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Egyptian Patriotic Movement

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Title: Egyptian Patriotic Movement  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Free Egyptians Party, Egyptian parliamentary election, 2015, Secularism in Egypt, Egyptian Alliance Party, Equality and Development Party
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Egyptian Patriotic Movement

Egyptian Patriotic Movement
الحركة الوطنية المصرية
Leader Ibrahim Darwish[1]
Founder Ahmed Shafiq[1] and Mohamed Abu Hamed[2]
Founded 2 December 2012[1]
Headquarters Cairo, Egypt
Ideology Secularism[3]
National affiliation Egyptian Front[4]
National Alliance[5]
Politics of Egypt
Political parties

The Egyptian Patriotic Movement, or Egyptian National Movement[6] (Arabic: الحركة الوطنية المصرية‎) is a political party initiated by former presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik[1] and Mohamed Abu Hamed, former vice chairman of the Free Egyptians Party and founder of the Life of the Egyptians Party.[2]


Abdel Rehim Aly, the secretary general of the party, has stated that the group would unite with any party that isn't aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.[1] Shafiq stated on 8 April 2013 that he was open to an alliance with the [7] The supreme committee of the Egyptian Patriotic Movement accused the NSF of "enormous political naiveté" and pointed out that many current members of the NSF were also part of the Mubarak regime.[7] The political program is set out on their website.[8]


The party platform calls for:[1]

  • Political and economic reform.
  • Preserving the civilian nature of the society and state.
  • The right to establish groups and unions.
  • Achieving social justice.
  • Advocating democracy within state affairs.


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