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Haifa metropolitan area

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Title: Haifa metropolitan area  
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Subject: Geography of Israel, Haifa, Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area, Israeli coastal plain, Haifa (disambiguation), Jewish population by urban areas, Israel
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Haifa metropolitan area

Haifa Metropolitan Area
Largest city Haifa
Other cities Kiryat Bialik, Kiryat Yam, Kiryat Motzkin,
Kiryat Ata, Tirat Carmel, Nesher,
Tamra, Karmiel, Nahariya, Akko
Population  Ranked 2nd in Israel
 - Total 1,021,000 (2009 est.)
 - Density 984.5/km²

Haifa metropolitan area (Hebrew: מטרופולין חיפה) is a metropolitan area including areas from both the Haifa and the North Districts of Israel. It is located along the Israeli Mediterranean coastline. The Haifa metropolitan area is the second largest metropolitan area in Israel, with an estimated population of over 1 million.

Metropolitan rings

Israel Central Bureau of Statistics divides the Haifa metropolitan area into three:

Metropolitan rings in the Haifa metropolitan area[1]
Metropolitan ring Localities Population (2009 census) Population density
(per km²)
Annual Population
growth rate
Total Jews and others1 Thereof: Jews Arabs
Core2 1 264,800 237,800 214,200 27,100 3,838.2 0.0%
Inner Ring3 30 271,200 241,700 224,500 29,500 1,046.8 0.5%
   Northern Section 3   112,400 112,300 101,900 100 5,591.7 -0.2%
   Eastern Section 16   84,000 80,100 76,000 4,000 1,014.9 1.0%
   Southern Section 11   74,800 49,300 46,700 25,500 481.4 1.0%
Outer Ring4 98   484,900 240,100 223,000 244,900 678.8 1.8%
  Northern Section 57   362,800 147,300 134,500 215,600 948.1 1.6%
   Eastern Section 23   82,300 64,300 60,800 18,000 534.5 1.7%
   Southern Section 18   39,800 28,500 27,800 11,300 224.0 3.7%
Total 129 1,021,000 719,500 661,700 301,500 984.5 1.0%



Business districts

  • Downtown Haifa - the central business district of Haifa. In this area has the port of Haifa, many shops and some beaches.
  • Bay area - Haifa - between Haifa and the Krayot. In this area has some malls and business. This area is also important transport center with buses to Haifa and north the country and with trains to central and south the country.
  • Matam park - Haifa - Hi-tech park in south of the city. In this park has the offices of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! of Israel. Matam also has the IEC Tower, one of the tallest in thecity.
  • Carmel center (Merkaz HaKarmel) - Haifa - shops and restaurant.
  • Coastal strip of Haifa - from the downtown until Matam park.
  • HaGaaton boulavard - Nahariya - The main street of the city from the beaches to Highway 4. The street has shops, restaurants, some hotels and the railway and bus stations.
  • Coastal strip of Nahariya - some restaurants and one of northmost coastal strips in the country.
  • Industrial park of Karmiel - in the east of the city.

Shopping centers



  • HaKiryon
  • Azrieli Kiryat Ata


  • Nahariya Mall
  • Kanyon HaTzafon (The north mall)


  • Hotzot Karmiel Mall


  • Azrieli Akko


The bus company Egged turn on many lines within Haifa city and some lines connecting Haifa with other cities in the metropolitan area. Israel's national highway network connecting Haifa with other metropolitan areas, far cities and her suburbs. Haifa Airport is airport with domestics flights to Eilat and flights to Jordan. Israel Railways turn on inter city line to other cities in the country and one commuter line from Haifa to northern suburbs. In the future, plans more two new lines to eastern suburbs.

Major highways

The major highways in the Haifa metropolitan area include Area are:


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Coordinates: 32°48′45.77″N 34°59′56.93″E / 32.8127139°N 34.9991472°E / 32.8127139; 34.9991472

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