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Komi-Yazva language

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Title: Komi-Yazva language  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Komi language, Perm Krai
Collection: Komi Language, Languages of Russia, Perm Krai
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Komi-Yazva language

The Komi-Yazva language (Коми-Ёдз кыл, Komi-Yodz kyl) is spoken mostly in Krasnovishersky District of Perm Krai in Russia, in the basin of the Yazva (Yodz) River. It is a Permic language closely related to Komi-Zyrian and Permyak. It has no official status.

About two thousand speakers densely live in Krasnovishersky District.

Komi-Yazva is to the east (in darkblue)


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Availability of the particular vowels together with features of phonetics and stress system lead Finnish linguist Arvid Genetz in 1889 to consider Komi-Yodzyak as a separate dialect. Later, this decision was confirmed by the famous Finno-Ugricist Lytkin, who studied the Komi-Yodzyak idiom in depth from 1949 until 1953.


The first Komi-Yazva primer was printed in 2003. Its author was the teacher of the Parshavskaya school A. L. Parshakova. This book also became the first one ever printed in Komi-Yazva language.

А а Б б В в Г г Д д Е е Ё ё Ж ж
З з И и Й й К к Л л М м Н н О о
Ө ө Ӧ ӧ П п Р р С с Т т У у Ӱ ӱ
Ф ф Х х Ц ц Ч ч Ш ш Щ щ Ъ ъ Ы ы
Ь ь Э э Ю ю Я я


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