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Denmark–Moldova relations


Denmark–Moldova relations

Denmark-Moldova relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and Moldova



Denmark – Moldova relations refers to the Bucharest.[3]

The Republic of Moldova and the Kingdom of Denmark established diplomatic relations on January 20, 1992. The Kingdom of Denmark recognized the independence of Moldova on December 31, 1991. On 22 April 2009, a Danish House opened in Chisinau.[4][5]


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  • Trade 2
  • Political, technical and humanitarian assistance 3
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State visits

Moldovan Minister of Foreign Affairs visited Denmark in June 1996, and Moldovan Foreign Minister paid a visit to Denmark in December 1997.[6] Danish politician Ruben Madsen visited Transnistria in November 2010.[7]


In 2008, Danish export to Moldova amounted 80 million DKK, and imports were under 1 million DKK.[8]

Political, technical and humanitarian assistance

The La Strada International Association.[9][10]

The Danish government provided financial contributions to the Dniester region.[11]

The technical assistance offered by Denmark to the Republic of Moldova includes especially projects in the sphere of environment (district of Edinet, Cahul, Tighina).[6] Denmark together with Sweden and the UN also provide financial assistance to the Moldovan parliament whose building and infrastructure were seriously damaged and largely ruined during the April 2009 post-election pogrom.[12]


In 2004, The Moldovan parliament voted for the ratification of a Moldovan-Danish memorandum on implementation of the Kyoto Protocol under which Denmark committed itself to financing a series of projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Moldova.[13]


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External links

  • "Methane Gas Capture and Electricity Production at Chisinau Wastewater Treatment Plant, Moldova".  
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