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List of German films of 1895–1918

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Title: List of German films of 1895–1918  
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Subject: Cinema of Germany, List of German films of 1933–45, List of East German films, German screenwriters, German film directors
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List of German films of 1895–1918

This is a list of the most notable films produced in the German Empire until 1918, in year order.

It includes German films from the introduction of the medium to the resignation of the Emperor at the end of World War I. While the output of films during this period is small, and cinema was a science in its infancy, many of these films laid the groundwork for German Expressionism, as well as document a prosperous, yet foreboding, period in German history.

For an alphabetical list of articles on films of the period see Category:Films of the German Empire.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Akrobatisches Potpourri Max & Emil Skladanowsky Grunato family Documentary Release: Nov. 1
Bauerntanz zweier Kinder Max Skladanowsky Documentary Release: Nov 1
Das Boxende Känguruh Max Skladanowsky Mr Delaware Documentary Release: Nov 1
The German Emperor Reviewing His Troops Birt Acres Earliest known footage of Kaiser Wilhelm
Opening of the Kiel Canal Birt Acres Early footage of Kaiser Wilhelm
Serpentinen Tanz Max Skladanowsky Documentary Release: Nov 1
Leben und Treiben am Alexanderplatz Max Skladanowsky
Apotheose II Max Skladanowsky
Kaiser von Deutschland, der Kaiser von Österreich und der König von Sachsen am Tage der Jubiläumsfeier in Dresden English: The Kaiser of Germany, the Kaiser of Austria and the King of Saxony on the day of the Jubilee Fair in Dresden
German Lancers A parade of the famous Second Guards, one of Emperor William's favorite regiments.
When the Bugle Sounds 'Charge' An attack by the famous Second Guards Regiment of Emperor William's Army on the Paradefeld.


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Einzug unserer Chinakrieger in Berlin am 16.12.1900 English: The Entry of Our China Soldier in Berlin on Dec. 16, 1900 (about Boxer Rebellion?)
Eine Moderne Jungfrau von Orleans Max Skladanowsky English: A Modern Maid of Orleans
Einzug der Königin von Holland mit ihrem Gemahl in Schwerin English: The Entry of the Queen of Holland with her Consort in Schwerin
When Knighthood Was in Flower
Mr. Krebs in seiner senationellen Schleifenfahrt Arthur Robison English: Mr. Krebs in his Sensational Bicycleride
Der Lustige Ehemann Otto Julius Bierbaum
The Whistling Boy Oskar Messter
Kämpfe vor Port Arthur English: The Struggle for Port Arthur
Eine Fliegenjagd oder Die Rache der Frau Schultze Max Skladanowsky English: A Flying Hunt or the Revenge of Frau Schultze
Afrikanische Kriegsbilder War documentary English: African War Pictures
Apachentanz Oskar Messter English: Apache Dance
Prosit Neujahr 1910! Guido Seeber Animated film First animated German film


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Arsène Lupin contra Sherlock Holmes Viggo Larsen
Sumurûn Max Reinhardt
Die Geheimnisvolle Streichholzdose Guido Seeber Animated film
Der Schwarze Traum Urban Gad German-Danish co-production; Danish: Den Sorte drøm
Der Arme Jenny Urban Gad English: Poor Jenny
In Nacht und Eis Mime Misu English: In Night and Ice; first Titanic film ever made
Das Mirakel Mime Misu
Schatten des Meeres Curt A. Stark English: In the Shadow of the Sea
Das rosa Pantöffelchen Franz Hofer Dorrit Weixler Comedy
Der Film von der Königin Luise Franz Porten English: A Film of Queen Louise; in 3 parts
Die Insel der Seligen Max Reinhardt
Der Neue Schreibtisch Karl Valentin
Der Steckbrief Franz Hofer
Der Student von Prag Stellan Rye, Paul Wegener English: A Bargain With Satan
The Weapons of Youth Friedrich Müller Gertrud Gräbner, Conrad Wiene
Das Eiserne Kreuz Richard Oswald English: The Iron Cross
Der Hund von Baskerville Rudolf Meinert Alwin Neuß, Friedrich Kühne Crime
Detektiv Braun Rudolf Meinert Alwin Neuß, Friedrich Kühne Crime
Eine Venezianische Nacht Max Reinhardt
Die geheimnisvolle Villa Joe May Ernst Reicher, Werner Krauss
He This Way, She That Way Robert Wiene Max Zilzer, Manny Ziener Comedy
The Canned Bride Robert Wiene Margarete Kupfer, Guido Herzfeld Comedy
Fräulein Piccolo Franz Hofer Dorrit Weixler, Ernst Lubitsch Comedy
Der Golem Henrik Galeen, Paul Wegener
Robert and Bertram Max Mack Eugen Burg, Ferdinand Bonn Comedy
The Tunnel William Wauer Friedrich Kayßler, Fritzi Massary Drama
Frau Eva Robert Wiene Erna Morena, Emil Jannings Drama
Homunculus Otto Rippert 6 part serial
Lehmann's Honeymoon Robert Wiene Guido Herzfeld, Arnold Rieck Comedy
The Queen's Love Letter Robert Wiene Henny Porten, Arthur Schröder Comedy
The Queen's Secretary Robert Wiene Käthe Dorsch, Ressel Orla Comedy
The Robber Bride Robert Wiene Henny Porten, Friedrich Feher Comedy
Rübezahls Hochzeit Rochus Gliese, Paul Wegener English: Old Nip's Wedding
Shoe Palace Pinkus Ernst Lubitsch Ernst Lubitsch, Guido Herzfeld Comedy
Tyrannenherrschaft-Aus Polens schwerer Zeit Franz Porten English: Tyrannical Overlords-From Poland's Dark Time
Vengeance Is Mine Rudolf Meinert Hans Mierendorff, Marie von Buelow Crime
The Wandering Light Robert Wiene Robert Wiene Henny Porten, Bruno Decarli Drama
Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray Richard Oswald English: The Portrait of Dorian Gray
Dornröschen Paul Leni
Fear Robert Wiene Bruno Decarli, Conrad Veidt Horror
Fidele Gefängnis Ernst Lubitsch English: The Merry Jail
Frank Hansen's Fortune Viggo Larsen Viggo Larsen, Lupu Pick Western
Hilde Warren und der Tod Joe May Written by and starring Fritz Lang
Imprisoned Soul Rudolf Biebrach Henny Porten, Paul Bildt Drama
John Bull Julius Pinschewer Animated film
Life Is a Dream Robert Wiene Emil Jannings, Bruno Decarli Drama
The Man in the Mirror Robert Wiene Maria Fein, Bruno Decarli Drama
The Marriage of Luise Rohrbach Rudolf Biebrach Henny Porten, Emil Jannings Drama
The Princess of Neutralia Rudolf Biebrach Henny Porten, Paul Bildt Comedy
Steadfast Benjamin Robert Wiene Arnold Rieck, Guido Herzfeld Comedy
When Four Do the Same Ernst Lubitsch Ossi Oswalda, Emil Jannings Comedy/Drama
Alraune, die Henkerstochter, genannt die rote Hanne Eugen Illés, Joseph Klein
Die Augen der Mumie Ma Ernst Lubitsch
Carmen Ernst Lubitsch Pola Negri, Harry Liedtke Drama aka Gypsy Blood
Countess Kitchenmaid Rudolf Biebrach Henny Porten, Heinrich Schroth Comedy
Gelbe Schein Eugen Illés English: The Devil's Pawn
Es werde Licht! Richard Oswald English: There was Light; 4 part serial
The Homecoming of Odysseus Rudolf Biebrach Henny Porten, Bruno Decarli Comedy
Ich möchte kein Mann sein Ernst Lubitsch
Das Rätsel von Bangalor Paul Leni, Alexander Antalffy
The Story of Dida Ibsen Richard Oswald Anita Berber, Conrad Veidt Drama
Das Tagebuch einer Verlorenen Richard Oswald English: The Diary of a Lost Girl
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