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Kir Bulychev

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Title: Kir Bulychev  
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Subject: The Hockey Players (film), List of children's books made into feature films, Jüri Kallas, Russian children's writers, Russian science fiction writers
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Kir Bulychev

Kir Bulychov
Kir Bulychov in 1997
Born Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheiko
18 October 1934
Moscow, USSR
Died 5 September 2003
Moscow, Russia
Pen name Kir Bulychov
Occupation oriental studies
Language Russian
Nationality Russian
Citizenship  USSR Russia
Alma mater Maurice Thorez Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages
Genre Science fiction
Notable works

Alisa Selezneva series

Guslar series
Notable awards Aelita Prize 1997

Kir Bulychov or Bulychev (Russian: Кир Булычёв) (18 October 1934 – 5 September 2003) was a pen name of Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheiko (И́горь Все́володович Може́йко), a Soviet Russian science fiction writer and historian. His magnum opus is a children's science fiction series Alisa Selezneva, although most of his books are adult-oriented.


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  • Selected bibliography 2
    • Books published in English 2.1
  • Film adaptations 3
    • Based on Alisa Selezneva 3.1
    • Other 3.2
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Mozheiko received a Master's degree in 1965 and a Ph.D. in 1981. Since 1963 he worked in the Institute of Oriental Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences. He was a specialist in the medieval history of Burma and wrote a biography of Aung San.

He first used his pseudonym Kir Bulychov in 1965, for his very first science fiction story, A Girl Nothing Can Happen To. It was the first in what will become his most popular book series, Alisa Selezneva, that eventually comprised more than 50 novellas and short stories. This children's science fiction series is centered around the title heroine, a teenage girl from future, who travels space and time, solves mysteries, makes discoveries and saves endangered peoples and species. Bulychov kept writing Alisa for the rest of his life - the last book came out in 2003, months before his death. There were four animated and three life-action adaptations of Alisa stories, as well as tie-in comics and video games.

Another of Bulychov's best-known works is a series of short stories about Veliky Guslar, a Russian town that attracts all kinds of aliens and supernatural beings. This fictional city is based on a real Veliky Ustyug city. He also wrote many standalone science fiction novels, including The Last War (1970), Thirteen Years of Travel, Those Who Survive (adapted to animated film Pereval), The Witches Cave (filmed), River Chronos and Abduction of a Sorcerer.

Bulychov wrote scripts for more than 20 movies; according to Mir Fantastiki magazine, he is the most adapted Russian science fiction author ever. Besides writing on his own, he translated numerous American science fiction stories into Russian.

Selected bibliography

Only novels and novellas included. Alisa Selezneva series

  • Ржавый фельдмаршал (Rusty Field Marshal, 1968)
  • Путешествие Алисы (Alisa's Travel, 1974)
  • День рождения Алисы (Alisa's Birthday, 1974)
  • Миллион приключений (Million of Adventures, 1976)
  • Сто лет тому вперёд (One Hundred Years Ahead, 1978)
  • Пленники астероида (Prisoners of Asteroid, 1981)
  • Лиловый шар (The Lilac Ball, 1983)
  • Заповедник сказок (The Fairy Tale Reservation, 1985)
  • Козлик Иван Иванович (Ivan Ivanovich the Goat, 1985)
  • Гай-до (Guy-do, 1986)
  • Конец Атлантиды (The End of Atlantis, 1987)
  • Город без памяти (The City Without Memory, 1988)
  • Подземная лодка (The Underground Boat, 1989)
  • Война с лилипутами (The War Against Midgets, 1992)
  • Алиса и крестоносцы (Alisa and the Crusaders, 1993)
  • Излучатель доброты (The Kindness Ray, 1994)
  • Дети динозавров (Dino Kids, 1995)
  • Сыщик Алиса (Alisa the Detective, 1996)
  • Привидений не бывает (Ghosts Don't Exist, 1996)
  • Опасные сказки (Dangerous Tales, 1997)
  • Планета для тиранов (A Planet for Tyrants, 1997)
  • Секрет чёрного камня (Secret of the Black Stone, 1999)
  • Алиса и чудовище (Alisa and a Monster, 1999)
  • Звёздный пёс (The Star Dog, 2001)
  • Вампир Полумракс (Twilights the Vampire, 2001)
  • Алиса и Алисия (Alisa and Alicia, 2003)

Veliky Guslar series

  • Марсианское зелье (Martian Potion, 1971)
  • Нужна свободная планета (A Free Planet Needed, 1977)
  • Глубокоуважаемый микроб (Dear Mr. Microbe, 1987)
  • Перпендикулярный мир (Perpendicular World, 1989)
  • Over 130 short stories, published in seven volumes:
    • Чудеса в Гусляре (Miracles in Guslar)
    • Пришельцы в Гусляре (Aliens in Guslar)
    • Возвращение в Гусляр (Return to Guslar)
    • Гусляр-2000 (Guslar-2000)
    • Господа гуслярцы (Gentlemen Guslarians)
    • Гусляр навеки (Guslar Forever)
    • Письма в редакцию (Letters to Editorial Office)

Dr. Pavlish series

  • Последняя война (The Last War, 1970)
  • Великий дух и беглецы (Great Spirit and Refugees, 1972)
  • Половина жизни (Half a Life, 1973)
  • Закон для дракона (A Law for the Dragon, 1975)
  • Белое платье Золушки (Cinderella's White Dress, 1980)
  • Тринадцать лет пути (Thirteen Years in Flight, 1984)
  • Посёлок (Village, 1988)
  • Пленники долга (Prisoners of Duty, 2009)

Cora Orvath ("InterGPol") series

  • Покушение на Тесея (Attempted Murder of Theseus, 1994)
  • В куриной шкуре (In a Hen's Skin, 1994)
  • Предсказатель прошлого (Prophet of the Past, 1994)
  • Последние драконы (The Last Dragons, 1994)
  • Детский остров (Children's Island, 1995)
  • На полпути с обрыва (Halfway Down the Ridge, 1995)
  • Зеркало зла (Mirror of Evil, 1996)

River Chronos series

  • Река Хронос (River Chronos, 1992)
  • Заповедник для академиков (Academicians' Reservation, 1992)
  • Усни, красавица (Sleep, Beauty, 1994)
  • Купидон (Cupid, 1998)
  • Таких не убивают (Those are Not to be Killed, 1998)
  • Младенец Фрей (Baby Frei, 2000)
  • Дом в Лондоне (A House in London, 2003)

Andrey Bruce duology

  • Агент КФ (SF Agent, 1984)
  • Подземелье ведьм (Witches' Dungeon, 1987)


  • Умение кидать мяч (A Talent for Throwing Balls, 1973)
  • Похищение чародея (Abduction of a Sorcerer, 1979)
  • На днях землетрясение в Лигоне (Recent Earthquake in Ligon, 1980)
  • Два билета в Индию (Two Tickets to India, 1981)
  • Тайна Урулгана (The Secret of Urulgan, 1991)
  • Любимец (A Pet, 1993)
  • Театр теней (Theatre of Shadows, 1998)

Books published in English

The dates given are the dates of English editions.

Science fiction:

  • Alice: The Girl from Earth (translation of Alisa's Travel, July 2002), ISBN 1401013112 Publisher: Xlibris Corp
  • Half a Life (1977)
  • Gusliar Wonders (1983)
  • Earth and Elsewhere (1985)
  • Abduction of a Sorcerer (1989)
  • Those Who Survive (translation of The Village, 2000)


  • 1185 A.D. (1989)
  • South-East Asia: Unity in Diversity. Ahmedabad: Allied (with Gennadi Chufrin) (1989).

Film adaptations

All scripts are written by Bulychov himself, except noted.

Based on Alisa Selezneva

Not written by Bulychov:


  • Abduction of the Wizard (1981), TV film, based on a story of the same name
  • Per Aspera Ad Astra (1981), based on original script by Bulychov.
  • Tears Were Falling (1982)
  • Comet (1983)
  • A Chance (1983)
  • Two Tickets to India (1985), animated, based on a story of the same name.
  • The Pass (1988), animated, based on Village.
  • The Witches Cave (1989), based on the novella of the same name.
  • Abduction of the Wizard (1989), based on a story of the same name

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