Centre for fortean zoology

Centre for Fortean Zoology
Abbreviation CFZ
Formation 1976
Type Nonprofit organization
Headquarters Woolfardisworthy, North Devon
Region served Worldwide
Director Jonathan Downes
Website Centre for Fortean Zoology

Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ) is an organisation dedicated to cryptozoology, and allied disciplines. According to the CFZ, it is a non-profit organisation founded in 1992 by Jonathan Downes and its honorary life president is the British explorer John Blashford-Snell,[1][2]

Fortean zoology

According to the CFZ, its primary focus involves unknown animals, or cryptozoology but they also examine unusual and aberrant animal behavior, animal mutilations, animal colour variants, teratology, animal folklore, classic Fortean subjects as creature falls (fafrotskies), and vampire/werewolf reports.[3][4]


CFZ members have carried out expeditions in the UK, including Cannock,[5] Bolam Lake,[6] and the Lake District,[7] as well as foreign locations such as The Gambia (2006) [8] and Tasmania [9]

Weird Weekend

Since 2000, the CFZ has promoted an annual conference called The Weird Weekend.[10][11]


CFZ Press logo

CFZ Press publishes a journal entitled Animals & Men, which was founded in 1994. Animals & Men covers a wide range of phenomena that fall into the broad category of Cryptozoology.

Appearances in media

Penn and Teller: Bullshit! - Season 4 Episode 1: Cryptozoology[12]


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