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Kansas City Plant

Kansas City Plant

The Kansas City Plant is a National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) facility managed and operated by Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies that produces 85 percent of the nonnuclear material used in the United States nuclear bomb arsenal.

Currently, the Kansas City Plant is the dominant tenant in Bannister Federal Complex in Kansas City, Missouri.

The plant produces nonnuclear mechanical, electronic and engineered material components for U.S. national defense systems such as high-energy laser ignition systems, microwave hybrid microcircuit production, and miniature electromechanical devices. The plant also provides technical services such as metallurgical/mechanical analysis, analytical chemistry, environmental testing, nondestructive testing, computer-based training, simulations and analysis, and technical certification.


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The plant traces its history to the Pratt & Whitney plant dedicated by then Senator Harry S. Truman in 1942 which manufactured Double Wasp engines during World War II. In 1949 the Atomic Energy Commission commissioned the Bendix Corporation to build the non-nuclear components of nuclear bombs there with the facility formerly owned by the United States government.[1] Bendix became AlliedSignal in 1983 and eventually Honeywell in 1999.[2]


The Kansas City Plant is currently conducting its move from the 3 million square foot of space it uses at the Bannister Federal Complex to its new 1.5 million square foot National Security Campus in south Kansas City. The move will save the government about $100 million annually in operating costs and will reduce energy consumption by more than 50 percent.[3]

The new smaller, more efficient facility maintains the capability to assure the reliability, safety and security of the nation’s defense systems while enabling NNSA to recruit and retain the next generation of scientists and engineers. KCP remains committed to supporting the President’s nuclear agenda which includes enhanced safety, security and takes advantages of opportunities to reduce the number of warhead types.

National Security Campus

In 2009 the General Services Administration announced that Zimmer Real Estate Services and CenterPoint Properties had won a bid to build a new plant adjacent to the former Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base in south Kansas City by Grandview, Missouri. Zimmer and Centerpointe already own the CenterPoint-KCS Intermodal Center across the street which is serviced by Kansas City Southern railroad. According to the plan, the PIEA [the Kansas City Planned Industrial Expansion Authority] owns the Land and the Project Improvements, and leases the Project to CPZ Holding LLC (the Ground Lessee). The Ground Lessee, as sublandlord, will lease the Project to the Developer (CenterPoint Zimmer LLC). The Developer, as sub-sublandlord, will sub-sublease the Project pursuant to the GSA Lease…to the Federal Government as sub-subtenant. Upon expiration of the [20 year] PIEA Lease, the Ground Lessee will own the project.[4] HNTB Architecture designed the campus, which consists of 1.5 million rentable square feet in manufacturing, laboratory, office and warehouse space on the northwest corner of Missouri Highway 150 and Botts Road on the north edge of Richards-Gebaur.[5] The estimate cost of the project was $673 million.[6]

Since the facility was being privately built, developers will pay $5.2 million a year in payments in lieu of property taxes. Half of this payment will be used to retire the debt service on $40 million worth of public infrastructure improvements associated with the project and the other half will provide money to local tax agencies including the Grandview School district.[7]

The GSA says the new facility will be much smaller than the 3,100,000-square-foot (290,000 m2) Bannister Road facility but will be more efficient and will be LEED Gold certified.

The first occupants moved to the new facility in 2012 and the whole relocation is scheduled to be completed by 2014.[7][8]

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