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Catalogue of Life


Catalogue of Life

The Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life
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Launched June 2001
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The Catalogue of Life, started in June 2001 by Earth. The Catalogue currently compiles data from 115 peer-reviewed taxonomic databases, that are maintained by specialist institutions around the world.[2] The Catalogue provides a Dynamic Edition, which is updated regularly (and in which data can change without tracking of those changes) and an Annual Checklist, which provides a dated, verifiable reference for the usage of names and associated data. Development of the Catalogue of Life has been recently funded through the 4d4Life and i4Life projects.

The twelfth edition of the catalogue lists 1,404,038 species for all kingdoms as of May 2012, with coverage of 74% of the estimated 1.9 million species known to science.[2]


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The Catalogue of Life employs a simple data structure to provide information on synonymy, grouping within a taxonomic hierarchy, common names and distribution.[2]

Recently, the Catalogue of Life has included Life Science Identifiers (LSIDs) in its standard dataset.[2]


Much of the use of the Catalogue is to provide a backbone taxonomy for other global data portals. Through the i4Life project it has formal partnerships with Global Biodiversity Information Facility, European Nucleotide Archive, Encyclopedia of Life, European Consortium for the Barcode of Life, IUCN Red Data List, and Life Watch (EDIT). The public interface includes both search and browse functions as well as offering multi lingual services.

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Further reading

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External links

  • Catalogue of Life: Dynamic Checklist
  • 2014 Annual Checklist, 1,578,063 species
  • 2013 Annual Checklist, 1,352,112 species
  • 2012 Annual Checklist, 1,404,038 species
  • 2011 Annual Checklist, 1,347,224 species
  • 2010 Annual Checklist, 1,257,735 species
  • 2009 Annual Checklist, 1,160,711 species
  • 2008 Annual Checklist, 1,105,589 species
  • 2007 Annual Checklist, 1,008,965 species
  • 2006 Annual Checklist, 884,552 species
  • 2005 Annual Checklist, 526,323 species
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