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Göppingen (district)

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Title: Göppingen (district)  
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Subject: Bad Boll, Stuttgart (region), Esslingen (district), Rems-Murr-Kreis, Heidenheim (district)
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Göppingen (district)

Göppingen is a Kreis (district) in the middle of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Neighboring districts are Rems-Murr, Ostalbkreis, Heidenheim, Alb-Donau, Reutlingen and Esslingen.


In 1817, Württemberg was divided into four kreise (districts), the southeastern one of which was named Donaukreis. The four kreise were in turn divided into oberämter. In Donaukreis, the most northern of these oberämter were Göppingen and, to its east, Geislingen. In 1938, the four kreise were abolished, and Geislingen was merged with Göppingen. During the communal reform of 1973 the district was not changed much, only a few municipalities from the districts Schwäbisch Gmünd and Ulm were added.

The district is sometimes called Stauferkreis, because the Staufen family had their roots in this area. However, when that family had no heir anymore, the land became part of Württemberg in the 14th century.


In 1990 a partnership with the district Löbau (now merged into Löbau-Zittau) in the Free State of Saxony was started, to help to build the administration according to western German standards. The municipality Boll already had a partnership with Herrnhut in Löbau before. After the districts started their partnership, several other municipalities of the two districts started partnership as well.


The district is located in the northern foothills of the Swabian Jura (Schwäbische Alb). It is crossed by the Fils, a tributary of the Neckar.

Coat of arms

The lion is the symbol of the Staufen family, which had its roots in the district. The deer antler above is the symbol of Württemberg and symbolizes the change of ownership after the Staufer family died out.

Cities and municipalities

Cities Administrative districts Municipalities
  1. Donzdorf
  2. Ebersbach an der Fils
  3. Eislingen
  4. Geislingen an der Steige
  5. Göppingen
  6. Lauterstein
  7. Süßen
  8. Uhingen
  9. Wiesensteig
  1. Deggingen
  2. Ebersbach
  3. Eislingen-Ottenbach-Salach
  4. Geislingen
  5. Göppingen
  6. Mittleres Fils-Lautertal
  7. Oberes Filstal
  8. Östlicher Schurwald
  9. Raum Bad Boll
  10. Uhingen
  11. Voralb
  1. Adelberg
  2. Aichelberg
  3. Albershausen
  4. Bad Ditzenbach
  5. Bad Überkingen
  6. Birenbach
  7. Böhmenkirch
  8. Börtlingen
  9. Boll
  10. Deggingen
  11. Drackenstein
  12. Dürnau
  13. Eschenbach (Göppingen)
  14. Gammelshausen
  15. Gingen an der Fils
  16. Gruibingen
  1. Hattenhofen
  2. Heiningen
  3. Hohenstadt
  4. Kuchen
  5. Mühlhausen im Täle
  6. Ottenbach
  7. Rechberghausen
  8. Salach
  9. Schlat
  10. Schlierbach (Göppingen)
  11. Wäschenbeuren
  12. Wangen (Göppingen)
  13. Zell unter Aichelberg


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