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Chinese Paladin 3 (TV series)

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Title: Chinese Paladin 3 (TV series)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Chinese Paladin (TV series), Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Hu Ge, The Legend of Sword and Fairy
Collection: 2009 Chinese Television Series Debuts, Chinese Fantasy Television Series, Chinese Romantic Fantasy Television Series, Chinese Television Programs Based on Video Games, Chinese Wuxia Television Series, Demons in Television, Ghosts in Television, Interquel Television Series, Magic in Television, Reincarnation in Television, Shenmo Television Series, Television Series by Chinese Entertainment Shanghai Limited, Television Series Set in Imperial China, The Legend of Sword and Fairy, Time Travel Television Series
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Chinese Paladin 3 (TV series)

Chinese Paladin 3
Chinese Paladin 3 intertitle
Genre Fantasy, adventure, romance, wuxia
Written by Deng Zishan
Directed by Lee Kwok-lap
Starring Hu Ge
Wallace Huo
Yang Mi
Cecilia Liu
Tiffany Tang
Jerry Huang
Opening theme Shengsheng Shishi Ai (生生世世爱) performed by Kary Ng
Ending theme Wangji Shijian (忘记时间) performed by Hu Ge
Composer(s) Mak Jan-hung
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 37
Producer(s) Karen Tsoi
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Original channel Taizhou Broadcasting Station (China)
ETTV (Taiwan)
8TV (Malaysia)
mio TV (Singapore)
First shown in 15 December 2009 – 3 February 2010 (Taiwan)
9 October – 30 November 2009 (Malaysia)
28 June 2009 (China)
15 November 2009 (Singapore)
Preceded by Chinese Paladin (2005)
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Chinese Paladin 3
DVD Cover (© 2009 Tai Seng Entertainment)
Traditional Chinese 仙劍奇俠傳三
Simplified Chinese 仙剑奇侠传三

Chinese Paladin 3 is a Chinese television series adapted from the video game of the same title, and, because of an added time travel concept allowing the protagonist from Chinese Paladin (2005) to appear in the setting decades before the events of the first. It was first released on television stations in mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore in 2009. Chinese Paladin 2 was not filmed because the producers felt that the third game had a much stronger story than the second.


  • Cast 1
  • Soundtrack 2
    • Track list 2.1
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  • Hu Ge as Jingtian / Feipeng / Long Yang / Li Xiaoyao
  • Wallace Huo as Xu Changqing / Lin Yeping / Gu Liufang
  • Yang Mi as Tang Xuejian / Xiyao
  • Cecilia Liu as Long Kui
  • Tiffany Tang as Zixuan
  • Jerry Huang Zhi Wei as Chonglou
  • Gordon Liu as Evil Sword Immortal
  • Lam Chi-chung as Xu Maoshan
  • Justin Yuan as Lei Yunting
  • Yan Hongyu as Chang Yin
  • Liu Rui as He Biping
  • Liu Xiaojie as Wan Yuzhi
  • He Yan as Divine Lady
  • Deng Limin as Tang Tai
  • Yue Yueli as Tang Kun
  • Guo Xiaoting as Hua Ying
  • Han Zhi as Luo Rulie
  • Han Xiao as Fire Demon King
  • Lin Jiajun as Jingjing
  • Xiao Bing as Zhao Wuyan
  • Zhao Zhuona as Shuibi
  • Song Yang as Xifeng
  • Han Zhenhua as Qinghui
  • Fan Ming as Heavenly Emperor
  • Zong Fengyan as King of Jiang
  • Lu Meifang as Tang Zhiyun
  • Guo Qiming as Zhao Wenchang
  • Chan Ganlin as Chang Huai
  • Hu Zhonghu as Shouzhen
  • Yang Long as Shouyi
  • Jin Sheng as Shouguan
  • Sun Jiaolong as Heavenly Demonic Emperor
  • Zhang Lei as Tang Yi
  • Yao Huiru as Aunt Ma
  • Liu Zifei as Jingtian's mother
  • Zhou Hong as Jingu
  • Lou Yajiang as Jingyi
  • Wang Zichen as Wenxuan
  • Zhang Jianhong as Wenxuan's mother
  • Liu Changsheng as Anxi old man
  • Li Linlin as Zhao Wenchang's wife
  • Gongfang Min as Gu Liufang's master
  • Xu Shouqin as Guteng old man
  • Yang Sheng as Ding Shiyan


Chinese Paladin 3 TV Original Soundtrack (OST) (仙劍奇俠傳三 電視原聲帶)
Soundtrack album (Digital download / Audio CD) by Various artists
Released 2009-12-18
Label Gold Typhoon Music Culture Co., Ltd. (金牌大風音樂文化股份有限公司) (TW)

Track list

  1. Shengsheng Shishi Ai (生生世世愛; Love Forever and Ever) performed by Kary Ng
  2. Wanji Shijian (忘記時間; Forget Time) performed by Hu Ge
  3. Cisheng Buhuan (此生不換; Will Not Change This Lifetime) performed by Qingdao Feiyu
  4. Guanggun (光棍; Bachelor) performed by Hu Ge
  5. Daying Bu Aini (答應不愛你; Promise Not to Love You) performed by Ronald Cheng
  6. Pian'ai (偏愛; Preference) performed by Chang Yun-jing
  7. Wozuo Wode Wang (我做我的王; Be My Own King) performed by Xiongdi Lian
  8. Nishiwo Yishou Changbuwan Dege (你是我一首唱不完的歌; You're my Everlasting Song) performed by Guo Hengqi
  9. Xiangmo Jian (降魔劍; Demon-subduing Sword)
  10. Xuejian - Xianfan Zhilü (雪見 — 仙凡之旅; Xuejian - Immortal's Journey)
  11. Gongban Chuang Tianya (共伴闖天涯; Travel the World Together)
  12. Jingtian - Hujia (景天 — 護甲; Jingtian - Armour)
  13. Changqing - Zhongsheng Pingdeng (長卿 — 眾生平等; Changqing - Equality of All Sentient Beings)
  14. Long Kui - Qiannian Dengdai (龍葵 — 千年等待; Long Kui - Wait for a Thousand Years)

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