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List of North Korean films


List of North Korean films

This is chronological list of films produced in the country of North Korea which came into existence officially in September 1948. For earlier films of united Korea see List of Korean films of 1919–1948. For the films of South Korea (September 1948 to present) see List of South Korean films.


  • September 1948–1979 1
    • 1980-1999 1.1
    • 2000-2008 1.2
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September 1948–1979

Title Director Cast Genre Notes
My Home Village Kang Hong-sik First Kim Il-sung propaganda film[1]
Announcing to the World
Righteous War
Boy Partisans
Again to the Front
Scouts Chon Dong-min
Never Can Live Like That
The Road of Happiness
Orang Chon Riyong Gyu Yun Hak Su Kim, Hyo Gyong Dzo, Un Bong Che, Dzong Bok Mun, Sob Pak
The Tale of 15 Children War movie
Love the Future
The Spinner O Byong-cho
Boidchi annun dchonson
Sea of Blood Choe Ik-gyu
Naega cadshun gil Seng In Chen Gil-sen Om, Hye-rim Song, Hak Pak, In-sun Hon, Hak-mag Mun Drama
The Flower Girl Choe lk-gyu
Pak Hak
Winner of Prix Special at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival[2]
Ichulsu omnym saram Ki Mo Jung Yae Yon Yung, Kyong Sun Yu, Tae Hyon Choe, In Hi U, Pyong Yun Kim Action
Unsung Heroes James Joseph Dresnok multi-part serial, 1978–81
Ummisadul sogese
An Jung-gun Shoots Ito Hirobumi Om Gil-son Presented at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival[3]


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
On the Juche Idea Short film/Documentary
Wolmi Island Historical/War
A Forest is Swaying Yong-bok Jang Drama
The Anti-Japanese Struggle
The Emissary Who Did Not Return Shin Sang-ok Shin's first film in North Korea
Runaway Shin Sang-ok Considered by Shin to be his best North Korean film[4]
Hae uh juh Unjeh ggah jee
Hong Kil Dong Kim Kil-in First North Korean entertainment film[5]
Pulgasari Shin Sang-ok
Salt Shin Sang-ok
Sarang sarang nae sarang Shin Sang-ok Eun-hie Choi
Hong kil dong
Order no. 027 Ki Mo Jung,
Eung Suk Kim
Sung Chol Cha,
Jeong Woon Kim
Sekunda na podvig Gil-sen Om, Eldor Urazbayev Andrei Martynov, Chhan-su Chve and Oleg Anofriev Adventure, War DPR Korea/Soviet Union co-production
Kangrung chonyowa Pyöngyang dzholmuni Yong Bok Chang Kuang Chun Ryu, Ryon-gu Nam and In-suk Ro
A Broad Bellflower
My Happiness Young-Ho Kim Ock Heel Kim
Ten Zan: The Ultimate Mission Ferdinando Baldi
Pak Jong-ju
Italian co-production.
Gandahar French co-production.
Utomlyonnoye solntse Nikita Orlov, San Bok Pak Elena Drobysheva, Chkhol Kim and Yuriy Kuznetsov DPR Korea/Soviet Union co-production.
Bereg spaseniya
Urban Girl Comes to Get Married Comedy/Drama
Always Working Together for the People 'Documentary'
My Village at Sunset Norodom Sihanouk Norodom Sihamoni, San Chariya and Mam Kanika Drama Cambodia co-production
O Youth! Comedy 청춘이여!
Quiet Front Line War
Myself in the Distant Future Jang In-hak
Chu uk sok eh Young won han ree ran


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Souls Protest Kim Chun-song
Marathon Runner Li Chju Ho Jong Song Ok Drama
On the Green Carpet Rim Chang-bom
Welcome to Pyongyang Animal Park Yoon Chan
The Blood Stained Route Map Phyo Kwang
Spirit of Korean Celadon Phyo Kwang
Our Fragrance Jon Jong Pal
They were common fighters (그들은 평범한 전사들이였다)
Empress Chung Nelson Shin
Pyongyang Nalpharam Phyo Kwang
Maeng Cheol-min
The Schoolgirl's Diary Jang In-hak
The Kites Flying in the Sky Phyo Kwang
Kim Hyon-chol
The Respected Comrade Supreme Commander Is Our Destiny documentary film[6]

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