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Hans von Rosenberg

Hans von Rosenberg
Reichsaußenminister (Foreign Minister), Weimar Republic
In office
22 November 1922 – 12 August 1923
President Friedrich Ebert
Chancellor Wilhelm Cuno
Preceded by Joseph Wirth
Succeeded by Gustav Stresemann
Personal details
Born (1874-12-26)26 December 1874
Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia
Died 30 July 1937(1937-07-30) (aged 62)
Fürstenzell, Nazi Germany
Political party none
Profession Diplomat, politician

Frederic-Hans von Rosenberg (26 December 1874 – 30 July 1937) was a German diplomat and politician. He served as Reichsaußenminister (Foreign Minister of Germany) in the cabinet of Wilhelm Cuno in 1922–1923.

Life and career

Frederic von Rosenberg behind chancellor Wilhelm Cuno in June 1923

Frederic (or Friedrich) Hans von Rosenberg was born on 26 December 1874 at Berlin.[1]

In 1897, he was awarded the degree of Dr.Jur. and entered the Prussian judicial service, in which he was promoted to Assessor in 1903. That year he transferred to the foreign service (Auswärtiges Amt, AA). In 1910, Rosenberg became the head of the Balkans department at the AA, and in 1912 was promoted to Vortragender Rat.[1]

During the First World War, he was a member of the German delegation negotiating with the Soviet Union at Brest-Litowsk and with Romania at Bucharest. In 1918–1919, he was at the German Embassy to Switzerland at Bern. In 1919, Rosenberg became Dirigent—head of the political department of the AA. In 1920–22, he was Ambassador at Vienna, and in 1922 briefly at Copenhagen.[1]

He was Foreign Minister of Germany from November 1922 to August 1923 in the cabinet of chancellor Wilhelm Cuno.[1]

From 1924 to 1933, he was Ambassador at Stockholm and then served from 1933 to 1935 as ambassador in Ankara. In 1935, he was given an indefinite leave (im einstweiligen Ruhestand).[1]

He died on 30 July 1937 at Fürstenzell, in Bavaria.[1]


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Preceded by
Joseph Wirth
Foreign Minister of Germany
Succeeded by
Gustav Stresemann

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