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Connecticut Transit
downtown Stamford on the 42 Darien line. This bus is one of the two original hybrid-electric buses in the CT Transit fleet.
Parent Connecticut Department of Transportation
Founded 1976
Headquarters Newington, Connecticut
Locale Connecticut
Service area Metropolitan areas of Stamford, Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury, Meriden, New Britain, and Bristol
(buses also leased to SEAT in Preston and for the Coastal Link in Norwalk, Bridgeport, and Milford)
Service type Local bus service
Routes Buses in Waterbury operate 7 days a week with the exception of a few holidays. See CT Transit for the latest information concerning holiday schedules. Evening service is available six days a week from Monday through Saturday.
Operator See articles for each division
Chief executive David A. Lee (general manager)
Website Official Website

Connecticut Transit (CT Transit) is a bus system serving much of the U.S. state of Connecticut and is a division of that state's Department of Transportation.[1] CT Transit provides bus service via contract providers for seven different metropolitan areas in the state, mostly concentrated in Hartford and New Haven counties. CT Transit began operations in 1976.


CT Transit is arranged into multiple divisions:[2]

Commitment to the Environment

CT TRANSIT currently operates five buses powered by UTC Power’s transportation fuel cells, the PureMotion® system. Fuel cell buses are extremely quiet, offer a smooth and almost vibration-free ride, are nearly two times more fuel efficient than a diesel-powered bus and are emission-free, generating no soot or smog-forming pollutants. Compared to a diesel version, every bus equipped with a PureMotion system reduces nitrogen oxide emissions equivalent to removing 77 cars from the road per year and creates the same carbon dioxide benefits as planting 31 acres of forest.[3]

In early 2012, CT TRANSIT expanded their commitment to reducing their environmental impact through the installation of a PureCell® stationary fuel cell system for their headquarters on Leibert Road in Hartford, Conn. The fuel cell provides 400 kilowatts (kW) of clean, reliable power to the 330,000 square-foot facility. Thermal energy from the fuel cell will be used to pre-heat two boilers that support the building’s primary heating system.[4]

By generating power on-site with a fuel cell, CT TRANSIT will prevent the release of more than 827 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually – the equivalent of planting more than 191 acres of trees. The reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions compared to a conventional power plant are equal to the environmental benefit of removing more than 102 cars from the road. In addition to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the PureCell system will enable CT TRANSIT to save nearly 3.6 million gallons of water annually.[5]

"CT TRANSIT will be the first UTC Power customer to use both our transportation and stationary products," said Joe Triompo, VP and General Manager of UTC Power.[6]


Manufacturer Model Order Year Series
Fuel Propulsion Powertrain Service
Gillig Advantage 30' 2003 396-398
Diesel Cummins ISL/ Allison B300R
  • SEAT
Advantage 30' 2005 556-558
Diesel Cummins ISL/ Allison B300R
  • SEAT
MCI 102-DL3 1995 9511-9515
Diesel Detroit Diesel 60/ Allison B500R6
  • Metro North Service
  • These units were formerly operated by Arrow Line/Peter Pan under a State of CT DOT contract
D4500 2003 303-309
Diesel Detroit Diesel 60/ Allison B500R6
  • Hartford Express
D4500CT 2010 1011-1022
Diesel Cummins ISM/ Allison B500R6
  • Hartford Express (1011–1017)
  • Stamford Express (1018–1022)
NFI D35LF 2003 393-398
Diesel Detroit Diesel 50/ Allison B400R5
  • SEAT
D35LF 2005 553-558
Diesel Detroit Diesel 50/ Allison B400R5
  • SEAT
D35LFR 2010 A1-A14, A21-A26
Diesel Cummins ISL9/ Allisin B400R5
  • New Britain
XD35 2011 A30-A47
Diesel Cummins ISL9/ Allisin B400R5
  • Waterbury
XDE35 2010 A48-A65
Hybrid Cummins ISB/ Allison EP40
  • Waterbury
XDE35 2012 1201-1205
Hybrid Cummins ISB/ Allison EP40
  • Star Shuttle (Hartford, 1201-1203,1205)
  • Union Station Shuttle (New Haven, 1204)
D40LF 2001 101-136
Diesel Detroit Diesel 40E/ Allison B400R6
  • Stamford (101-126)
  • Stamford Express (127-132)
  • Danbury HART & Norwalk Wheels (133-136)
D40LF 2002 201-240
Diesel Detroit Diesel 50/Allison B400R5
  • Hartford
D40LF 2003 310-392
Diesel Detroit Diesel 50/Allison B400R5
  • Hartford (310-322)
  • GBTA, Norwalk WHEELS & Milford Transit District for Coastal Link (324-329)
  • New Haven (323,330-336, 338-371) Note: 337 is retired due to a collision. It was replaced by 323, an ex-Hartford division bus.
  • NET (381-386)
  • SEAT (391-392)
D40LF 2004 401-442, 451-492
Diesel Detroit Diesel 50/Allison B400R5
  • Hartford (401-442)
  • New Haven (451-492)
D40LF 2005 501-548, 551-552
Diesel Detroit Diesel 50/Allison B400R5
  • Hartford (501-548)
  • SEAT (551-552)
D40LF 2007 711-753, 761-782
Diesel Cummins ISL/ Allison B400R5
  • Hartford (711-753)
  • Hartford Express (761-782) * These units are in suburban config. and has a single door.
D40LF 2008 801-802
Diesel Cummins ISL/ Allison B400R5
  • Hartford
  • Rejects form SEAT.
DE40LF 2003 301-302
Hybrid Cummins ISB/ Allison EP40
  • Hartford
XDE40 2010 1023-1036
Hybrid Cummins ISB/ Allison EP40
  • New Haven (1023–1036)
XDE40 2012 1210-1214 & 329-330
Hybrid Cummins ISB/ Allison EP40
  • New Haven (1211–1212)
  • Stamford (1213–1214)
  • GBTA (329-330)
NovaBus Classic 1996 9601-9623, 9626-9649 Diesel Detroit Diesel 50/ Allison B400R (9601-9623, 9626-9648)
  • Cummins ISC/ Allison B400R (9649)
  • New Haven (9601-9623)
  • Stamford (9626-9637, 9641-9642)
  • Hartford (9638-9640, 9643-9649)
  • Note: Most units are retired,though 9603,9604,9611,9614,9622,9643,and 9649 are still active in New Haven
LFS-A 2010 1041-1052, 1061-1073
Diesel Cummins ISL9/Allison B500R6
  • New Haven (1041–1052)
  • Stamford (1061–1073)
LFS-A HEV 2011 1101-1110
Hybrid Cummins ISL9/Allison EP50
  • Hartford
Van Hool A330FC 2007 701
Fuel Cell TBD
  • Star Shuttle
A330FC 2010 1001-1004
Fuel Cell TBD
  • Hartford

Note: Fleet roster category range in order from length in feet (smallest to largest) and fuel propulsion (Diesel, Hybrid and Fuel Cell).


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  • CT Transit Homepage
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