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Fanatic Crisis

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Title: Fanatic Crisis  
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Subject: Nagoya kei, Music of Japan
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Fanatic Crisis

Fanatic Crisis
Origin Nagoya, Japan
Genres Indie rock, alternative rock, punk rock, pop rock
Years active 1992–2005
Labels Noir (1994-1996)
For Life Records (1997-2000)
Stoic Stone (2000-2004)
Associated acts THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S
Past members Tatsuya

Fanatic Crisis (stylized as FANATIC◇CRISIS) was a Japanese nagoya kei rock band active from 1992–2005.


  • History 1
    • Post Fanatic Crisis 1.1
  • Members 2
  • Discography 3
  • Songs Written for Other Artists 4
  • Misc. 5
  • References 6


They founded in Nagoya on the scene Nagoya kei with other bands such as Kuroyume. In 1993 Shin joined on guitar. They released the demo-tape Karuma in 1994, and a few months released their debut independent album Taiyou no Toriko on the label Noir.

Tohru joined on drums in 1995, and in 1996 when the album Mask on the Noir label was released Tohru was on drums. They signed with the major label For Life Records, who released two albums One -one for all- and The Lost Innocent. One -one for all- was named one of the top albums from 1989-1998 in a 2004 issue of the music magazine Band Yarouze.[1] In the 2000 they signing at Stoic Stone records.

In 2004 the band joined up with enka singer Kiyoshi Hikawa and they released a maxi-single Evergreen in 2004, who was also featured as b-side to final single EverLove. In 2005 they playing the final concert at Tokyo Bay NK Hall

Post Fanatic Crisis

Shun has composed music for other artists and soundtracks, including "Go your way" from Papa to Kiss in the Dark. Kazuya has gone on to form Bounty with Aoi. Tohru has recently worked with Shun, and with Kazuya and Aoi in Bounty. Tsutomu has been working as a jewelry designer, and graphic artist. He sells many of his works on his website.

Shun and Kazuya is now in THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S with Zero and Tsukasa from D'espairs Ray and Ricky from Dasein.


Former member

Tatsuya Hayashi - drums (1994–1995)



"カルマ" (1994.4.?)

  • "Memories in White" (1995.11.25)
  • "月の花" (1996.7.5)
  • "Rain" (1996.7.5)
  • "SUPER SOUL" (1997.8.6)
  • "SLEEPER" (1997.10.29)
  • "ONE -you are the one-" (1998.1.28)
  • "Rainy merry-go-round" (1998.5.13)
  • "火の鳥" (1998.7.1)
  • "Maybe true" (1998.9.23)
  • "beauties -beauty eyes-/ジェラシー" (1999.1.1)
  • "7[SEVEN]" (1999.4.14)
  • "SIDE EVE" (1999.11) Mail Order Exclusive
  • "SIDE ADAM" (1999.12) Mail Order Exclusive
  • "心に花を 心に棘を" (2000.5.17)
  • "Behind" (2000.8.9)
  • "DEFECT LOVER COMPLEX" (2000.8.9)
  • "LIFE" (2000.10.25)
  • "hal[ハル]" (2001.2.16)
  • "JET hyp!" (2001.4.11)
  • "ゆらぎ" (2001.5.30)
  • "ダウンコード" (2001.10.3)
  • "スプートニク -旅人たち-" (2002.2.6)
  • "LOVE MONSTER" (2002.4.11)
  • "ドラキラ" (2002.6.12)
  • "BLUE ROSE" (2002.11.7)
  • "夢じゃない世界。" (2003.1.16)
  • "moonlight" (2003.4.16)
  • "月の魔法" (2003.11.6)
  • "鴉" (2004.1.9)
  • "everlove" (2004.5.12)

Only Available at Live Events:

  • "Sleepless Merry Go Round ~1995 Original New Version~" (1995.9.10)
  • "永遠の子供達-The Eternal Child-"

Fanclub Only:

  • "you" (2002.12)
  • "Holy Song" (2003.12)
  • 太陽の虜 (1995.4.28) 1st & 2nd Press
  • MASK (1996.1.7) 1st-3rd Press
  • MARBLE (1996.11.25)
  • ONE -one for all- (1998.3.4)
  • THE.LOST.INNOCENT (1999.2.24)
  • EAS (2000.9.13)
  • POP (2001.6.27)
  • beautiful world (2001.12.6)
  • 5 (2002.7.10)
  • neverland (2003.7.2)
  • marvelous+ (2004.7.28)
  • THE BEST of FANATIC◇CRISIS Single Collection 01 (2005.3.30)
  • THE BEST of FANATIC◇CRISIS Single Collection 02 (2005.3.30)
  • THE BEST of FANATIC◇CRISIS B-Side Collection (2006.8.9)


  • 1995 AUG. Truth
  • 1995 SEP. Making of Truth~Tour Final
  • 1997 APR. Groovers File Mix


  • 1998 JUL. Des(clip)tion
  • 1999 JUL. Des(clip)tion 2
  • 2000 SEP. Des(clip)tion 3
  • 2001 JUL. Des(clip)tion 4
  • 2002 AUG. Des(clip)tion 5
  • 2002 DEC. Blue Rose
  • 2003 FEB. Yume jyanai sekai
  • 2003 MAR. documents 2002
  • 2003 DEC. Des(clip)tion 6
  • 2004 FEB. Karasu
  • 2005 MAY. THE BEST of des[clip]tion DVD
  • 2005 MAY. LAST LIVE at Tokyo Bay NK Hall

Who's Next Cry-Max Pleasure Super~Loud, Trance and Violence for Extacy~ (1995.5.24, "Mobius~メビウスと哀星") SHOCKWAVE '96 ("Truth") EMERGENCY EXPRESS 1996 (1996.4.25, "P・E・R・S・O・N・A") THE END OF THE CENTURY ROCKERSⅡ (1996.6.21, "RHAPSODY (STYLE MORE CRAZY), "EGOISM")

Songs Written for Other Artists

Tsutomu Ishizuki

  • "real LOVE-true LOVE / Takashi Hagino" (lyrics & music)


  • "誓い~I can overcome~/Ryu Si-won" (music)
  • "funny girl/luce" (music & guitar chorus)
  • "-愛する君に伝えよう-/luce" (lyrics & music)
  • "ずっとずっと続く道/luce" (lyrics, music & guitar)


  • "「close to you」/ It's"
  • 「It fall to love」"
  • "「does not wither」"
  • "「ドクノハナ」"
  • "「endless dream」"
  • "「キミだけの歌」"
  • "「さようなら」"
  • "「Go your way」/SHUN"(Vocals:SHUN)

HAPPY SEVEN Character Song

  • "「Let's Go」"
  • "「Friends」"
  • "「キミがくれた宝物」"
  • "「Flavor Of Summer」"
  • "「Loneliness」"
  • "「はっぴぃセブン」"
  • "「キセキ」"
  • "「Over The Rainbow」"
  • "「ココロとココロ」"
  • "「リフレイン」"


  • In addition to the initial pressing of THE.LOST.INNOCENT, which features a white digipack case with a velcrow strap, there is also an alternate version with a black cover that comes in a regular jewel case. This is the remastered version and features superior sound to that of the previous edition, though this release tends to be overlooked.
  • There were alternative covers released for Tsuki no Hana, Memories in White, and Defect Lover Complex.
  • Tsutomu has a slight accent to what typical central Japanese dialect sounds like, which is apparent during his singing. For instance, in Fanatic Crisis's 4th single, "Rainy Merry-go-round", his pronunciations of "maware" and "yume" clearly display an accent.
  • The Shockwave '96 version of 'Truth' features a piano solo before the guitar solo, as opposed to the choir in the album version.
  • The single and album versions of 永遠の子供達 -the eternal child- are virtually the same, with the exception of the album version being lyrically censored.


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