Crymy (Ukrainian Крими), Krymy, Kyrymitika Roma, Tatarica Roma, Crimea Tsyhany, ethnic group of Romani nation in Ukraine. Traditionally they dwell in Crimea and Southern Oblasts of Ukraine.

Crymy Roma language belongs to Balkan group of Roma languages.

Krymy migrated from Balkans to Crimea and settled among Crimean Tatars. Their language and culture have strong influence of Crimea Tatars. Group of Crymy Roma are called among Crimean Tatars as Audzhi (аюджі), Gurbety (гурбети) and others.

Majority of Krymy Roma are Sunni Muslims.


Krymy migrated from Balkans to Crimea and settled among Crimean Tatars. During World War II Nazi Germans in one occasion killed 800 Crymy Roma in Simferopol. Stalin evicted Crymy Roma with Crimea Tatars in Central Asia in 1944.

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