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Drivin' Me Wild

"Drivin' Me Wild"
B-side "Testify"

October 1, 2007 (U.S.)

October 23, 2007 (UK)
Format CD single, 12" single
Recorded 2007
Genre Hip hop, Conscious hip hop
Length 3:42
Label GOOD Music, Geffen
Writer(s) Lonnie R. Lynn, Kanye West
Producer Kanye West
Common singles chronology

"Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now"
"Drivin' Me Wild"
"I Want You"

Lily Allen singles chronology
"Oh My God"
"Drivin' Me Wild"
"The Fear"

"Drivin' Me Wild" is the third single from Common's 2007 album Finding Forever. The song was produced by Kanye West and features British singer Lily Allen. It contains samples of "Love Has Fallen on Me" by Rotary Connection.[1] It released as first single taken from the album in the United Kingdom.


The conceptual, piano-driven track discusses obsession and the strive to be "in," referencing several pop culture fads. The chorus is delivered by Lily Allen. The collaboration came about when Kanye West introduced Common to Allen's work and suggested that she be included on the record. After listening to some of her music, Common took a liking to Allen's style, saying, "I was like 'OK, let me check.' I dug into her music for a while and was like, 'Man, she's perfect for this song.' It's something about her spunk that I dug. I like artists who don't care and can be themselves. It was a real good combination, it fit right."[2][3]

Music video

The music video for "Drivin' Me Wild" was directed by Chris Robinson and filmed in Las Vegas. The narrative video contain scenes which illustrate lyrics of the song. It features Jeremy Piven and Golden State Warriors Corey Maggette as the "family guy" in Common's first verse in the video. Lauren London is also featured as the glamour obsessed female in the first verse. In the "underground hang-out scenes" Former Golden State Warriors guard Baron Davis (now with the New York Knicks) is seen. On December 31, 2007, the video appeared at number 99 on BET's Notarized: Top 100 Videos of 2007.

In a recent documentary, Lily revealed that she wasn't treated well onset of Drivin' Me Wild; she stated that "nobody cared" that she was ill,(so much so she had to be given a B12 injection) yet they placed her inside an astronaut suit in the heat, made her run up a steep hill in boots a dress and in hair extensions and would not give her a ride up to the site - instead she was told to walk.

Track listing

  • UK CD Single
  1. "Drivin' Me Wild" (Radio Edit) - 3:08
  2. "Testify" - 2:37
  • European CD Single
  1. "Drivin' Me Wild" (Radio Edit) – 3:08
  2. "Drivin' Me Wild" (Album Version) – 3:43
  3. "Drivin' Me Wild" (Instrumental) – 3:42


Information taken from Finding Forever liner notes.[1]

  • Songwriters: Lonnie Lynn, Kanye West, Charles Stepney, Lloyd Webber
  • Producer: Kanye West
  • Recorder: Anthony Kilhoffer, Neil Baldock
  • Mix engineer: Jimmy Douglas
  • Keyboards: Omar Edwards


Chart (2007) Peak
UK Singles Chart[4] 56

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