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International rankings of Serbia

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Title: International rankings of Serbia  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: International rankings of the Republic of Ireland, International rankings of Bosnia and Herzegovina, International rankings of Germany, International rankings of Spain, International rankings of Sweden
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International rankings of Serbia

The following is a list of international rankings of Serbia.

Name Year Place Out of # Reference
CIA World FactbookGDP per capita (PPP) 2011 105th 225 [1]
CIA World Factbooklife expectancy 2012 101st 221 [2]
World Economic Forum – Enabling Trade Index ranking 2008 67th 118 [3]
Yale University / Columbia UniversityEnvironmental Performance Index 2008 29th 149 [4]
The Economist Intelligence Unite-readiness 2008 70 [5]
The Economist Intelligence UnitGlobal Peace Index 2009 78th 144 [6]
United States Patent and Trademark Office's list of patents by country (As FRY) 2007 44th 172 [7]
Save the Children – Mother's Index Rank 2007 19th 141 [8]
Save the Children – Women's Index Rank 2007 27th 141 [9]
Save the Children – Children's Index Rank 2007 49th 141 [10]
Wall Street Journal / The Heritage FoundationIndex of Economic Freedom 2011 98th 179 [11]
United NationsHuman Development Index 2011 59th 179 [12]
World Economic Forum – Global Competitiveness Report 2007–2008 2007 91st 131 [13]
World Economic Forum – The Global Gender Gap Report 2007 2007 128 [14]
World BankEase of Doing Business Index 2011 92nd 183 [15]
Reporters Without BordersWorldwide Press Freedom Index 2008 64th 173 [16]
Transparency InternationalCorruption Perceptions Index 2011 86th 182 [17]
The Economist Intelligence UnitIndex of Democracy 2007 55th 167 [18]
Official Development Assistance by country as a percentage of GNI 2006 34 [19]
Privacy InternationalPrivacy index (EU and 11 other selected countries) 2006 36 [20]
New Economics FoundationHappy Planet Index 2009 58th 178 [21]
The Economist Intelligence UnitQuality-of-life index 2005 84th 111 [22]
Save the Children – % seats in the national government held by women 2004 8% 141 [23]
suicide rates by country 17th 100 [24]
Failed State Index 2010 86th 177 List of countries by Failed States Index
Press Freedom Index 2008 59th 175 Press Freedom Index
Organization Survey Ranking
Yale, Columbia University (at the World Economic Forum) Environmental Performance Index[1] 29 out of 163
Institute for Economics and Peace [25] Global Peace Index[2] 78 out of 144
Reporters Without Borders Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2009 62 out of 175
The Heritage Foundation/The Wall Street Journal Index of Economic Freedom 2010 104 out of 179
Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2009 83 out of 180
United Nations Development Programme Human Development Index 2009 67 out of 182
Networked Readiness Index Networked Readiness Index 2008-2009 84 out of 134


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