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List of presidents of South Sudan


List of presidents of South Sudan

President of the Republic of South Sudan
Salva Kiir Mayardit

since 9 July 2011
Term length 4 years [1]
Inaugural holder Salva Kiir Mayardit
Formation 9 July 2011
Deputy Vice-President of South Sudan
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South Sudan
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This is a list of heads of state of South Sudan, from the establishment of the Southern Sudan Autonomous Region within Sudan in 1972 to the present day.


  • History of the office 1
  • Heads of State of South Sudan (1972–present) 2
    • Southern Sudan Autonomous Region (1972–1983) 2.1
    • Southern Sudan Autonomous Region (2005–2011) 2.2
    • Republic of South Sudan (2011–present) 2.3
  • Latest election 3
  • See also 4
  • Notes 5
  • External links 6

History of the office

The region of Southern Sudan (currently the independent republic of South Sudan) became autonomous for the first time, within Sudan, in 1972, through the Addis Ababa Agreement, and its local government had five presidents until 1983, when the Sudanese central government revoked the autonomy. Autonomy was gained again in 2005, through the Comprehensive Peace Agreement meant to end the Second Sudanese Civil War, and the position of president of Southern Sudan was restored. Then, on 9 July 2011, South Sudan became independent and a new constitution was adopted.[1]

Heads of State of South Sudan (1972–present)

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Southern Sudan Autonomous Region (1972–1983)

Name Birth–Death Took office Left office Political Party
Presidents of the High Executive Council
1 Abel Alier 1933– 6 April 1972 February 1978 Southern Front
2 Joseph Lagu 1931– February 1978 12 July 1979 Sudan African National Union
3 Peter Gatkuoth ?–2010 12 July 1979 30 May 1980
(1) Abel Alier 1933– 30 May 1980 5 October 1981 Southern Front
4 Gismalla Abdalla Rassas 5 October 1981 23 June 1982 South Sudan Liberation Movement
5 Joseph James Tombura ?–c. 1983–1996 23 June 1982 5 June 1983 Sudan African National Union
Autonomy abolished (5 June 1983 – 9 July 2005)

Southern Sudan Autonomous Region (2005–2011)

Presidents of the Government
6 John Garang 1945–2005 9 July 2005 30 July 2005[2] Sudan People's Liberation Movement
7 Salva Kiir Mayardit 1951– 11 August 2005
Acting since 30 July 2005
9 July 2011 Sudan People's Liberation Movement

Republic of South Sudan (2011–present)

(7) Salva Kiir Mayardit 1951– 9 July 2011 Incumbent Sudan People's Liberation Movement

Note: The President of South Sudan was also First Vice-President of the Sudanese national government until 9 July 2011.

Latest election

 Summary of the 11–15 April 2010 South Sudanese presidential election results
Candidates - Parties Votes %
Salva KiirSudan People’s Liberation Movement 2,616,613 92.99%
Lam AkolSudan People's Liberation Movement - Democratic Change 197,217 7.01%
Total votes 2,813,830 100.00%
Source: Sudan Tribune

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  2. ^ Died in an helicopter crash

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