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Coponius was the first governor (Prefect[1]) of Iudaea province, about 6 CE.

He was, like the procurators who succeeded him, of knightly rank, and "had the power of life and death".[2] During his administration occurred the revolt of Judas the Galilean,[3] the cause of which was not so much the personality of Coponius as the introduction of Roman soldiers. Owing to the reconstruction of the province of Judea then in progress, the census was being taken by Quirinius, which was a further cause of offence.

Coponius was recalled to Rome, and replaced by Marcus Ambivulus.[4] Probably it is on account of this occurrence that one door of the Temple bore the name of "door of Coponius".[5] Regarding the personal attitude of Coponius toward the Jews nothing definite is known.

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Preceded by
Herod Archelaus,
Ethnarch of Samaria, Judea, and Edom
Prefect of Judaea Succeeded by
Marcus Ambivulus
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