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Jason Grace

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Title: Jason Grace  
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Jason Grace

Jason Grace
The Heroes of Olympus character
First appearance

The Lost Hero
Gender Male

Immortal Parent


Air manipulation
Electric manipulation
Energy manipulation

Gladius of Ivlivs(Julius)/Juno's Gladius

Jason Grace is a fictional character and one of the protagonists of Rick Riordan's The Heroes of Olympus series. He first appears in The Lost Hero, the first novel of the series. Jason Grace is a 15- or 16-year-old boy suffering from amnesia. He meets Piper McLean, who claims to be his girlfriend, and Leo Valdez, who claims to be his best friend, on a school bus ride to the Grand Canyon. Jason and his two friends learn that they are to be killed and that they are demigods - half-human, half-god - after getting attacked by a group of storm spirits called venti. They are escorted to Camp Half-Blood, a sanctuary for Greek demigods. After conducting lightning through his weapon, he realizes that he is the son of Jupiter, the Roman form of Zeus, king of the gods. Jason is named after and appears similar to Jason of the Argonauts as he appeared with one shoe.


Jason is the demigod son of Jupiter and Ms. Grace, an infamous television actress according to the book's canon. He was born seven years after his sister, Thalia Grace, who was conceived while Jupiter was in his Greek form, Zeus. Zeus's wife, Hera/Juno, was greatly insulted when she heard about Jason's birth, and she was furious with Zeus. Being children of Zeus/Jupiter, they would attract even more monsters than most other demigods. To placate her anger, Zeus gave Hera Jason's life as a gift, naming him after the Greek tragic hero Jason, who was Hera's favorite mortal. This made Hera the patron of Jason. When Jason was two, his mother gave him to Hera as a peace offering. He was brought to the wolf Lupa, the trainer of Roman demigods, and Chiron's counterpart. The Roman demigods must prove themselves before Lupa or be eaten. At Camp Jupiter, he was trained in discipline and conquest. He bears a tattoo that he vaguely remembers being burned on, picturing 12 straight lines with an eagle and SPQR, which stands for Senatus Populusque Romanus (The Senate and People of Rome). Jason describes the Roman camp as "more warlike" than Camp Half-Blood. He served as a praetor in Camp Jupiter. After defeating the Titan Krios at the Battle of Mount Othrys, (which is said to have happened at the same time as the Titan war of Olympus). It is also mentioned by Aeolus that Jason defeated the giant sea monster from the Trojan war. Jason's memories were wiped away by Hera and he was sent to the Wilderness School to meet Piper and Leo, the Greek demigod children of Aphrodite and Hephaestus, respectively.

In the books

The Lost Hero

Main article: The Lost Hero

In The Lost Hero, Jason is 15 years old. He wakes up on a school bus full of delinquent students, holding hands with Piper, who claims to be his girlfriend, and sitting behind Leo, who claims to be his best friend. Jason has no memory of who they are, how he ended up in the school, or who he is. Jason's supposed gym teacher, Gleeson Hedge, tells Jason that he has never seen him before today, and that he is good at manipulating the Mist to make everyone believe that they know him. This makes Jason much more comfortable knowing he is not crazy. The coach also reveals that Jason, Piper, and Leo are demigods, and that an extraction team is coming to bring Piper and Leo to camp along with an unknown "special package".

During the delinquent students' field trip to the Grand Canyon, Jason and his friends are attacked by storm spirits called Venti (Latin, Greek: anemoi thuellai). Senior cam of Greek terms. He begins to remember his sister Thalia after seeing a picture of her inside Cabin One, his father's cabin, at Camp Half-Blood, and reunites with her during his quest. While he is fighting Porphyrion, he tells the giant that he is a "child of Rome, consul to demigods, praetor of the First Legion" and frightens the giant with his tattoo. At the end of The Lost Hero, he remembers participating in the Second Titan War; he was the commander at the Battle of Mount Othrys, where he defeated Krios and toppled Kronos's throne with many other Roman demigods. He realizes that Hera sent him to Camp Half-Blood, and Percy Jackson to the Roman camp, so that the two camps would become aware of each other and band together to defeat Gaea. Jason also recalls the faces of his friends: Dakota, Gwendolyn, Bobby, and Reyna. It was implied that Reyna was his romantic interest before he met Piper McLean. These feelings confused Jason because he also has feelings for Piper.

The Son of Neptune

He was mentioned by Reyna and Hazel. He was a praetor of the camp along with Reyna, been elevated to that position after the battle of Mount Othrys. He appeared in one of Percy's dreams along with Leo and Piper while working on the Argo II. The Son of Neptune ends with the Argo II approaching Camp Jupiter with Jason on board.

The Mark of Athena

Jason is part of the prophecy of seven in the Mark of Athena. His relationship with Piper McLean changes sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. He seems to become more vague and distant, as if the trip to camp Jupiter has brought back happy memories, and he seems to wish to return there and be with his old friends. His powers are seen to develop and he becomes more of a threat to Gaea. At the start of the book, his feelings towards Percy are positive, however half-way through the book, after the climactic battle between the two, as stated by Percy: "'Well, you're Captain Saltwater, any ideas?' Was that resentment in his voice? Percy wondered if Jason was secretly miffed about the duel in Kansas. Jason had joked about it, but Percy figured they both harbored a little grudge. You couldn't put two demigods in a fight and not have the wonder who was stronger." Both Jason and Percy, being extremely powerful, often clash. However, as the book progresses, their friendship grows and they develop a strong friendship. Jason feels as though the weight of the Quest is on his shoulders, and is seemingly put through a lot of strain throughout it.



Jason is said to be very handsome, with tidily cropped golden blond hair, bright sky blue eyes, and a 'cute' scar on the corner of his lip (according to Thalia, he tried to eat a stapler when he was two). He is about the same height as Percy Jackson, with athletic build and muscular tanned arms. When in flight, Percy Jackson compares him to a blonde Superman. He has an intimidating tattoo burned on his forearm: 12 straight lines like a bar code with an eagle (the symbol of Zeus/Jupiter) and the letters "SPQR" over the lines. Jason doesn't remember where he got the marks, but he believes he got them from the Roman camp. The tattoo denotes his years of service.


Jason is a natural leader, courageous and serious. He is also polite and dedicated. As the Son of Jupiter, he often finds himself in a leadership position, such as when he is selected as a praetor by his camp; however, Jason can be plagued by doubt and criticizes himself whenever he makes an error. He also has a strong sense of honor and justice as shown by his great compassion. He greatly cares for his friends and family and is willing to risk his life to protect or help them, showing bravery. His sense of duty is acute to a fault, and he is consistently a hard worker. He is taught from a young age to always be tough, calm, and confident under pressure, as exemplified by his poise during battles. Even though he harbors feelings for Piper, Jason holds back, afraid that he is already romantically involved with a girl from his past named Reyna. As of the beginning of the Mark of Athena it is known that Jason and Piper have begun a relationship together. Also, towards the end of The Mark of Athena, it is revealed that Jason's birthday is on the Kalends of July, or simply July 1, when he and Piper go out on a picnic and Piper's horn of plenty produces a birthday cake with candles already lit. Jason admits that he didn't want to tell anyone his birthday given all the problems they were dealing with, which shows that he is understanding of the situations at hand.

Demigod Abilities

Like most demigods in the Percy Jackson/The Heroes of Olympus universe, Jason has ADHD, a condition which helps him fight monsters (apparently because the hyperactivity is meant to help him in combat). It is not clear if he also has dyslexia, which is a common trait in Greek demigods as seen in the Percy Jackson series, especially with Percy. Because Jason was conceived by a god in Roman form, he speaks Latin rather than Ancient Greek and naturally calls the gods and spirits by their Roman names.

As the son of Jupiter, Jason can control lightning, air, and the creatures of heaven and the sky. Jason has atmokinetic powers, which allow him to control and manipulate the various forms and aspects of the weather itself. He can fly by manipulating air movement and wind direction, and also manipulate air waves, air structures, air pressure, clouds, tornadoes, storms, and other natural phenomenae associated with air, and making small gusts of air come over to him (a gift that his sister Thalia Grace has yet to exhibit, as she is afraid of heights), but he can only hold out at certain heights. Another ability of Jason is to withstand lightning strikes by conducting electricity through his body, away from the sensitive parts of his body. Jason can also summon lightning bolts through his weapons, although summoning too much energy can make him pass out, either because doing so tires him or because his body fails to conduct electricity the way it does usually. Jason can also tame and control storm spirits. Jason is an experienced fighter, well-trained in close combat. He can wield both a sword and a lance with ease, and he holds his own against larger and stronger opponents.


Jason wielded a coin that could change into a double-edged sword or a javelin - like lance, depending upon whether the coin landed heads or tails. One side of the coin had an image of an axe engraved with the words "IVLIVS" ("Julius" - In Latin, the letter J is never used to make an "I" sound, and the letter I is used instead. Also, on many Latin scripts from the Roman era, the large letter U looks like a large letter V). the other side had a portrait of Julius Caesar, a dictator of Rome. The giant Enceladus destroyed this coin in battle during the events of The Lost Hero, the first book in the Heroes of Olympus series. In the Mark of Athena, Jason uses a gladius instead.


When Jason appeared on the Wilderness School bus, he was holding hands with Piper McLean. He thought for real that Piper was his girlfriend. The Mist tricked Piper into believing she had been Jason's girlfriend for several weeks. Throughout the book Jason has shown a protective, caring side to Piper and seems worried when she is hurt. Jason often confides to Piper his worries, plans, and trusts her. At the end of The Lost Hero, Piper and Jason still show feelings for each other. Drew, Piper's half-sister, flirts with Jason a lot, but Piper tells her off by claiming that Jason is "hers." When he regains his memory, he recalls a girl named Reyna that might have been his love interest at the Roman camp. It leads Jason to have conflicted ideas about his feelings toward Piper. But in The Son of Neptune Reyna says that she didn't have a relationship with Jason, but there may have been one if he hadn't disappeared. It is shown in The Mark of Athena that Reyna still harbours feelings for Jason, however they may be unrequited.

It is shown in The Mark of Athena that Jason is now dating Piper, however Piper briefly suspects her mother's meddling possibly may be behind it. Jason walks with Piper on the Argo II and they hold hands. He tells her that she is "powerful and beautiful" when Piper confesses her worry over Reyna interfering with Jason's and her relationship. Jason kisses Piper on their picnic (it is his sixteenth birthday, July 1). Later Piper kisses him and tells him, "I love you," when she thinks they are going to drown. "She didn't get to see his reaction, though, because they were underwater."—The Mark of Athena.

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