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List of South Africans


List of South Africans

This is a list of notable South Africans who are the subjects of WorldHeritage articles.


  • Academics 1
    • Academics 1.1
    • Medical and veterinary 1.2
    • Scientists 1.3
    • Theologians 1.4
  • Writers 2
    • Authors 2.1
    • Editors 2.2
    • Poets 2.3
    • Journalists 2.4
  • Artists 3
    • Performing artists 3.1
      • Actors/Actresses 3.1.1
      • Dancers 3.1.2
      • Playwrights and film directors 3.1.3
      • Singers, musicians and composers 3.1.4
      • Supermodels, socialites and media personalities 3.1.5
    • Visual Artists 3.2
      • Cartoonists 3.2.1
      • Ceramists and collage artists 3.2.2
      • Painters 3.2.3
      • Photographers 3.2.4
      • Sculptors 3.2.5
      • Performance Artists 3.2.6
      • Architects 3.2.7
  • Business 4
  • Legal, police and military 5
  • Political 6
    • Activists and trade unionists 6.1
    • Apartheid operatives 6.2
    • Colonial and Union Governors 6.3
    • Leaders and politicians 6.4
    • Prime Ministers and Presidents 6.5
    • Royalty 6.6
    • Tribal leaders and prophets 6.7
  • Atheists 7
  • Prelates, clerics and evangelists 8
  • Sport 9
    • American Football 9.1
    • Athletics 9.2
    • Baseball 9.3
    • Basketball 9.4
    • Boxing 9.5
    • Canoe 9.6
    • Cricket 9.7
    • Cycling 9.8
    • Golf 9.9
    • Motorsport 9.10
    • Poker 9.11
    • Rugby 9.12
    • Soccer 9.13
    • Surfing 9.14
    • Swimming 9.15
    • Tennis 9.16
    • Triathlon 9.17
  • Conservationists 10
  • Travelers, adventurers and pioneers 11
  • Criminals 12
  • Other 13
  • See also 14
  • References 15



Medical and veterinary



Also see: Prelates, clerics and evangelists





See also: South African poets and Afrikaans language poets

Mongane Wally Serote


Sol Plaatje
  • Jani Allan, journalist and radio personality (born 1953)
  • John Charles Daly, television journalist, executive and game show host (1914–1991)
  • Arthur Goldstuck, journalist (born 1959)
  • Lara Logan, CBS television reporter/correspondent (born 1971)
  • Sol Plaatje, journalist and political activist (1877–1932)
  • Percy Qoboza, journalist, editorial writer, and political activist (1938–1988)
  • Barry Streek, Journalist, political activist, author, parliamentary media manager (1948–2006)
  • Eric Lloyd Williams, journalist and war correspondent (1915–1988)
  • Donald Woods, journalist and anti-apartheid activist (1933–2001)


Performing artists



Playwrights and film directors

Singers, musicians and composers

See also: South African musicians and South African composers

Tanit Phoenix

Supermodels, socialites and media personalities

Visual Artists


Ceramists and collage artists


Thomas Baines



Performance Artists


Herbert Baker, architect


Legal, police and military


Activists and trade unionists

Apartheid operatives

Colonial and Union Governors

See also: Dutch Cape governors, British Cape governors, Natal governors and Governors-General

Leaders and politicians

Prime Ministers and Presidents


Tribal leaders and prophets

See also: Gcaleka rulers, Ndwandwe people, Xhosa Chiefs, Zulus


Prelates, clerics and evangelists


American Football

  • Gary Anderson, kicker for Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Minnesota and Tennessee (born 1959)
  • Ezra Butler, linebacker for the New York Jets (born 1984)
  • Jerome Pathon, wide receiver for Indianapolis, New Orleans and Atlanta (born 1975)
  • Naas Botha, placekicker for Dallas Cowboys (born 1958)




  • Steve Nash, point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers (born 1974)
  • Thabo Sefolosha, shooting guard for Chicago and Oklahoma City (born 1984)
  • Irene van Dyk, played for South Africa and New Zealand (born 1972) Netball Player




See also: South African Test cricketers, South African ODI cricketers, South African Twenty20 International cricketers, South African women Test cricketers




See also: South African racecar drivers and Formula One drivers


  • Raymond Rahme, the first African to reach a final table at a World Series of Poker Main Event, finishing third (born 1945)






  • Neil Broad, seven ATP tour doubles titles and Olympic doubles silver medallist (born 1966)
  • Amanda Coetzer, 1998 Family Circle Cup (born 1971)
  • Kevin Curren, four Grand Slam doubles titles (born 1958)
  • Cliff Drysdale, player and television commentator (born 1941)
  • Roger Federer, holds both Swiss and South African citizenship (born 1981)
  • Wayne Ferreira, 1996 Canada Masters, 2000 Eurocard Open and Olympic doubles silver medallist (born 1971)
  • Ian Froman, South African-born Israeli tennis player and patron
  • Bob Hewitt, men's doubles champion: Wimbledon, French and US Open (born 1940)
  • Ilana Kloss, won 1976 US Open Women's Doubles (w/Linky Boshoff), highest world doubles ranking # 1 (born 1956)
  • Johan Kriek, 1981 and '82 Australian Open champion (born 1958)
  • Frew McMillan, men's doubles champion at Wimbledon, French and US Open (born 1942)



Travelers, adventurers and pioneers

James Edward Alexander



See also


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