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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

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Title: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood  
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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Created by Angela Santomero, based on characters created by Fred Rogers
Theme music composer Fred Rogers
David Kelly
James Chapple
Brian Pickett
Graeme Cornies
Opening theme "It's Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood"
Ending theme "It's Such a Good Feeling (Redux)"
Composer(s) Fred Rogers
David Kelly
James Chapple
Brian Pickett
Graeme Cornies
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2 (1 aired; 2 currently airing)
No. of episodes 65 (43 aired)
Producer(s) Kevin Morrison
Angela Santomero
Location(s) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (live-action sequences)[1]
Camera setup Animated
Running time 28 minutes (full episode) / 11 minutes (single episode)
Production company(s) The Fred Rogers Company
9 Story Media Group
Out of the Blue Enterprises
Original channel PBS
Picture format 1080i HDTV
Audio format Stereophonic Sound
Original run September 3, 2012 (2012-09-03) – present
Preceded by Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is an American animated children's television series produced by The Fred Rogers Company, 9 Story Entertainment and Out of the Blue Enterprises. It debuted on most PBS stations on September 3, 2012. The program, which is targeted at preschool-aged children, is based on the Neighborhood of Make-Believe from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, the long-running children's television series created and hosted by Fred Rogers.


The character Daniel Tiger is based on Mr. Rogers, and elements of his home are based on the set of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

The series centers around Daniel Tiger, the son of the original Daniel Striped Tiger on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. The series also features other children of the characters from the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, such as Katerina Kittycat (daughter of Henrietta Pussycat), Miss Elaina (daughter of Lady Elaine Fairchild and Music Man Stan), O the Owl (nephew of X the Owl), and Prince Wednesday (King Friday and Queen Sara Saturday's youngest son and Prince Tuesday's little brother). Two 11-minute segments are linked by a common socio-emotional theme, such as disappointment and sadness or anger, or being thankful and appreciative. The theme also uses a Musical Motif phrase to reinforce the theme and help children remember. The series is co-produced by the Pittsburgh based Fred Rogers Company (formerly Family Communications)[1] and Out of the Blue Enterprises, with animation produced in Canada by 9 Story Entertainment and music created at Voodoo Highway Music & Post.[2][3]

In 2006, three years after Fred Rogers' death, and after the end of production of Blue's Clues, The Fred Rogers Company contacted Angela Santomero to ask what type of show she would create to promote Rogers' legacy. That conversation led to the creation of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.[4] PBS initially ordered 40 episodes, which were broadcast between September 2012 and February 2014.[5] PBS Kids has renewed the show for a second season of 25 episodes, scheduled to premiere on August 18, 2014.[6]

The program is targeted at preschool-aged children. Its content follows a curriculum based on Fred Rogers' teaching and new research into child development.[7]


Tiger family

  • Daniel Tiger (voiced by Jake Beale) - Daniel lives on Jungle Beach with Mom Tiger and Daniel Striped Tiger. He has a stuffed tiger he named "Tigey". Daniel wears a red cardigan sweater and red sneakers; this wardrobe, and much of his home furnishings (such as the traffic light, shelves of models of Neighborhood buildings, and Picture Picture), are direct allusions to Fred Rogers and his studio house.
  • Mom Tiger (voiced by Heather Bambrick) - Daniel Tiger's mother and Daniel Striped Tiger's wife. She is a homemaker.
  • Daniel Striped Tiger (voiced by Ted Dykstra) - Daniel Tiger's father and Mom Tiger's husband; he works at the clock factory, which used to be his home. He's also a photographer. He wears a blue cardigan sweater and blue sneakers.
  • Grandpere Tiger (voiced by François Klanfer) - Grandpere is Daniel Striped Tiger's father, and Daniel Tiger's paternal grandfather ('grandpere' being French for 'grandfather'). He likes to travel and sail in his boat, and speaks with a French accent. He wears a blue pea coat and a blue beret.
  • Margaret Tiger - Daniel's new sister who was introduced in Season 2.[6]

Cat family

  • Katerina Kittycat (voiced by Amariah Faulkner[8]) - Katerina lives with her mother, Henrietta Pussycat in the treehouse and loves dancing. She is O the Owl's next-door neighbor.
  • Henrietta Pussycat (voiced by Teresa Pavlinek) - Katerina's mother. In addition to saying "meow", she says more words.

Owl family

  • O the Owl (voiced by Zackary Bloch, then Stuart Ralston) - O the Owl lives with his uncle X in the oak tree and is Katerina's next-door neighbor. He loves books and he reads all the time. O is a light blue owl who wears green sneakers. His catchphrase is "Hoo Hoo!"
  • X the Owl (voiced by Tony Daniels) - X is O's uncle. X's feathers are still the same darker shade of blue as they were in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. He wears a green bowtie and brown loafers. He works at the neighborhood library. X's catchphrases are "How in the world are you?" and "Nifty galifty!"

Royal family

  • Prince Wednesday (voiced by Nicholas Kaegi) - Prince Wednesday is the youngest member of the royal family who lives in the castle.
  • King Friday XIII - (voiced by Jamie Watson) - Ruler of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday has two sons—Prince Tuesday and Prince Wednesday.
  • Queen Sara Saturday (voiced by Catherine Disher) - Wife of King Friday and mother of Prince Tuesday and Prince Wednesday.
  • Prince Tuesday (voiced by Tommy Louitas) - Prince Wednesday's older brother and King Friday's heir apparent. Prince Tuesday is Daniel Tiger's babysitter. He also works at the neighborhood restaurant as a waiter.
  • Chrissie (voiced by Matilda Gilbert) - A cousin to both Prince Tuesday and Prince Wednesday, and niece of King Friday XIII and Queen Sara Saturday. Her legs can't work on their own, so she has to use braces on her legs and crutches on her arms. Sometimes she needs some help, but sometimes she likes doing things for herself. She has a horse named Peaches. Chrissie is based on Chrissy Thompson, a regular visitor on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Museum-Go-Round family

  • Miss Elaina (voiced by Addison Holley) - Miss Elaina enjoys doing things backwards and lives with her parents, Lady Elaine and Music Man Stan, in the Museum-Go-Round.
  • Lady Elaine Fairchilde (voiced by Teresa Pavlinek) - Works at the crayon factory, and curator of the Museum-Go-Round, Lady Elaine is Miss Elaina's mother.
  • Music Man Stan (voiced by Jeremiah Sparks) - Operates the Neighborhood Music Shop, Stan is Lady Elaine's husband, and Miss Elaina's father.

Secondary characters

  • Baker Aker (voiced by John Filici) - Baker Aker owns and runs the neighborhood bakery.
  • Teacher Harriet (voiced by Shawne Jackson) - A schoolteacher who works at the neighborhood school.
  • Dr. Anna (voiced by Laara Saadiq) - Dr. Anna is the Neighborhood physician. Though human, she shares many characteristics of the platypus family of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: their patriarch, Bill Platypus was the neighborhood physician and spoke with a foreign accent (Scottish, in his case), and his daughter was named Ana.
  • Mr. McFeely (voiced by Derek McGrath) - Mr. McFeely is the neighborhood mailman. He is the only full-sized human character from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood to be carried over into the new program.
  • Trolley - A red semi-anthropomorphic trolley who takes Daniel and his friends anywhere in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. It recalls the trolley from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.


Season 1 (2012-2014)

Episode no. Title Synopsis Original airdate
101[9] "Daniel's Birthday" It's Daniel's birthday and he, his mother, Katerina Kittycat, and O the Owl go to Baker Aker's bakery to pick out his birthday cake. A bumpy ride home on the trolley causes it to become smushed, but it turns out that a smushed birthday cake is still tasty. September 3, 2012
"Daniel's Picnic" Rain ruins Daniel's picnic with Prince Wednesday and Miss Elaina until they decide to have the picnic indoors.
102[9] "Daniel Visits School" Daniel is nervous about visiting school for the first time. He also helps Teacher Harriet check on things before school starts. September 3, 2012
"Daniel Visits the Doctor" Daniel is anxious about going to the doctor for a checkup.
103[9] "Daniel's Babysitter" Prince Tuesday babysits Daniel and they have fun in a homemade jungle. September 4, 2012
"Daniel Goes to School" Daniel goes to school and, with the other kids, helps Miss Elaina find her lost locket.
104[9] "Daniel Gets Mad" Daniel becomes angry when his mom says he and Prince Wednesday can't play at the beach because of a rainstorm. After calming down, they decide to make a pretend inside beach. September 5, 2012
"Katerina Gets Mad" Katerina is upset when Miss Elaina chooses to play the triangle on New Instrument Day at Music Man Stan's Music Shop. Music Man Stan helps her deal with her angry feelings.
105[9] "Prince Wednesday Finds a Way to Play" Prince Wednesday wants to play with Daniel and Katerina Kittycat, who are playing house, but wants to be a dinosaur, which doesn't sit well with Katerina, until Teacher Harriet encourages them to "find a way to play together." September 6, 2012
"Finding a Way to Play on Backwards Day" Miss Elaina plans a backwards play date with Daniel and O, but O would rather play forwards, not backwards. Lady Elaine and Music Man Stan help the children find a way to play together.
106[9] "Daniel and Miss Elaina Play Rocketship" Daniel's play date with Miss Elaina goes awry when their toys break, but Lady Elaine helps them realize they can still have fun by using their imaginations. September 7, 2012
"Daniel Plays at the Castle" Daniel is excited to explore Prince Wednesday's rock collection until the prince informs him that the rocks are not toys to be played with. They play a treasure hunt game and find a gold rock in the garden.
107[9] "Friends Help Each Other" Katerina is having a tea party for her stuffed animals which she made all by herself, but when the party begins she makes a few mistakes (such as knocking the plastic cups and saucers off the table and spilling water everywhere). Katerina is very sad, but Daniel helps cheer her up and she realizes that it's always fun when friends help each other. September 10, 2012
"Daniel Helps O Tell a Story" Daniel and O use their imaginations to finish a story when the last page in a dinosaur book they read goes missing.
108[9] "Something Special for Dad" After seeing how happy a letter from Grandpere Tiger makes Daniel's dad, Daniel, his mother, and Mr. McFeely send him a letter and go around the neighborhood delivering mail. September 11, 2012
"I Love You, Mom" Daniel and his father go to Baker Aker's bakery to bake banana bread for Mom.
109[9] "A Trip to the Enchanted Garden" Daniel and his parents pick strawberries in the Enchanted Garden. September 12, 2012
"A Trip to the Crayon Factory" O is sick and can't come to the crayon factory with Daniel and his friends, so Daniel's father takes pictures of the trip for him and Daniel brings home a crayon as a get well gift for O.
110[9] "Daniel Shares his Tigertastic Car" Daniel isn't sure he wants to share his new toy car with Prince Wednesday until his dad suggests they could take turns playing with it. September 13, 2012
"Katerina Shares Her Tutu" Katerina shares her ballet tutu with Daniel in order to put on a jungle dance for Henrietta Pussycat, her mother. Daniel uses the tutu for a lion's mane and Katerina takes a turn using it to be a flower.
111[9] "Prince Wednesday Goes to the Potty" Prince Wednesday is having so much fun building a tower that he doesn't want to stop for anything, including going to the bathroom when he should. September 17, 2012
"Daniel Goes to the Potty" Daniel learns that it's okay to go to the bathroom while he and his father are at Music Man Stan's shop.
112[9] "Fruit Picking Day" Prince Wednesday wishes he was as tall as his brother to pick fruit off of a high tree branch. September 18, 2012
"Daniel Is Big Enough to Help Dad" Daniel helps his dad build a playhouse, but is frustrated that he's too young to use grown-up tools (for example: a hammer and a screwdriver).
113[9] "Daniel Waits for Show-And-Tell" Daniel is so excited about a book that he made that he can't wait for show-and-tell to share it with his classmates. They watch an egg and wait for the duckling to hatch. October 5, 2012
"A Night Out At The Restaurant" Daniel and Katerina learn about patience while they're at the neighborhood restaurant.
114[9] "Thank You, Grandpere Tiger!" Grandpere Tiger arrives for a visit, but can't stay as long as Daniel would like. October 25, 2012; Thanksgiving special
"Neighborhood Thank You Day" The neighborhood celebrates Thank You Day by putting notes in the Thank You Tree. However, a windstorm blows them away, but thanks to Mr. McFeely, the Thank You Day party is saved, and Daniel makes a Thank You Day card for him.
115[9] "The Neighborhood Votes" King Friday announces that the children will be able to vote whether the new addition to the playground will be swings or a slide. October 26, 2012
"The Class Votes" Daniel and his classmates vote for whether their next class pet will be a turtle or a rabbit. When the results come in, they pick the rabbit and name him "Snowball" because of his fluffy tail.
116[9] "Be a Vegetable Taster!" Daniel's appetite for vegetables is whetted when he helps care for the school's vegetable garden. Katerina, initially picky about trying the vegetables the others try (tomatoes and carrots), later tries the peppers which she finds out she likes. November 19, 2012
"Daniel Tries a New Food" Daniel and his family invite Miss Elaina over for dinner at their house and enjoy trying new foods (such as Mom Tiger's veggie spaghetti and banana swirl).
117[9] "Good Morning, Daniel" Daniel learns the importance of a morning routine when his playing and imagining distract him from getting ready for school. December 17, 2012
"Goodnight, Daniel" Daniel gets ready for bed, even though he'd rather stay up and play.
119[9] "Daniel Gets a Shot" Daniel is scared about getting a shot during a visit to the doctor. February 1, 2013
"A Stormy Day" A thunderstorm scares Daniel and O. Later, they realize there's no need to be afraid of anything that can happen to the sky.
118[9] "Daniel Plays Ball" While playing ball with Prince Tuesday, Prince Wednesday and Miss Elaina, Daniel has difficulty catching the ball. His friends encourage him to keep trying. February 11, 2013
"O Builds a Tower" O tries to build a tall tower using all of the blocks in the block corner at school.
120[9] "Daniel's Sleepover" Daniel and his parents spend the night at Prince Wednesday's castle. February 12, 2013
"Backyard Camping" Daniel and O go camping in the yard with Dad Tiger.
121[9] "You Are Special" O wants to be like the other children in a talent show at school. February 14, 2013
"Daniel is Special" Daniel and his father take a walk and talk about why Daniel is special.
Note: In this episode, Jason Mraz sings the opening and closing songs.[10]
123[9] "The Dragon Dance" Daniel and his classmates learn about teamwork when they help Teacher Harriet with an art project. April 1, 2013
"Teacher Harriet's Birthday" Daniel and his classmates learn about cooperation when they decorate the classroom on Teacher Harriet's birthday.
122[9] "Clean Up Time" Daniel loses his watch in his messy room. April 22, 2013
"Neighborhood Clean Up" Everyone works together to clean up the playground after a wind storm makes a mess of it.
124[9] "Play Pretend" Daniel and his classmates come up with creative ways to play with a big cardboard box. May 3, 2013
"Super Daniel" Daniel has imaginary adventures when he and Grandpère take Dad's lunchbox to the clock factory.
125[9] "Daniel Uses His Words" Daniel learns how to express his feelings. May 20, 2013
"All Aboard" Katerina learns people can't help her if they can't understand why she is upset.
126[9] "The Royal Sandbox" Daniel and Prince Wednesday apologize to Prince Tuesday for playing with his crown without asking. May 21, 2013
"Daniel Says I'm Sorry" Daniel, Katerina and Miss Elaina learn how to apologize.
129[9] "It's Time to Go" Katerina and Daniel have so much fun in the treehouse that they don't want to leave. May 22, 2013
"Daniel Doesn't Want to Stop Playing" Daniel wants to keep playing a game with his parents instead of working on a school project.
130[9] "Safety Patrol" Prince Tuesday teaches Daniel's class about traffic safety. July 15, 2013
"Safety at the Beach" Daniel and Katerina learn how to stay safe at the beach.
131[9] "Neighbor Day" Daniel performs a good deed, which causes a chain reaction of kindness throughout the neighborhood.

Note: This was the first episode to have one story across the full half-hour, instead of two related segments.[5]
September 2, 2013
127[9] "Calm for Storytime" Prince Wednesday has difficulty remaining quiet at the library because he doesn't realize that the people who read at the library need concentration. However, he discovers that there are times to be calm and times when it's more than okay to be silly. September 3, 2013
"Calm at the Clock Factory" Daniel's excitement at visiting Dad Tiger's Clock Factory with his friends gets the best of him until he learns about self-control.
133[9] "Daniel's New Friend" Daniel and Miss Elaina meet Prince Wednesday's cousin Chrissie. Although she is on crutches, they realize they're otherwise very much alike. September 27, 2013
"Same and Different" Daniel discovers that not everyone has a tail like him.
128[9] "Katerina's Costume" Katerina can't decide on a costume for Dress Up Day. October 28, 2013; Halloween special
"Dress Up Day" The children don costumes for the annual Dress Up Day parade.
unknown "Snowflake Day" Daniel plays a snowflake in the Snowflake Day Show.

Note: This holiday special tells one story across the full half-hour, instead of two related segments.
November 25, 2013; winter holiday special
132[9] "A Snowy Day" Daniel learns the importance of wearing proper clothes to play in the snow. December 2, 2013
"Tutu All the Time" Katerina Kittycat learns when to wear her favorite tutu.
unknown "Daniel Gets a Cold" Daniel doesn't want to miss Prince Wednesday's birthday party, but he's sick, so he must stay at home. January 20, 2014[11]
"Mom Tiger is Sick" Daniel and Dad Tiger help Mom Tiger, who is sick, to finish her Fruit Picking Day invitations.
unknown "Duckling Goes Home" Daniel and his classmates are sad to learn that their classroom pet has to go home. February 17, 2014[11]
"Daniel Feels Left Out" Daniel is very sad when O and Katerina play all day without him, making him feel left out.
unknown "Daniel Gets Frustrated" Daniel becomes frustrated when he is unable to do what he wants to do. February 18, 2014[11]
"Frustration at School" Daniel becomes upset when he can't find a toy at school.
unknown "Daniel is Jealous" When Grandpere pays attention to Katerina, Daniel becomes jealous of her. February 19, 2014[11]
"Jealousy at the Treehouse" Daniel and Katerina become jealous of O's science tools.
unknown "Someone Else's Feelings" Mom Tiger helps Daniel recognize what somebody else might be feeling. February 20, 2014[11]
"Empathy at School" Chrissie loses a bracelet at school and Daniel helps her find it.
134[9] "Line Leader Daniel" At school, Daniel wants the job of being line leader. February 21, 2014[11]
"Neighborhood Jobs" When X the Owl gets sick, Mom Tiger and Daniel fill in for him as the neighborhood librarian.

Season 2 (2014)

Episode no. Title Synopsis Original airdate
unknown "The Tiger Family Grows"[12] Daniel learns that he is going to be a big brother. August 18, 2014[13]
"Daniel Learns about Being a Big Brother"[12] Helping to prepare the new baby's room, Daniel is reluctant to give up his old belongings.
unknown "The Baby Is Here"[12] Daniel's new sister Margaret arrives and is welcomed by everyone.

Note: The first two episodes of the season first aired together as a single 60-minute episode titled "Meet the New Baby".[13]
August 18, 2014[13]
unknown "Time for Daniel" Daniel becomes upset when his father spends time taking care of baby Margaret instead of playing with him. August 19, 2014[13]
"There's Time for Daniel and Baby Too" When Prince Wednesday wants to play with the baby instead of Daniel, Daniel becomes upset.
unknown "Playtime Is Different" Daniel wants to play restaurant with O and Katerina, but baby Margaret is curious and keeps interrupting. August 20, 2014[13]
"The Playground Is Different With Baby" Mom and Dad Tiger help Daniel include baby Margaret at the playground.
unknown "Daniel Fixes Trolley" Daniel accidentally breaks a wheel off Trolley while playing. When Mom is too busy to help Daniel put the wheel back on, she urges him to try to figure it out on his own and explains that fixing it on his own will make him feel good about himself. November 3, 2014
"Problem Solver Daniel" When Daniel and Miss Elaina accidentally break a toy at school, they ask Teacher Harriet to help them fix it. She encourages them to find a solution to the problem themselves.
unknown "Daniel's Friends Say No" Daniel approaches Miss Elaina at school to ask if she wants to play and is sad when he learns she would rather read by herself. After a while, he figures out that it's okay to do fun things by yourself sometimes. November 17, 2014
"Prince Wednesday Doesn't Want to Play" Daniel sees Prince Wednesday and Prince Tuesday playing at the park and wants to join them. But Prince Wednesday only wants to play with his brother. Daniel is upset until O comes along and they figure out they can play together while the two princes have "brother time."
unknown "Daniel's Winter Adventure" Daniel and Prince Wednesday go sledding with Dad Tiger and Prince Tuesday. When they see how tall the hill is, Daniel and Prince Wednesday get scared. Dad Tiger comforts them by suggesting they try it a little bit at a time. Later on, Daniel tries to ice skate, also a little bit at a time. He feels happy that he didn't let his fear stop him from doing something that turned out to be so mluch fun. December 17, 2014
"Neighborhood Nutcracker" Daniel is excited to see the Nutcracker Ballet! But when he gets to the show, he finds out that Prince Wednesday is sick and can't perform. The prince asks Daniel to take his place. Daniel is scared at first but soon realizes that if he learns the steps a little at a time, they will be easy to master. The show can go on!

Awards and nominations

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood has won and been nominated for several awards in children's broadcasting. It won Silver Parents' Choice Awards in 2013 and 2014, was nominated for the Television Critics' Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming in 2013 and 2014, and was a 2014 Prix Jeunesse International Selection.[6][14][15][16]


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