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Cycling at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Women's road race


Cycling at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Women's road race

Women's road race
at the Games of the XXV Olympiad
Venue Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Barcelona
Date July 26
Competitors 57 from 26 nations
Winning time 2:04:42
Gold medal    Australia
Silver medal    France
Bronze medal    Netherlands
Cycling at the
1992 Summer Olympics
Road cycling
Road race   men   women
Team time trial men
Track cycling
Individual pursuit men women
Team pursuit men
Sprint men women
Time trial men
Points race men

These are the official results of the Women's Individual Road Race at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. The race over 81 kilometres was held on July 26, 1992. There were a total number of 58 competitors, with one non-starter.

Final classification

 Kathryn Watt (AUS) 2:04:42
 Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli (FRA) 2:05:02
 Monique Knol (NED) 2:05:03
4.  Natalya Kyschuk (EUN)
5.  Monica Valvik (NOR)

border|alt=|link=]] Jeanne Golay (USA)
7.  Kathleen Shannon (AUS)
8.  Luzia Zberg (SUI)
9.  Marie Höljer (SWE)

border|alt=|link=]] Sally Zack (USA)
11.  Karina Skibby (DEN)
12.  Alison Sydor (CAN)
13.  Jacqui Uttien (AUS)
14.  Aiga Zagorska (LTU)
15.  Kristel Werckx (BEL)
16.  Zinaida Stagourskaya (EUN)
17.  Valeria Cappellotto (ITA)
18.  Laima Zilporytė (LTU)
19.  Viola Paulitz (GER)
20.  Daiva Čepelienė (LTU)
21.  Catherine Marsal (FRA)
22.  Petra Walczewski (SUI)
23.  Leontien van Moorsel (NED)
24.  Marie Purvis (GBR)
25.  Tea Vikstedt-Nyman (FIN)

border|alt=|link=]] Inga Thompson (USA)
27.  Elisabeth Westman (SWE)
28.  Petra Rossner (GER)
29.  Petra Grimbergen (NED)
30.  Joann Burke (NZL)
31.  Kelly-Ann Way (CAN)
32.  Maria Turcutto (ITA)
33.  Marion Clignet (FRA) 2:05:13
34.  Ainhoa Ortolazabal (ESP)
35.  Belen Cuevas (ESP) 2:05:26
36.  Lena Hawkins (CAN) 2:05:33
37.  Gunhild Ørn (NOR) 2:05:46
38.  Madeleine Lindberg (SWE)
39.  Roberta Bonanomi (ITA) 2:05:58
40.  Louise Jones (GBR) 2:08:13
41.  Ingunn Bollerud (NOR) 2:09:42
42.  Teodora Ruano (ESP)
43.  Barbara Heeb (SUI)
44.  Jutta Niehaus (GER)
45.  Sally Hodge (GBR) 2:14:10
46.  Jacqueline Martin (RSA) 2:15:42
47.  Yvonne Elkuch (LIE) 2:21:32
48.  Claudia Carceroni (BRA) 2:23:52
49.  Rosalind Reekie (NZL)
50.  Yumiko Suzuki (JPN) 2:29:22
51.  Eva Izsak (HUN)
52.  Margaret Bean (GUM)
53.  Pak Chun-Wa (PRK) 2:38:38
54.  Kim Gyonghui (PRK) 2:39:43
 Svetlana Samochvalova (EUN) DNF
 Choi In-Ae (PRK) DNF
 Stephanie Sous (BIZ) DNF
 Olga Sacasa (NCA) DNS

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