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Libya, Libya, Libya

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Title: Libya, Libya, Libya  
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Libya, Libya, Libya

ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا
English: Libya, Libya, Libya
Flag of Libya

National anthem of  Libya
Lyrics Al Bashir Al Arebi
Music Mohammed Abdel Wahab, 1951
Adopted 1951
Readopted, 2011
Relinquished 1969 (Kingdom of Libya)
Music sample

"Libya, Libya, Libya" (Arabic: ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا‎, English: "Libya, Libya, Libya"), also known as "Ya Beladi", or "O my country!", is the national anthem of Libya, and was previously the national anthem of the Kingdom of Libya, from 1951 to 1969. It was composed by Mohammed Abdel Wahab, in 1951, with the lyrics themselves being written by Al Bashir Al Arebi.


Kingdom of Libya

"Libya, Libya, Libya" was composed by Mohammed Abdel Wahab in 1951 and was originally the national anthem of the Kingdom of Libya, from its independence in 1951 until 1969 when King Idris I was overthrown by a bloodless coup d'état led by Muammar Gaddafi. The lyrics themselves were written by Al Bashir Al Arebi.[1]

Libyan Arab Republic

In 1969, Muammar Gaddafi adopted the Egyptian military marching song "Allahu Akbar" as the national anthem of the newly proclaimed Libyan Arab Republic, and later, the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.[2]

Libyan civil war

In 2011, "Libya, Libya, Libya" was declared as the new national anthem of Libya by the National Transitional Council. "Libya, Libya, Libya" ultimately did become the national anthem of Libya once again, following the Libyan Civil War and the death of Muammar Gaddafi. The Anthem now does not contain the verse that glorifies King Idris (shown in grey).


ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا
Libiya, Libiya, Libiya
Libya, Libya, Libya
(English translation)
يا بلادي يا بلادي
بجهادي وجلادي
ادفعي كيد الأعادي والعوادي
واسلمي اسلمي اسلمي
اسلمي طول المدى
إننا نحن الفداء
ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا

يا بلادي أنت ميراث الجدود
لارعى الله يداً تمتد لك
فاسلمي إنا على الدهر جنود
لا نبالي إن سلمت من هلك
وخذي منا وثيقات العهود
إننا يا ليبيا لن نخذلك
لن نعود للقيود
قد تحررنا وحررنا الوطن
ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا


جرّد الأجداد عزماً مرهفا
يوم ناداهم منادٍ للكفاح
ثم ساروا يحملون المصحفا
باليد الأولى وبالأخرى السلاح
فإذا في الكون دين وصفا
وإذا العالم خير وصلاح
فالخلود … للجدود
إنهم قد شرفوا هذا الوطن
ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا


حيّ إدريس سليل الفاتحين
إنه في ليبيا رمز الجهاد
حمل الراية فينا باليمين
وتبعناه لتحرير البلاد
فانثنى بالملك والفتح المبين
وركزنا فوق هامات النجاد
رايةً حرّةً ظللت بالعز أرجاء الوطن
ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا

يا ابن ليبيا يا ابن آساد الشرى
إننا للمجد والمجدُ لنا
مذ سرونا حمد القوم السرى
بارك الله لنا استقلالنا
فابتغوا العلياء شأواً في الورى
واستعدوا للوغى أشبالنا
للغلاب … يا شباب
إنما الدنيا كفاح للوطن
ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا

Ya Biladi Ya Biladi
Bijihadi Wajiladi
Idfa'i Kaydal A'adi Wal'awadi
Waslami Islami Islami
Islami Tulal Mada
Innana Nahnul Fida
Libiya Libiya Libiya.

Yabiladi Anti Mirathul Judud
La Ra'allahu Yadan Tamtaddu Lak
Faslami Inna 'Aladdahri Junud
La Nubali In Salimti Man Halak
Wakhudi Minna Wathiqatil 'Uhud
Innana Ya Libiya Lan Nakhdilak
Lanna'ud Lil Quyud
Qadd Taharrarna Waharrarnal Watan
Libiya Libiya Libiya.

Jurّd Alأjdad ‘Azmaً Murhafa
Yuwm Nadahm Munadٍ Llikifah
Thm Sarwa Yhmlwn Almushafa
Bilialyd Alأwla Wbalأkhra Alsilah
Fadha Fi Al'Kwn Din Wasafa
Wadha Al‘alm Khayr Wasalah
Falkhlwd … Milljudwd
Anhm Qd Shrfwa Hdha Al Watn
Libiya Libiya Libiya

O my country,
O my country,
With my struggle and gladiatorial patience,
Drive off all enemies' plots and mishaps
Be saved, be saved, be saved, be saved all the way
We are your sacrifices
Libya, Libya, Libya!

O my country, You're the heritage of my ancestors
May Allah not bless any hand that tries to harm you
Be saved, we are for ever your soldiers
No matter the death toll if you've been saved
Take from us the most credential oaths, we won't let you down, Libya
We will never be enchained again
We are free and have freed our homeland
Libya, Libya, Libya!


Our grandfathers stripped a fine determination when the call for struggle was made
They marched carrying Qur'an in one hand,
and their weapons by the other hand
The universe is then full of faith and purity
The world is then a place of goodness and godliness
Eternity is for our grandfathers
They have honoured this homeland
Libya, Libya, Libya!


Extend on Idris the honour, the descendant of the conqueror
He is the symbol of struggle and Jihad
He raises our flag high
And we follow him, freeing our homeland,
He allows praise of his throne
And raises hope for Libya in heaven,
A free flag
Over a rich country,
Libya, Libya, Libya.

O son of Libya, O son of lions of the wild
We're for honour and the honours are for us
Since the time of us being honoured, people thanked our generosity and honourableness
May Allah bless our Independence
O Libyans, seek the dizzy heights as a position in mankind
Our cubs, be prepared for the foreseen battles
Our youths, to prevail
Life is only a struggle for homeland
Libya, Libya, Libya!


Translated by: Dr Khalid Ben Rahuma

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