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Catacaoan languages

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Title: Catacaoan languages  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Indigenous languages of the Americas, List of language families, Classification schemes for Southeast Asian languages, Sechura language, Arutani–Sape languages
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Catacaoan languages

Piura Region, Peru
Linguistic classification: Sechura–Catacao
  • Catacaoan
  • Catacao
  • Colan
  • Chira
Glottolog: (not evaluated)
Location of the Catacaoan languages within Piura Region

The Catacaoan languages are an extinct family of three languages spoken in the Piura Region of Peru. The three languages in the family are:[1]

  • Catacao or Katakao, once spoken around the city of Catacaos
  • Colán or Kolán, once spoken between the Piura and Chira Rivers
  • Chira or Lachira or Tangarará, once spoken along the Chira river. It is unattested.

Vocabulary comparison

Colan and Catacao vocabulary[2][3]
English Colan Catacao
drink kum konekuk
heart ñessini-m ñiesiñi-čim
water yup yup
woman pi-m pi-čim
fire huyur guanararak
daughter hiku-m yku-čim kapuk
son hiku-m yku-čim
river yup [water] tuyurup
brother pua-m pua-čim
grass aguakol taguakol
man yatadla-m aszat
moon nag nam
eat agua agua-čim
sea amum amaum
mother nu-m ni-čim
dead dlakati ynata-klakatu
bird yaiau yeya
bone dladlapi-ram lalape-čen
rain (v.) ñar ñarakñakitutin
rain (n.) nug guayakinum
fish llas llas
branch yabiti-ram yabike
rule (v.) čañar čañak
sister puru-m puru-čim
sun turinap nap
earth dlurum durum
trunk tuku-ram taksikáas
wind kuiat ñap vik

Genetic relations

Loukota compares Catacaoan to the Culle language and the Sechura language but does not make any claims about genetic relatedness.[2]


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