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Christianity in Kerala

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Title: Christianity in Kerala  
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Subject: Kristubhagavatam, Christianity in Tamil Nadu, Church of South India, Sunny Varkey, Joseph C. Panjikaran
Collection: Christianity in India by State or Territory, Christianity in Kerala, Religion in Kerala
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Christianity in Kerala

Christianity is the third-most practiced religion in Kerala, accounting for 20% of the population according to the Indian census.[1] Although a minority, Christians represent a much larger percentage of the population of Kerala than of India as a country. It's a significant minority within Christianity in India,.[2][3] Christianity is believed to have reached the shores of Kerala in 52 A.D. with the arrival of St Thomas, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ.[4][5] Saint Thomas Christians (also known as Syrian Christians or Nasrani) include the Syro-Malabar Catholic and Syro-Malankara Catholic, Malankara Orthodox, Jacobite, Marthoma and Church of South India. Latin Rite Christians were converted by the Portuguese in the 16th and 19th centuries mainly along the coastal areas of Kerala.


  • History 1
  • Denominations 2
    • East Syrian Rite 2.1
    • West Syrian Rite 2.2
    • Latin Rite 2.3
    • Anglican Rite 2.4
    • Protestant Denominations 2.5
  • Christian pilgrimage sites 3
  • References 4
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The origins of Christianity in Kerala go back to the earliest period of the Church itself. In fact, there is a tradition among the Christian people of Kerala that St. Thomas the Apostle, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, landed on the Kerala coast in 52 A.D. and preached the Gospel. He organized Christian communities in several places, established seven churches in Kerala, and died a martyre in Mylapore, Chennai, in 72 A.D. However, modern historians disagree with this story. The exact year of his arrival is disputed due to lack of credible historical evidence.[6][7][8] In 345 A.D., a Palestinian business man, Thomas Cana, along with 72 families, came and settled in Kerala, thereby augmenting the Christian community.[9] A second period of intense Latin Christian missionary activity began with the arrival of European missionaries due to the discovery of the sea route to India by Vasco da Gama in 1498.


East Syrian Rite

West Syrian Rite

Latin Rite

  • Latin Catholic Church

Anglican Rite

Protestant Denominations

Christian pilgrimage sites


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