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Information Sources in Law

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Title: Information Sources in Law  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Law of Albania, Law of Norway, Law of Italy, Law of Finland, Law of Sweden
Collection: Law Books
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Information Sources in Law

Information Sources in Law is a book.

First Edition

The first edition was edited by R G Logan and published by Butterworths in 1986. It is part of the series which was then known as Butterworths Guides to Information Sources. It consists of twenty-three chapters attributed to twenty contributors.[1] The subject-matter of these chapters ranges from the general to the specialized.[2] A book on legal research describes Information Sources in Law as being "not as useful for present purposes" as the title promises.[3] Information Sources in Law is "detailed" and its contributors are "leading experts".[4]

Second Edition

The second edition was edited by Jules Winterton and Elizabeth M Moys and published by Bowker-Saur in 1997. The series of which it was part was now known as Guides to Information Sources.[5] It is "completely revised".[6] It focuses on Europe,[7] and deals with more than thirty of its jurisdictions.[8]


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