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Guldbagge Award for Best Film

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Title: Guldbagge Award for Best Film  
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Subject: Ingmar Bergman, 24th Guldbagge Awards, Guldbagge Award for Best Director, Kjell Grede, The Reunion (2013 film)
Collection: Awards for Best Film, Guldbagge Award Winners, Guldbagge Awards, Lists of Films by Award
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Guldbagge Award for Best Film

Guldbagge Award for Best Film
Country Sweden
Presented by Swedish Film Institute
First awarded 1964 (for films released during the 1963/1964 film season)
Currently held by Force Majeure (2014)
Official website

The Guldbagge for Best Film is a Swedish film award presented annually by the Swedish Film Institute (SFI) as part of the Guldbagge Awards (Swedish: "Guldbaggen") to the best Swedish motion picture of the year.


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Winners and nominees

Each Guldbagge Awards ceremony is listed chronologically below along with the winner of the Guldbagge Award for Best Film and the producer associated with the award. Before 1991 the awards did not announce nominees, only winners. In the columns under the winner of each award are the other nominees for best film, which are listed from 1991 and forward.

For the first nineteen ceremonies, the eligibility period spanned two calendar years. For example, the 2nd Guldbagge Awards presented on October 15, 1965, recognized films that were released between July, 1964 and June, 1965.[1][2] Starting with the 20th Guldbagge Awards, held in 1985, the period of eligibility became the full previous calendar year from January 1 to December 31. The Awards presented at that ceremony were in respect of 18 months of film production owing to the changeover from the broken calendar year to the standard calendar year during 1984.[1] Due to a mediocre film year, no awards ceremony was held in 1971.[3]


Year Film Director(s) Producer(s)
The Silence Bergman, IngmarIngmar Bergman Allan Ekelund
Swedish Wedding Night Falck, ÅkeÅke Falck Tore Sjöberg and Lorens Marmstedt
Heja Roland! Widerberg, BoBo Widerberg N/A
Persona Bergman, IngmarIngmar Bergman Ingmar Bergman
Hugo and Josephine Grede, KjellKjell Grede Göran Lindgren
The White Game Grupp 13[4] N/A
A Swedish Love Story Andersson, RoyRoy Andersson Ejnar Gunnerholm
Mistreatment Forsberg, Lars LennartLars Lennart Forsberg N/A


Year Film Director(s) Producer(s)
1970/71 The Emigrants Troell, JanJan Troell Bengt Forslund
The Apple War Danielsson, TageTage Danielsson N/A
Cries and Whispers Bergman, IngmarIngmar Bergman Lars-Owe Carlberg
A Handful of Love Sjöman, VilgotVilgot Sjöman Bengt Forslund
The Last Adventure Halldoff, JanJan Halldoff Hasse Seiden
Release the Prisoners to Spring Danielsson, TageTage Danielsson N/A
The Man on the Roof Widerberg, BoBo Widerberg Per Berglund
The Adventures of Picasso Danielsson, TageTage Danielsson Staffan Hedqvist
A Respectable Life Jarl, StefanStefan Jarl Stefan Jarl
To Be a Millionaire Arehn, MatsMats Arehn Olle Hellbom


Year Film Director(s) Producer(s)
Children's Island Pollak, KayKay Pollak Bengt Forslund
The Simple-Minded Murderer Alfredson, HansHans Alfredson N/A
Fanny and Alexander Bergman, IngmarIngmar Bergman Jörn Donner
Beyond Sorrow, Beyond Pain Elers-Jarleman, AgnetaAgneta Elers-Jarleman N/A
My Life as a Dog Hallström, LasseLasse Hallström Waldemar Bergendahl
The Sacrifice Tarkovsky, AndreiAndrei Tarkovsky Anna-Lena Wibom
Pelle the Conqueror August, BilleBille August Per Holst
Katinka Sydow, Max vonMax von Sydow Bo Christensen and Katinka Faragó
Back to Ararat Downing, JimJim Downing, Göran Gunér,
Per-Åke Holmquist and Suzanne Khardalian
PeÅ Holmquist
The Miracle in Valby Sandgren, ÅkeÅke Sandgren Bo Christensen


Year Film Director(s) Producer(s)
Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg Grede, KjellKjell Grede Katinka Faragó
Il Capitano: A Swedish Requiem Troell, JanJan Troell Göran Setterberg
Agnes Cecilia – en sällsam historia Anders Grönros Ingrid Dalunde and Waldermar Bergendahl
Underground Secrets Clas Lindberg Lennart Dunér
House of Angels Nutley, ColinColin Nutley Lars Jönsson and Lars Dahlquist
Night of the Orangutan Kjell-Åke Andersson Anders Granström and Bert Sundberg
The Best Intentions Bille August Ingrid Dahlberg
The Slingshot Sandgren, ÅkeÅke Sandgren Waldemar Bergendahl
The Man on the Balcony Daniel Alfredson Hans Lönnerheden
The Ferris Wheel Clas Lindberg Lennart Dunér
A Pizza in Jordbro Hartleb, RainerRainer Hartleb Rainer Hartleb
Kalle och änglarna Ole Bjørn Salvesen Anders Birkeland
The Daughter of the Puma Ulf Hultberg and Åsa Faringer Peter Ringgaard
All Things Fair Widerberg, BoBo Widerberg Per Holst
One in a Million Måns Herngren and Hannes Holm Waldemar Bergendahl
Like It Never Was Before Susanne Bier Stefan Baron
Hamsun Troell, JanJan Troell Erik Crone
The Hunters Kjell Sundvall Joakim Hansson and Björn Carlström
Christmas Oratorio Kjell-Åke Andersson Dorothee Pinfold
Tic Tac Alfredson, DanielDaniel Alfredson Katinka Faragó
Adam & Eva Måns Herngren and Hannes Holm Waldemar Bergendahl
Run for Your Life Richard Hobert Göran Lindström and Bengt Linné
Show Me Love Moodysson, LukasLukas Moodysson Lars Jönsson
Liv till varje pris Stefan Jarl Stefan Jarl
Waiting for the Tenor Lisa Ohlin Anna Eriksson
Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen Lemhagen, EllaElla Lemhagen Anne Ingvar
Zero Tolerance Anders Nilsson Björn Carlström and Joakim Hansson
Tiden är en dröm Jan Lindqvist Klas Olofsson, Ingrid Edström and Anna-Lena Wibom


Year Film Director(s) Producer(s)
Songs from the Second Floor Andersson, RoyRoy Andersson Lisa Alwert, Roy Andersson, Philippe Bober,
Sanne Glæsel and Johan Mardell
Jalla! Jalla! Josef Fares Anna Anthony
Wings of Glass Reza Bagher Peter Kropenin
As White as in Snow Troell, JanJan Troell Lars Hermann, Kerstin Bonnier, Erik Crone and Johan Mardell
Days Like This Mikael Håfström Anna Anthony
A Song for Martin Bille August Bille August, Lars Kolvig, Michael Lundberg and Michael Obel
Lilya 4-ever Moodysson, LukasLukas Moodysson Lars Jönsson
Everyone Loves Alice Richard Hobert Peter Possne
The Guy in the Grave Next Door Kjell Sundvall Börje Hansson and Charlotta Denward
Evil Håfström, MikaelMikael Håfström Hans Lönnerheden
Elina: As If I Wasn't There Klaus Härö Melanie Backer, David Leitner and Michael Yanko
Daybreak Björn Runge Claes Gunnarsson
Dalecarlians Blom, MariaMaria Blom Lars Jönsson
Four Shades of Brown Tomas Alfredson Caisa Westling
As It Is in Heaven Kay Pollak Anders Birkeland and Göran Lindström
Nina's Journey Einhorn, LenaLena Einhorn Kaska Krosny
Mouth to Mouth Björn Runge Clas Gunnarsson
Zozo Josef Fares Anna Anthony
Kidz in da Hood Edfeldt, CattiCatti Edfeldt and Ylva Gustavsson Peter Holthausen and Pontus Sjöman
Falkenberg Farewell Jesper Ganslandt Anna Anthony
Storm Björn Stein and Måns Mårlind Karl Fredrik Ulfung
You, the Living Andersson, RoyRoy Andersson Pernilla Sandström
Darling Johan Kling Fredrik Heinig
Leo Josef Fares Anna Anthony
Everlasting Moments Troell, JanJan Troell Thomas Stenderup
Involuntary Ruben Östlund Erik Hemmendorff
Let the Right One In Tomas Alfredson John Nordling and Carl Molinder
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Oplev, Niels ArdenNiels Arden Oplev Søren Stærmose
Starring Maja Teresa Fabik Sandra Harms
Glowing Stars Lisa Siwe Anders Landström


Year Film Director(s) Producer(s)
Sebbe Najafi, BabakBabak Najafi Rebecka Lafrenz and Mimmi Spång
Simple Simon Andreas Öhman Bonnie Skoog Feeney and Jonathan Sjöberg
Beyond Pernilla August Helena Danilesson and Ralf Karlsson
She Monkeys Aschan, LisaLisa Aschan Helene Lindholm
Simon and the Oaks Lisa Ohlin Christer Nilson and Per Holst
Play Ruben Östlund Erik Hemmendorff
Eat Sleep Die Pichler, GabrielaGabriela Pichler China Åhlander
Call Girl Mikael Marcimain Mimmi Spång
Searching for Sugar Man Malik Bendjelloul Malik Bendjelloul and Simon Chinn
The Reunion Odell, AnnaAnna Odell Mathilde Dedye
Shed No Tears Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein Malcolm Lidbeck and David Olsson
Waltz for Monica Per Fly Lena Rehnberg
Force Majeure Ruben Östlund Erik Hemmendorff and Marie Kjellson
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence Roy Andersson Linn Kirkenær, Pernilla Sandström and Håkon Øverås
Gentlemen Mikael Marcimain Mattias Nohrborg

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  5. ^ a b This year's ceremony resulted in a tie between two films.

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