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Karting World Championship

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Title: Karting World Championship  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Kart racing, CRG (kart manufacturer), Commission Internationale de Karting, KF2, Nyck de Vries
Collection: Karting World Championship, World Auto Racing Series
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Karting World Championship

The Karting World Championship is ruled by the CIK-FIA. It takes place once a year, each year in a different country, and is kart racing's flagship event. Starting 2011, the championship will be disputed on five rounds, each of them in a different country.[1]

In the last few years the World Championship was raced with 100 cc Formula A karts. In 2007, the change in regulations introduced the KF1, 125 cc karts equipped with electric starter, clutch and rpm limiter set at 16,000 rpm, to replace Formula A. The 2010 edition was raced with KF2 karts.[2]


Year Driver Chassis Engine Tyre Location
1964 Guido Sala Tecno Parilla ? Rome
1965 Guido Sala Tecno BM ? Rome
1966 Susanna Raganelli Tecno Parilla ? Copenhagen
1967 Edgardo Rossi Birel Parilla ? Circuit de Monaco
1968 Tomas Nilsson Robardie BM ? Rye House
1969 François Goldstein Robardie Parilla ? ?
1970 François Goldstein Robardie Parilla ? Thiverval-Grignon
1971 François Goldstein Taifun Parilla ? Turin
1972 François Goldstein Taifun Parilla ? Kalmar
1973 Terry Fullerton Birel Komet ? Nivelles-Baulers
1974 Riccardo Patrese Birel Komet ? Autódromo do Estoril
1975 François Goldstein BM BM ? Paul Ricard
1976 Felice Rovelli BM BM ? Hagen
1977 Felice Rovelli BM BM ? Parma
1978 Lake Speed Birel Parilla ? Le Mans
1979 Peter Koene Dap Dap D Autódromo do Estoril
1980 Peter De Bruijn Swiss Hutless Parilla B Nivelles-Baulers
1981 Mike Wilson Birel Komet D Parma
1982 Mike Wilson Birel Komet D Kalmar
1983 Mike Wilson [3] Birel Komet D Le Mans
1984 Jorn Haase Kali Komet D Liedolsheim
1985 Mike Wilson Birel Komet D Parma
1986 Augusto Ribas Birel Komet D Jacksonville
1987 Giampiero Simoni PCR PCR B Jesolo
1988 Mike Wilson CRG Komet D Laval
1989 Mike Wilson CRG Komet D Valence
1990 Jan Magnussen CRG Rotax B Jesolo
1991 Jarno Trulli Allkart Parilla D Le Mans
1992 Danilo Rossi CRG Rotax D Ugento
1993 Nicola Gianniberti Haase Rotax D Laval
1994 Alessandro Manetti CRG Rotax Vega Córdoba
1995 Max Orsini Swiss Hutless Italsistem B Valence
1996 Johnny Mislijevic Tony Kart Vortex B Lonato
1997 Danilo Rossi CRG CRG D Salbris
1998 David Fore Tony Kart Vortex B Ugento
1999 Danilo Rossi CRG CRG D Mariembourg
2000 Davide Forè Tony Kart Vortex B Braga
2001 Vitantonio Liuzzi CRG Maxter B 5-venue series[4]
2002 Giedo van der Garde CRG Maxter B 5-venue series[5]
2003 Wade Cunningham CRG Maxter B Sarno
2004 Davide Forè Tony Kart Vortex B La Conca
2005 Oliver Oakes Gillard Parilla B Braga
2006 Davide Forè Tony Kart Vortex B Angerville
2007 Marco Ardigò[6] Tony Kart Vortex B Mariembourg
2008 Marco Ardigò[7] Tony Kart Vortex B La Conca
2009 Arnaud Kozlinski[8] CRG Maxter B Macau
2010 Nyck de Vries[9] Zanardi Parilla D Zuera
2011 Nyck de Vries Zanardi Parilla B Genk
2012 Flavio Camponeschi Tony Kart Vortex B 2-venue series (CHN/JPN)
2013 Tom Joyner[10] Zanardi TM Vega 2-venue series (GBR/BHR)
2014 Lando Norris[11] FA Kart Vortex D Essay


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