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List of Quercus species

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Title: List of Quercus species  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Oak, Live oak, Requests for comment/Inclusion criteria for Lists, Wood, O'Melveny Park
Collection: Lists of Plants, Quercus, Taxonomic Lists (Species)
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List of Quercus species

The genus Quercus (oak) contains about 600 species,[1] some of which are listed here.


  • Subgenus Quercus 1
    • Section Quercus 1.1
    • Section Mesobalanus 1.2
    • Section Cerris 1.3
    • Section Protobalanus 1.4
    • Section Lobatae 1.5
  • Subgenus Cyclobalanopsis 2
  • Notes 3
  • External links 4
  • Sources 5
  • References 6

Subgenus Quercus

Section Quercus

The white oaks (synonym sect. Lepidobalanus or Leucobalanus). Europe, Asia, north Africa, North America. Styles short; acorns mature in 6 months, sweet or slightly bitter, inside of acorn shell hairless.

Section Mesobalanus

Europe, Asia, north Africa. Styles long; acorns mature in 6 months, bitter, inside of acorn shell hairless (closely related to sect. Quercus and sometimes included in it).

Section Cerris

Europe, Asia, north Africa. Styles long; acorns mature in 18 months, very bitter, inside of acorn shell hairless or slightly hairy.

Section Protobalanus

The intermediate oaks. Southwest USA & northwest Mexico. Styles short, acorns mature in 18 months, very bitter, inside of acorn shell woolly.

Section Lobatae

The red oaks (synonym sect. Erythrobalanus). North, Central & South America. Styles long, acorns mature in 18 months, very bitter, inside of acorn shell woolly.

Subgenus Cyclobalanopsis

The ring-cupped oaks (synonym genus Cyclobalanopsis). Eastern and southeastern Asia. They are distinct from subgenus Quercus in that they have acorns with distinctive cups bearing concrescent rings of scales; they commonly also have densely clustered acorns, though this does not apply to all of the species. About 150 species.

Selected species


  1. Species with evergreen foliage ("live oaks") are tagged #. Note that the change from deciduous to evergreen character (or vice versa) has evolved on numerous occasions in Quercus, and does not necessarily indicate that the species concerned are closely related.

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