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Charles L. Feinberg

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Title: Charles L. Feinberg  
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Subject: Independent Fundamental Churches of America, Stony Brook Assembly, American Jews
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Charles L. Feinberg

Charles Lee Feinberg (June 12, 1909 – August 22, 1995) was an American biblical scholar and professor of Semitics and Old Testament. He was an authority on the Jewish history, languages and customs of the Old Testament and biblical prophecies.

Background and education

Feinberg was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised in an Orthodox Jewish community, graduating from the Hebrew Institute of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh in preparation to be a rabbi.[1] In 1930, he converted from Judaism to Christianity through the ministry of Chosen People Ministries.[1][2] He went on to earn his Th.M. (1934) and Th.D. (1935) from Dallas Theological Seminary, his A.M. (1943) from Southern Methodist University and his Ph.D. (1945) in Archaeology and Semitic languages from Johns Hopkins University. Feinberg married Anne Priscilla Fraiman in 1935, and together they had three children (Paul, Lois and John).[1]


Feinberg joined the faculty of Dallas Theological Seminary as professor of Old Testament in 1934 and began radio broadcasting messages the following year.[1][3] During that time, he also served as pastor of a church from 1936 to 1940.[1] In 1948, Feinberg joined the faculty of what would later become Talbot Theological Seminary, and in 1952 became its first and longest-serving dean.[1][4] He also served as pastor at two Los Angeles churches until 1955. In 1958, he oversaw an update to The Fundamentals, a defense of the central teachings of Christianity,[5] and later was on the team that originally translated the New American Standard Bible.[6]

Selected publications

  • The Prophecy of Ezekiel: The Glory of the Lord (1969, 2003) ISBN 1-59244-270-6
  • God Remembers: A Study of Zechariah (1977, 2003) ISBN 1-59244-272-2
  • Millennialism - The Two Major Views (1980, 1985) ISBN 0-88469-166-7


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