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Hunter Lewis

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Title: Hunter Lewis  
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Hunter Lewis

Hunter Lewis

Hunter Lewis (born October 1947) is the co-founder of Cambridge Associates LLC, a global investment firm, and author of books in the fields of economics and moral philosophy.

Early life

Lewis was born in Dayton, Ohio, USA, in 1947 and graduated from the Groton School and Harvard University (AB 1969).[1]

Cambridge associates

After working at the Boston Company, then one of the largest investment managers, Lewis in 1975 co-founded and served as co-chief executive and then chief executive of Cambridge Associates LLC,[2] an investment advisor to American research universities and colleges representing over three-quarters of U.S. higher education endowment assets, other non-profits, international organizations, and families.[2] Lewis was a co-inventor of what became known as the American University style of institutional investing,[3][4] which gave American university endowment funds the highest investment returns in the world among institutional investors,[5] and which became widely emulated. Cambridge Associates also became known for its claim to avoid the conflicts of interest so endemic to Wall St.,[6] conflicts that became especially apparent during the Crash of 2008. Cambridge Associates has claimed that its mode of “conflict free” services represents an important innovation in American finance.[2]

Other activities

Lewis has been active in the environmental and natural health fields. He has been president of the Alliance for Natural Health-USA,[7] chairman of the National Environmental Trust,[8] chairman of the [8] trustee of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation,[8] trustee of the Groton School,[8] and member of the World Bank Pension Finance Committee.[8]


Lewis has written for the New York Times[11] The Times of London,[12] the Washington Post,[13][14][15] and the Atlantic Monthly[16] as well as numerous websites such as[17][18] and Books on economics include: Free Prices Now!: Fixing the Economy by Abolishing the Fed (AC² Books; September 1, 2013), Crony Capitalism in America: 2008-2012 (AC² Books; September 1, 2013), Where Keynes Went Wrong: And Why World Governments Keep Creating Inflation, Bubbles, and Busts (Axios Press; September 25, 2009),[19] Are the Rich Necessary?: Great Economic Arguments and How They Reflect Our Personal Values (Axios Press; September 25, 2007; Rev and expanded PB edition October 30, 2009),[20] The Real World War (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan/Putnam; 1982). Books on moral philosophy include: A Question of Values: Six Ways We Make the Personal Choices That Shape Our Lives (Harper, Collins; 1990, Axios Press; Rev edition May 25, 2000), The Beguiling Serpent (Axios Press; August 31, 2000), Alternative Values: For and Against Wealth, Power, Fame, Praise, Glory, and Physical Pleasure (Axios Press; July 25, 2005). Articles include, among others: "Sustainability, The Complete Concept: Environment, Healthcare, and Economy".[21]


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