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King Haakon VII Sea

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Title: King Haakon VII Sea  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Weddell Sea, Queen Maud Land, Lazarev Sea, East Antarctica, Dependencies of Norway
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

King Haakon VII Sea

Overview map, King Haakon VII Sea at top of the map.
Area map of King Haakon VII Sea.
King Haakon VII Sea around Kronprinsesse Märtha Kyst, Prinsesse Astrid Kyst and Prinsesse Ragnhild Kyst.

King Haakon VII Sea (Norwegian: Kong Haakon VII Hav) is an arm of the Southern Ocean on the coast of East Antarctica.


From the international point of view, King Haakon VII Sea lies between Weddell Sea and Lazarev Sea, and thus stretches only along Princess Martha Coast from Cape Norvegia at 12°18'W, the easternmost point of the Weddell Sea, to Fimbul Ice Shelf close to the Prime Meridian at 0°0', which is recognized as the western border of Lazarev Sea.

From the Norwegian point of view, which does not recognize Lazarev Sea, King Haakon VII Sea is situated along the entire coast of Queen Maud Land between 20°W and 45°E and stretches for about 10 090 km (6 270 miles) from the Stancomb-Wills Glacier at 19°W on Princess Martha Coast in the west to Shinnan Glacier at 44°38'E on the eastern border of Prince Olav Coast in the east.[1][2]

The sea is covered by ice most of the year. During autum pack ice forms which does not break up until spring. The rough coordinates of the sea area are .

The area is an important habitat for the Ross Seal (Ommatophoca rossii).[3][4]


On 27 January 1820 Russian Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen made the first confirmed sighting of Terra Australis (Antarctica) as he was cruising the King Haakon VII Sea near the Fimbul Ice Shelf at Princess Märtha Coast.[5][6]

The area is named in honour of Haakon VII, the first king of Norway after the dissolution from Sweden.


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