Glue is any fluid adhesive, particularly animal glue. See also list of glues.

Glue or GLUE may also refer to:

In software:

  • Grid Laboratory Uniform Environment, a technology-agnostic information model for a uniform representation of Grid resources
  • webMethods Glue, a platform that provides web services/SOAP capabilities to existing Java and C/C++ applications
  • Glue language, a programming language used for connecting software components together
    • Glue code, code that serves to "glue together" different parts of otherwise incompatible code

In electronics:

  • Glue logic, circuitry needed to achieve compatible interfaces between different off-the-shelf integrated circuits

In networking:

  • Glue records, records used in the DNS that may be needed to break circular references that arise where DNS servers are authoritative over some domain yet lie in a subdomain of that domain

In mathematics:

  • Gluing spaces, the concept of gluing points or subspaces together.

In music:

  • Glue (album), an album by English indie rock band Eugene + the Lizards
  • "Glue", a song by Gabriella Cilmi from the 2010 album Ten
  • "Glue" is the name of a Hip-Hop trio fronted by rapper Adeem which released 3 albums between 2003 and 2006


  • Glue (film) is a 2006 Argentine film written and directed by Alexis Dos Santos

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