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Title: Ghorpade  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Bhonsle, Mudhol, Sandur (princely state), Gajendragarh, Ichalkaranji, Santaji Ghorpade, Senapati, Shitole, Kate (clan), Bapuji Mudgal Deshpande
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Maratha Sub-clan


Clan Garud
Caste Maratha
Lineage Claimed Suryavansha (Solar Clan)
Religion: Hinduism.[1]
Original kingdom Chittorgarh
Other kingdom Mudhol, Paithan
Capitals Indapur,Maval,Gangapur Colour Yellow.
Nishan Rudra on flagpole
Clan God Adbal Siddhnath).
Clan goddess Tulja Bhavani.
Devak Garud Bird).
Guru Kaushik
Gotra Vajpeya ( Kaushik )
Veda Rigveda.
Mantra Gayatri Mantra.
Locations Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Goa
Languages Marathi, Hindi.

The Ghorpade (Marathi: घोरपडे) are a sub-clan of the Maratha Bhosale clan within the Maratha clan system. They are found largely in Maharashtra and Karnataka in India, as well as other states in which Marathas are found.


The name Ghorpade was given to the ancestors in 1471 A.D. when Karna Sinha, Shubha Krishnaji and Bhim Sinha the ancestors of Ghorpades and Bhosles scaled the walls of fort for the Bahmani Sultan Mahmud Gawan, having tied their climbing ropes around the belly of a monitor lizard (ghorpad in Marathi) to pull their ropes to the top of the wall.[2] They were given the title of "Raja Bahadur Ghorpade".[3][4] It is claimed that these two brothers Karnaji, Shubha Krishnaji and Karna Sinhji son Bhimji were descendants of Rana Sujjanji the Sisodia scion who migrated to South with devoted band of Sisodia forces and joined Bahmani Sultan.

The subclan consider themselves to be Sisodiya Rajput, settled in Mudhol. They do not intermarry with certain other Maratha clans, such as the Bhoite, Kate, Bhosale as they share the same totem within the Maratha clan system. The subclan claims descent from King Dorik, an ancient ruler of Chittoud (in modern Rajasthan).[5] The gotra of royal families of Sesodia of Chittor, Bhosle and Ghorpade is same that is Koushik. The firmans received by ancestors of Ghorpade and Bhosle represents Rana Ugrasena as common ancestor of both: Ghorpade are descendants of elder son Raja Karna Sinh and Bholse are descendants of younger son Shubha Krishnaji.[6]

In 1931 Raja Narain Rao of Mudhol adopted the from Sisodia royal house of Udaipur (formerly Mewar) Hari Singh nephew of then Maharaja of Udaipur and head of all Sisodia Rajputs.[7]

This subclan has produced many warriors such as Santaji Ghorpade, Raghoji Ghorpade, Maloji Ghorpade, Baji Ghorpade and others who served in the Maratha empire.


  • Satara : these Ghorpade staying in village called Targaon, Gojegaon, Khojewadi, Manglapur, Venegaon, Matyapur etc. in Satara district.
  • Pune : these Ghorpade staying in Pimpri Chinchwad,Kalewadi in Pune district.
  • Mudhol : these Ghorpades have title Bahadar as the founder of this branch was Pilajirao Ghorpade Bahadar. Sardar Baji Ghorpade, his successor Maloji Ghorpade was from this branch.[8]
  • Kapashi: this branch has direct descendancy from Sardar Santaji Ghorpade (Senapati Santaji Maloji Ghorpade). Santaji had two sons named Ranoji and Piraji.[9]
  • Rethare Dharan(Sangli)  : these Ghorpades have title Raje
  • Dattawad:direct descendants of Maloji Ghorpade, the junior brother of Santaji Ghorpade. Maloji was a faithful of Chhatrapati Rajaram when he was at Jinji (Tamil Nadu). Maloji was captured and killed by Aurangzeb. This Ghorpades was honoured by title as Amir Ul Umarav.from dattwad ghorpade branch many were adopted to sandur throne till 1927.dattwad is a small state with madhabhavi,bedag,khemlapur,ingle,villages connected to it.after the imprison of the great murarrao ghorpade at gutti fort his brother nephews,and also said that his son too came to shelter back to maharashtra at dattwad,and took their ancestral share at dattwad.and it futher divided as madhabhavi.
  • Gajendragad : Sardar Santaji Ghorpades another Junior brother Bahirjee Ghorpade was founder of this branch. He received title of Hindurao from Chhatrapati Rajaram as he was part of battle in which Santaji and Marathas destroyed Mughals. Later his son Sidhojirao founded Sandur state. Murarrav Ghorpade (eldest son of Bahirjee) founded Gutti state. Hindurao alias Bahirjee Ghorpade had three sons named Sayaji, Murarrav, Sidhoji. He died in 1708.[10]
  • Satave : Ramchandra Ghorpade under Kolhapur princely state acquired jagir (Feudal estate) in Satave near Panhala fort. His descendant Nivruti Vithoji Ghorpade- one of the founder of Warana Sugar and Industries settled in Satave.(1961)Shri Nivrutti Vithoji Ghorpade's descendants 1) Shri Babasaheb Nivrutti Ghorpade 2) Shri Madhavrao Nivrutti Ghorpade 3) Shri Lalasaheb Nivrutti Ghorpade . The descendants of Shri Madhavrao Nivrutti Ghorpade are 1) Shri Abhijit Madhavrao Ghorpade 2) Shri Mahesh Madhavrao Ghorpade
  • Gutti: descendants of Sardar Murarrav Bahirjee (Hindurao) Ghorpade, Gajendragadkar.
  • Sandur: descendants of Sardar Sidhojirao Bahirjee (Hindurao) Ghorpade, Gajendragadkar.[11][12]
  • Brahmin Ghorpade: Sardar Santaji Ghorpade had recruited a Brahmin named Naro Mahadev Joshi for his Ichalkaranji Jhagir. He later gifted Ichalkaranji Jhagir to Naro Mahadev Joshi, who adopted the name Ghorpade because he was said to be adopted by Santaji. Since Naro Mahadev Joshi/Ghorpade came from a Brahmin family he was called the Brahmin Ghorpade...[13]


The Ghorpades are well spread in Maharashtra and in Karnataka states.

  • Maharashtra: Ghorpade Population is present in districts like [Satara (Targaon, Gojegaon, Khojewadi, Manglapur, Venegaon etc. Tal Satara)], [Sangli(Rethare Dharan Tal.Walwa)], Kolhapur,[Nashik(Dindori)] and then Ahmadnagar, Nagpur, Solapur along with Urbanised areas like Mumbai, Pune, Thane and other parts of Maharashtra.
  • Karnataka: Ghorpade are present in areas like Maharashtra Karnataka Border and areas as Belgaum and places like Bengalore, Sandur,Gutti and many other regions where Marathas dominated.

Ghorpades are also present in other Indian states like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Goa along with other Maratha clans.


  • Santaji Ghorpade, fought against the Moghuls
  • K. V. Ghorpade, pathologist.
  • Sir M.Y Ghorpade
  • Sir Lalasaheb Bajirao Raje Ghorpade
member of Cotton Corporation of India Ltd.
  • shri Ramsing Bhavasing Ghorpade (rajput)
indapendant leader in khandesh

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