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Clem Tisdell

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Title: Clem Tisdell  
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Clem Tisdell

Clement Allan Tisdell (born 18 November 1939 in Taree, New South Wales) is an Australian economist and Emeritus Professor at the University of Queensland. He is best known for his work in environmental and ecological economics.


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Academic background

Clem Tisdell obtained his bachelor's degree in Commerce (majoring in Economics) from the University of New South Wales in 1961 and his doctorate in Economics from the Australian National University in 1964. During his professorship he has occupied various academic offices: acting head of the Department of Economics at the Australian National University, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce at the University of Newcastle, deputy director of the School of Marine Sciences and head of the Department of the School of Economics at the University of Queensland.

Academic interests

While Clem Tisdell is commonly recognised as an ecological economist,[1] his research interests are diverse. His contribution to the literature on the environment, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development notwithstanding, his research and writing encompass various areas that include poverty, trade and globalisation, economic development, welfare economics, tourism, natural resources, the economics and socioeconomics of China and India, socioeconomic gender issues, economic theory (e.g., bounded rationality and economic evolution) and the history of economic thought.[2]

Clem Tisdell is among the top three most prolific economists in Australia.[3][4] Apart from academic articles, he has authored microeconomics textbooks[5] and monographs on the economics of environmental conservation. Under the RePEc project (Research Papers in Economics), Tisdell is ranked among the top 5% of all registered economic authors.[6] In terms of the 'number of distinct works' produced, RePEc ranks him No. 11 globally.[7]

A comprehensive account of Tisdell's body of work can be found at both his University of Queensland webpage and the University of Queensland Library's online catalogue (see external links below).


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Selected publications

Journal articles
See also: Herman Daly, Robert Solow and Joseph Stiglitz.
Also available online as:
  • Tisdell, Clem (2005). Elephants and polity in ancient India as exemplified by Kautilya's Arthasastra (Science of Polity). Working papers in Economics, Ecology and the Environment, No. 120. School of Economics, University of Queensland: Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Tisdell, Clem (2009). The production of biofuels: welfare and environmental consequences for Asia. Working papers in Economics, Ecology and the Environment, No. 159. School of Economics, University of Queensland: Brisbane, Queensland.

External links

  • Clem Tisdell's homepage at the University of Queensland's webpage (contains CV and list of working papers, books and journal articles)
  • Clem Tisdell's publications that are available at the University of Queensland Library collection (listed in reverse chronological order)
  • series (downloadable)Economics, Ecology and Environment Working PaperClem Tisdell's
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