12 titles)
2015 CONCACAF U-20 Championship

The CONCACAF Under-20 Championship is the second longest running international association football event in the North America, Central America and the Caribbean region, CONCACAF, and is the qualification tournament for the FIFA U-20 World Cup. The format of the tournament has undergone changes over the years. The tournament proper is currently played with a first round of four round-robin groups from which the top two sides from each group advance to a single-elimination championship round.


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CONCACAF Youth Tournaments era
Year Host Champions Runner-up Third place Fourth place
1962 Panama  Mexico  Guatemala  Netherlands Antilles  Costa Rica
1964 Guatemala  El Salvador  Honduras  Guatemala  Netherlands Antilles
1970 Cuba  Mexico  Cuba  Jamaica  El Salvador
1973 Mexico  Mexico  Guatemala  Cuba  Canada
1974 Canada  Mexico  Cuba  Trinidad and Tobago
1976 Puerto Rico  Mexico  Honduras  United States  Guatemala
1978 Honduras  Mexico  Canada  Honduras  Costa Rica
1980 United States  Mexico  United States
1982 Guatemala  Honduras  United States  Costa Rica  Guatemala
1984 Trinidad and Tobago  Mexico  Canada  El Salvador  United States
1986 Trinidad and Tobago  Canada  United States  Trinidad and Tobago  Cuba
1988 Guatemala  Costa Rica  Mexico  United States  Cuba
1990 Guatemala  Mexico  Trinidad and Tobago  United States  Guatemala
1992 Canada  Mexico  United States  Canada  Honduras
1994 Honduras  Honduras  Costa Rica  Canada  El Salvador
1996 Mexico  Canada  Mexico  United States  Costa Rica
FIFA U-20 World Cup qualifying tournament era
The format of the tournament was changed beginning with the 1998 tournament and ending with the 2007 tournament. In the five tournaments during that time the top eight teams in the region were divided into two groups of four, each group hosted by a separate nation, and the top two sides from each group were qualified to the FIFA U-20 World Cup. There was no championship round within the CONCACAF region. The tournament served solely to qualify the four allotments given to CONCACAF by FIFA for the U-20 World Cup.
Year Host Champions Runner-up
1998 Guatemala (Group A)  United States  Costa Rica
Trinidad (Group B)  Mexico  Honduras
2001 Canada (Group A)  Costa Rica  United States
Trinidad (Group B)  Canada  Jamaica
2003 Panama (Group A)  Panama  Mexico
United States (Group B)  Canada  United States
2005 Honduras (Group A)  United States  Panama
United States (Group B)  Canada  Honduras
2007 Panama (Group A)  United States  Panama
Mexico (Group B)  Mexico  Costa Rica
CONCACAF U-20 Championship era
Beginning with the 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup tournament, the CONCACAF region returned to a championship-style tournament in which all four semifinalists qualify for the FIFA U-20 World Cup. [1] The reintroduction of a championship round was done to reinvigorate to competition.
Year Host Champions Runner-up Third place Fourth place
2009 Trinidad and Tobago  Costa Rica  United States  Honduras  Trinidad and Tobago
2011 Guatemala  Mexico  Costa Rica  Guatemala  Panama
2013 Mexico  Mexico  United States  El Salvador  Cuba
2015 Jamaica

Winners by country

Team Titles Runners-up
 Mexico 12 (1962, 1970, 1973, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1984, 1990, 1992, 2011, 2013) 2 (1988, 1996)
 Canada 2 (1986, 1996) 2 (1978, 1984)
 Costa Rica 2 (1988, 2009) 2 (1994, 2011)
 Honduras 2 (1982, 1994) 2 (1964, 1976)
 El Salvador 1 (1964)
 United States 6 (1980, 1982, 1986, 1992, 2009, 2013)
 Guatemala 2 (1962, 1973)
 Cuba 2 (1970, 1974)
 Trinidad and Tobago 1 (1990)

Note: no titles or runners-up between 1998 and 2007.

Player awards

Year MVP Lead Goalscorer Best Goalkeeper Fair Play Award Source
2009 Randy Edwini-Bonsu

Josué Martínez
Roger Rojas (3 goals)

2011 Joel Campbell (6 goals) [3]
2013 Antonio Briseño Amet Ramírez (4 goals) Richard Sánchez  El Salvador [4]

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