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Imaginary Realities

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Title: Imaginary Realities  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: MUDs, Wes Platt, Zone (video games), Rent (MUD), Consider (MUD)
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Imaginary Realities

Imaginary Realities was an influential Jessica Mulligan, Wes Platt, Cat Rambo, Richard Woolcock, and Geoff Wong, as well as many other major figures in the MUD community.[3] It was edited by David "Pinkfish" Bennett of Discworld MUD, Selina Kelley, Marcie Kligman and Daniel McIver.[4]

Articles from Imaginary Realities have been cited in Richard Bartle's Designing Virtual Worlds[5] and Julie Coiro's Handbook of Research on New Literacies,[6] and it was noted in Mulligan & Patrovsky's Developing Online Games as a venue where a previous work by Mulligan was published.[7]

After its disappearance from the Web, several mirrors of Imaginary Realities were brought online. These efforts, though infringing copyright, have been applauded by at least one major former contributor, decrying the alternative of the content's loss,[8] and at minimum appreciated for aiding in recovering his work by another.[9]

It made a reappereance in December 2013 in a new website , starting off with what appears to be monthly articles.


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