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List of Haitian films

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Title: List of Haitian films  
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Subject: List of Bahamian films, List of Aruban films, Cinema of Haiti, List of Gabonese films, List of Mauritian films
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List of Haitian films

A list of films produced in Haiti from the List of Caribbean films:


  • Albert Mangones, l'espace public by Arnold Antonin
  • Anita (1982)
  • Alelouya by Richard J. Arens (2005)
  • Art Naif and Repression in Haiti (1976) by Arnold Antonin
  • La Peur D'aimer by Reginal Lubin
  • Vengeance Sexuelle (2009 ) by (BELUS Roosvelt)
  • "Ana" by Valentin C. Lustra 2011



  • Café au lait, bien sucré (2005)
  • Canne amère (1983)
  • Can sculpture save the village of Noailles? (2009) by Arnold Antonin
  • Cedor ou l'esthetique de la modestie (2002) by Arnold Antonin
  • Chère Catherine (1997)
  • ChomeCo by Richard J. Arens (2007)
  • Collusion (2009) Herold Israel & Peter Ronald Berlus
  • Couloir de L'amitié by Vladimir Thelisma (2010)
  • Cousines by Richard Senecal(2006)
  • Coup de foudre (Frantz Saint Louis) 2007


  • Des hommes et dieux (2002)
  • Desounen: Dialogue with Death (1994)
  • Destin Tragique by Vladimir Thelisma (2006)
  • Dolores (2006) Herold Israel
  • Fam se rat by Wilfort Estimable


  • E Pluribus Unum (2001)
  • Et moi je suis belle (1962)
  • Évangile du cochon créole, L′ (2004)



  • Haiti - Apocalypse Now - January 12 2010 (2011) by Arnold Antonin
  • Haiti - Le silence des chiens (1994)
  • Haiti, le chemin de la liberté (1973) by Arnold Antonin
  • Haitian Corner (1988)
  • Haitian Slave Children (2001)
  • Haïti: la fin des chimères?... (2004)
  • L'Homme sur les quais (1993)
  • Haiti Cherie: Wind Of Hope by Richard J. Arens (2010)
  • [HAITI;Triumph Sorrow & the Struggle of a People (Jonas Nosile) (Vieux-Bourgeois Picture) (ABC TV)
  • Heby, Jazz and Haitisn Music (2012) by Arnold Antonin
  • Histoire D'infidèles (2009) Herold Israel & Peter Ronald Berlus.




  • Krik? Krak! Tales of a Nightmare (1988)


  • Les Couleurs de la Dignite by Vladimir Thelisma (2006)
  • Life in a Haitian Valley Film Study (1934)
  • Lovdatnet (2009) by Herold Israel and Peter Ronald Berlus
  • Lumumba (2000)
  • La Peur D'aimer by Reginal Lubin
  • Laura de Valentin C Lustra
  • La Vie de Job de Valentin C Lustra
  • La pluie d'espoir by jack roche (2007)
  • L'Amour Et L'Amitié by TUTU Desmonthene (2005)
  • L'Imposteur Impromptu by Zagallo Prince, featuring Stardeak Durand and Marie Yves-Elda Calixte (2011)
  • "La Face De Judas" By Nacha Laguerre, (2005)
  • "La Famille Chabi" By Nacha Laguerre (2007)
  • "La vengeance de Rodney" by Valentin C Lustra
  • "Les Evades" by Valentin C Lustra 2013


Les Aventures de Jessica de Valentin C. Lustra Ana de Valentin C. Lustra Les Evades de Valentin C Lustra


  • Natalie by Samuel Vincent (2007)


  • Player 1/2 by Herold Israel 2006
  • Pluie d'espoir (2005)
  • Pouki se mwen by Reginal Lubin
  • Prefete Duffaut - Piety and Urban Imagination (2006) by Arnold Antonin
  • President a-t-il le sida, Le (2006) by Arnold Antonin
  • Profit & Nothing But! (2001)


  • Rebelle, La (2005) la rebelle
  • Rezistans (1997)
  • Ronde des vodu, La (1987)
  • Royal Bonbon (2002)



  • The Love of a Zombi or Can a Zombi be President? (2010) by Arnold Antonin
  • The Son Of The Evil by TUTU Desmonthene (2007)
  • Temptation by Samuel Vincent (2005)
  • TIGA: Haiti, Dream, Creation, Possession, Madness (2006) by Arnold Antonin


  • Where The Justice At by Tony Delerme (2009)
  • White Darkness, The (2002)


  • Vocation


  • Xtreme Blue (2008) Herold Israel & Peter Ronald Berlus


  • Zatrap (1980)

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