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List of Oricon number-one singles of 2015

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Title: List of Oricon number-one singles of 2015  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: List of Oricon number-one singles, 2015 in Japanese music, Taiyō Nokku, 12 Byō, 2015 record charts
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of Oricon number-one singles of 2015

The highest-selling singles in Japan are ranked in the weekly Oricon Singles Chart, which is published by Oricon Style magazine. The data are compiled by Oricon based on each singles' weekly physical sales. This list includes the singles that reached the number one place on that chart in 2015.

Chart history

Issue date Song Artist(s) Ref.
January 5 "Thank You Jan!" Kis-My-Ft2 [1]
January 12 "Genkidane" Kamen Joshi [2]
January 19 "Kaguya" News [3]
January 26 "Uchōten" B'z [4]
February 2 "Dead or Alive" KAT-TUN [5]
February 9 "Guilty Love" 2PM [6]
February 16 "ズンドコ パラダイス" Johnny's West [7]
February 23 "記憶/ココロオドレバ" Subaru Shibutani [8]
March 2 "華麗なる逆襲/ユーモアしちゃうよ" SMAP [9]
March 9 "Sakura" Arashi [10]
March 16 "Green Flash" AKB48 [11]
March 23 "Kiss Kiss Kiss" KAT-TUN [12]
March 30 "Inochi wa Utsukushii" Nogizaka46 [13]
April 6 "Kiss魂" Kis-My-Ft2 [14]
April 13 "Coquettish Jūtai Chū" SKE48 [15]
April 20 "Wonderful World / Ça va? Ça va?" Juice=Juice [16]
April 27 "Starting Over" Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe [17]
May 4 "12 Byō" HKT48 [18]
May 11 "Chau#/我 I Need You" Hey! Say! JUMP [19]
May 18 "Timeless" V6 [20]
May 25 "Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari" Arashi [21]
June 1 "Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai" AKB48 [22]
June 8 [23]
June 15 "The Strongly Strongly strongly" Kanjani Eight [24]
June 22 "Red" B'z [25]
June 29 "For You" Bangtan Boys [26]
July 6 "Chumuchumu" News [27]
July 13 "Cha Cha Cha" Sexy Zone [28]
July 20 "Summer Madness" Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe [29]
July 27 "Durian Shōnen" NMB48 [30]
August 3 "Taiyō Nokku" Nogizaka46 [31]
August 10 "Bari Hapi" Johnny's West [32]
August 17 "前向きスクリーム!" Kanjani Eight [33]
August 24 "前のめり" SKE48 [34]
August 31 "I am a HERO" Masaharu Fukuyama [35]
September 7 "Halloween Night" AKB48 [36]
September 14 "Ai wo Sakebe" Arashi [37]
September 21 "Otherside / Ai ga Tomaru Made wa" SMAP [38]
September 28 "All For You" GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE [39]
October 5 "SOS / Present" SEKAI NO OWARI [40]
October 12 "Moonlight Walker" A.B.C-Z [41]


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