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List of Star Trek planets (M–Q)

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Title: List of Star Trek planets (M–Q)  
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List of Star Trek planets (M–Q)


M-113 - a Class M planet featured in TOS episode "The Man Trap". The planet is also called Crater's World, and also known as Fotialla by the extinct natives that once lived there.

M'kemas III - Tzenkethi settlement attacked by Ambassador Krajensky (a disguised changeling) who commandeered the USS Defiant in an attempt to start a war with the Federation.[1]


M-Zed V - Mentioned in TNG episode "Heart of Glory". It is an outpost possibly under Klingon control. It was claimed as the destination of Korris and his fugitive Klingons. Note: It may simply be spelled as M-Z-V as "Zed" is the typical British/Canadian pronouncement of the letter "Z" instead of "zee".

Mab-Bu VI - Gas giant planet with a Class M moon. In the 19th century, criminals from the Ux-Mal system were exiled to the moon where their consciousness was separated from their physical bodies by the planet's electromagnetic fields. Some time in the 2160s, the prisoners attempted to escape by inhabiting the bodies of crew members of the Federation starship USS Essex but the plan failed when the ship crashed on to the surface. The beings later take possession of Data, Troi, and O'Brien to hijack the Enterprise-D.[3]

Machine planet - So-called world where living machines built a gigantic vessel for the V'ger (Voyager 6) probe which came to Earth to search for its creator. Spock saw the machine-planet as a full-scale holographic image in V'ger's immense memory chamber along with other representations of objects that V'ger encountered along its journey.[4]

Magna Roma - The fourth planet of the FGC-892 system, which is discovered with a human society modeled after the ancient Roman Empire of Earth.[5]

Magus III - Guinan once broke up a fight in Ten Forward with a weapon she described as "a little souvenir I picked up on Magus III."[6]

Makus III - Destination of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in TOS episode "The Galileo Seven". The primary city of New Paris, where they were supposed to drop off medical supplies before the Galileo shuttlecraft is lost.

Malaya IV - Planet with a Federation medical facility.[7]

Malcor III - Third planet in the Mu Ceti system. Homeworld of the Malcorians who were on the verge of warp capability. Commander Riker goes to the planet disguised as one of the inhabitants but his cover is blown and causes a panic among officials when they discover an alien living among them.[8]

Malindi VII - Planet with a colony called Darmok.[9]

Malkus IX - Homeworld of the Leyrons known for having developed a written language before a spoken one.[10]

Malon Prime - Homeworld of the Malon species in the Delta Quadrant. Supposedly beautiful, but kept that way only because the Malon dump their industrial waste into outer space.[11]

Malona IV - planet devastated by the crystalline entity.[12]

Malur - An inhabited planet mentioned which was destroyed by the Nomad probe.[13] This planet may be in the Malurian system, home system of a species illicitly mining veridium on the Akaali homeworld.[14]

Manu III - Planet where Worf saw proximity detectors in use, which helped him to recognize them on Turkana IV in the TNG episode "Legacy".

Manzar colony - Federation colony located near Sector 441.[15]

Maranga IV - Location of a Klingon outpost[16]

Marcos XII - An unexplored world.[17]

Marcus II - A planet mentioned in the TOS episode "Requiem for Methuselah". The planet was home to a famous painter known as Sten.

Marejaretus VI - Homeworld of the Oolan species.[18]

Mari homeworld - Delta Quadrant planet, home of the peaceful and telepathic Mari, visited by Voyager.[19]

Mariah IV - Planet along a Valerian smuggling route.[20]

Marijne VII - Gas giant planet where the USS Raman was lost.[21]

Mariposa - Home of the SS Mariposa science colony, which is made up of clones of the five original colonists who survived when the ship crashed there. The planet has large rings and a thick reddish atmosphere. Mariposa in Spanish means butterfly.[22]

Marlonia - Homeworld of the Marlonian species. Capt. Picard, along with Guinan, Keiko O'Brien, and Ensign Ro spend shore leave here.[23]

Mars (Sol IV) - a colonized sister planet of Earth. Its capital is Utopia Planitia and also has an extensive shipbuilding facility in orbit around the planet.

Marva IV - Planet in the Cardassian DMZ, where Maquis coloists evicted from Salva II resided for a while.[24]

Matalas - Planet where Dr. Phlox once practiced.[25]

Mataline II[26]

Mavala IV - Planet where Dr. Noonien Soong and Juliana O'Donnel were married.[27]

Maxia Zeta - A star system where Captain Picard and his previous command, the USS Stargazer, came under attack by an unknown ship, later identified as a Ferengi vessel.[28]

Mazar - Homeworld of the Mazarite species. V'Lar is the Vulcan ambassador to Mazar.[29]

Meezan IV - Planet where Dr. Bashir attended a medical conference but later was abducted by the Dominion and replaced with a Changeling spy.[30]

Meldrar I - Prison planet mentioned by Odo.[31]

Meles II - A "friendly planet" that Cmdr. Riker recommends Moriarty and Regina Bartholomew to visit when they leave the Enterprise-D.[32]

Melina II[33]

Melnos IV - Planet known for its plasma geysers.[26]

Memory Alpha - A planetoid which contains a massive Federation database. The Zetarians killed everyone on the planet.[34]

Memory Delta - Federation library facility.[35]

Memory Gamma - Federation library facility.[35]

Merak II[36]

Merik III - Gamma quadrant planet where O'Brien and Bashir complete a bio-survey just before they are captured by Jem'Hadar on Bopak III.[37]

Mercury - Sol I; in the fictional Adventures of Captain Proton holo-series, Mercury has a mining colony.[38]

Meridian - The strange Gamma Quadrant homeworld of the Meridian species in the Trialus system, whose star creates a buildup of quantum energy that periodically shifts Meridian between two dimensions every sixty years. The Meridians spend part of it in a physical existence and the other as incorporeal energy. They mark the passing event with the "First Meal" and "Last Meal" celebrations.[39]

Midos V - Federation colony.[40]

Milika III - Q reminds Picard that he once saved an ambassador's life on Milika III.[41]

Minara II - a doomed planet with a Federation research base. The Minara star goes supernova and destroys the planet.[42] Kirk (in Dr. Janice Lester's body) mentions Minara as the home of the Vians; it is unclear whether he is referring to Minara II.[43]

Minnobia - Planet whose natives are at war with the Vek.[44]

Minos - a planet visited by the USS Enterprise-D in the TNG episode "The Arsenal of Freedom." The culture of the world gained notoriety for the development of advanced weapon systems which they traded to other cultures who were at war. It was discovered by the Enterprise crew that Minos was a "Frankenstein planet," in that the culture was destroyed by their own military products.

Minos Korva - Federation colony with 2 million settlers whose territory was disputed by the Cardassians.[45]

Minshara - a planet mentioned in the Enterprise episode "Strange New World" as being representative of planets capable of sustaining humanoid life, otherwise known as an M-Class or a Class M planet.

Mintaka III - A planet visited by the USS Enterprise-D in the TNG episode "Who Watches the Watchers". Home of a primitive planet of Vulcanoids who mistake Picard for a god.

Miri - The third planet of the FGC-347601 system. A remarkable world, found to be a nearly exact duplicate of Earth. It was named after Miri, a young survivor of a deadly plague that killed all the planet's adult population.[46]

Miridian VI - Planet near the Romulan Neutral Zone.[47]

Mislen - Delta Quadrant planet, home of the Mislenite species.[48]

Mithren - Delta Quadrant planet in Bothan territory.[49]

Mizar II - Second planet in the Zeta Ursa Majoris star system. Homeworld of the pacifist Mizarian species, noted by Jean-Luc Picard as having been conquered six times throughout history.[50]

Moab IV - A planet with an isolationist colony, threatened by a stellar core fragment.[51]

Modean - System with at least one inhabited planet with a non-humanoid civilization. When young Geordi La Forge was living with his father, he was assigned to the system to study invertebrates.[52]

Monac IV - Planet in Cardassian space with a Dominion shipyard.[53][54]

Monea - A planet composed entirely of water.[55]

Mordan IV - A planet with a human civilization that had recently ended a brutal civil war when the Enterprise-D visited it.[56]

Morikin VII - At the end of the TNG episode "Tapestry," Picard tells Riker about his run-in with a couple of surly Nausicaans on Morikin VII during his sophomore year at the Academy.

Morska - Klingon planet with a subspace monitoring station.[57]

Moselina system - Destination of the Enterprise after it destroys the asteroid that threatened Tessen III.[58]

Mudd - Planet inhabited by a colony of androids who abducted the crew of the Enterprise NCC-1701. It was named after the con-artist Harcourt Fenton Mudd whom James Kirk encountered there.[59] Mudd was also indicated on a map of the galaxy behind Dexter Remmick in TNG episode "Conspiracy."

Mudor V - Planet the Enterprise-D had left on stardate 45156.1 before encountering a quantum filament.[60]

Mundahla - Planet that Q offered to take Vash to see their famous star dancers.[61]

Myrmidon - Planet where Vash was wanted (dead-or-alive) for stealing the "Crown of the First Mother."[61]


Nagor - Planet of the Taqua Tribe.[62]

Nahmi IV - Planet where an epidemic of Correllium Fever broke out.[63]

Nanibia Prime - Voyager episode "Vis à Vis".

Napinne - Delta Quadrant planet visited by the USS Voyager.[64]

Narendra III - Klingon colony settled in the 22nd century.[35][65][66]


Nausicaa - The homeworld of the ill-tempered Nausicaan species; Enterprise episode "Fortunate Son". Garak mentions that the person who tried to kill him may have been a Nausicaan whose wedding suit he misplaced.[68] The system's primary and Nausicaa's position in the system are not specified, nor has any explanation been given for the generally hostile Nausicaan temperament in canon sources.

Nechani homeworld - Delta Quadrant planet visited by Voyager.[69]

Nehru colony - A Federation colony. In 2369, Jadzia Dax opened subspace links to the Nehru and New France colonies when she tried to purge the Deep Space Nine systems of "Pup", a sentient computer program that threatened the station.[70]

Nel III[33]

Nel Bato - System which was mentioned as a place where Kivas Fajo could have fled to after kidnapping Lt. Cmdr. Data.[71]

Nelvana III - A planet within the Romulan Neutral Zone featured in the TNG episode "The Defector". A Romulan defector seeks asylum aboard the Enterprise with information that the Romulan Empire is building an invasion force on this world. Arriving there, the Enterprise crew find no evidence of military activity and the Defector realizes it was just a test of his loyalty. Riker recalls the Nelvana III incident when he meets Tomalak aboard Enterprise-E.[47]

Nervala IV - Site of the transporter accident that created Thomas Riker, a duplicate of William Riker.[72]

Nessik - Featured in the Voyager episode "Pathways".

Neubilia Prime - Planet once visited by Travis Mayweather. The natives of the planet were easily offended and would have duels over trivial matters.[73]

Neural - also known as Zeta Boötis III, is a planet featured in the TOS episode "A Private Little War" where Klingons, whose laws include no analog for the UFP's Prime Directive, are caught influencing the technological development of the planet's primitive inhabitants.

New Bajor - First Gamma Quadrant colony by Bajorans, established in 2370. A few months later, the colony's inhabitants were massacred by the Jem'Hadar, but not without a fight. This incident added to many of the other sparks that ignited the Dominion War.[74][75]

New Berlin[2]

New Brooklyn IX - Federation colony named after Brooklyn, New York.[76]

New Earth - Unpopulated Delta Quadrant planet, named by Capt. Janeway and Cmdr. Chakotay who were forced to live there for a time after contracting an incurable virus.[77]

New France colony - A Federation colony. In 2369, Jadzia Dax opened subspace links to the Nehru and New France colonies when she tried to purge the Deep Space Nine systems of "Pup", a sentient computer program that threatened the station.[70]

New Gaul - birthplace of Miranda Vigo, who Capt. Picard believes bore his son.[78]

New Halana - Homeworld of the Halanan species.[79]

New Sydney - Also known as Soporo, is a Trill controlled planet.[80]

New Vulcan - The resettlement planet of the surviving Vulcan people after the destruction of their home world in the 2009 Star Trek movie. In Star Trek Into Darkness, Spock contacts his older, alternate universe self, (played by Leonard Nimoy), and now living on New Vulcan. The planet is not shown in the film.

Nibia - Planet famous for its moons. Khan vowed to chase Admiral Kirk "Round the "Moons of Nibia..."[81]

Nibiru - A class M planet featured in the opening scenes of the Star Trek Into Darkness movie. The world was home to a primitive race of humanoids who were being threatened by an erupting volcano. Captain Kirk conducted a mission to stop the eruption, during which events led to the USS Enterprise being seen by the aliens and violating the Prime Directive. Despite having saved Spock's life during the mission, Spock places Kirk on report, and Admiral Pike strips Kirk of his command of the Enterprise.[82] The world appears to take its name from the Babylonian term "Nibiru".

Nigala IV - Destination of the Enterprise-D after its mission to Bre'el IV.[83]

Nimbus III - a desert planet whose system lies at a point between the Romulan, Klingon, and Federation space. It was featured in the movie Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. It was known as the "Planet of Galactic Peace" and was established as a neutral ground for negotiations between the three governments, but it quickly became an interstellar cesspool of crime and poverty. In 2287, Spock's half-brother Sybok recruited many of these desert dwellers into his "Galactic Army of Light" and took one representative each of the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire hostage to lure, to the planet, a starship they could ultimately hijack and take to the mythological planet Sha Ka Ree.

Ninipia Prime - Planet known for its dancing girls, seen in a holodeck simulation.[84]

Nivoch - Alpha Quadrant planet.[85]

Norcadia Prime - Delta Quadrant planet, homeworld of the Norcadian species, known for its beautiful beaches and art museums.[86][87]

Norellus - Planet in the Delphic Expanse where a deuterium station is located.[88]

Norkan - Site of a Federation colony and outpost.[89]

Norpin V - Federation colony.[90] Scotty was on his way to Norpin V aboard the USS Jenolan when he crashed onto the Dyson sphere.[91]

Nova Kron - The rumored origin of Guinan.[92]

Nyria III - Homeworld of the Nyrian species.[93]


O'Ryan's Planet - Homeworld of the Shamans.[4]

Oby VI - Planet where an outbreak of plasma plague infected the northern continent.[92]

Ocampa homeworld - Desert homeworld of the Ocampa species, the fifth planet from its star in the Delta Quadrant. Its atmosphere lacks nucleogenic particles and is incapable of producing rain. The Ocampa have lived underground for 500 generations. The Kazon-Ogla have a colony on the surface.[94]

Oceanus IV - Planet where the Enterprise-D was sent to for a diplomatic mission.[95]

Ogat - Klingon planet with a warrior academy.[16]

Ogus II - Federation colony with extensive recreational facilities.[96]

Ohniaka III - An outpost on Ohniaka III was attacked by Descent."

Omega Cygni[97]

Omega IV - a planet featured in the episode "The Omega Glory" (TOS). It is discovered that the planet developed along similar historical lines as Earth where two "superpower" nations arose, the Khoms and the Yangs, and fought a cold war that ended in the near destruction of all inhabitants.

Omekla III - Cardassian planet with a shipyard.[98]

Omicron IV - Planet whose ancient population was wiped out by nuclear war. Gary Seven's computer compared Earth's Cold War of the late-20th century to that of the situation of Omicron IV.[99]

Omicron Ceti III - Third planet orbiting Omicron Ceti, better known as Mira. A Federation planet with a simple-lived farming colony featured in the episode "This Side of Paradise" (TOS) where the populace has been taken over by strange mind-affecting spores. The planet appears yellow-green-orange from space. Its primary emits deadly Berthold radiation, of which the spores prove to be the only known combatant, actually thriving on the radiation itself. The fifth planet in the same star system is called Omicron Ceti V, Mira V, or Dytallix B.

Omicron Delta - Planet used by the crew of the Enterprise NCC-1701 in 2267.[100] Strange machinery below the planet made realistic creations of whatever a visitor imagined. A temporary "glitch" in the system caused some of the creations to become deadly until the problem was corrected by the planet's caretaker.

Omicron Pascal[101]

Omicron Theta - A system, one planet of which had a small scientific colony where Dr. Noonien Soong built and activated the android Data and his brother Lore.[102] All life on the planet was killed by a crystalline entity lured from space to the planet by Lore.[12] Later, Data learns why he was given the memories of the colonists of Omicron Theta.[27]

Ophiuchus III - A Federation colony world mentioned in the episode "Mudd's Women" (TOS) as the destination of Harcourt Fenton Mudd where he planned to sell his beautiful women companions.

Oran'taku - Planet in the Delphic Expanse.[88]

Orelious IX - Site of the famous "Battle of Orelious" where the Menthars and Promellians fought to their mutual extinction. In 2366 the Enterprise-D falls for a power draining trap that was still set in an asteroid field near the planet.[103]

Orendal V - Delta Quadrant planet.[104]

Organia - a non-aligned planet featured in the episode "Errand of Mercy" (TOS) where the Federation and Klingons battle for control. The seeming primitive inhabitants reveal themselves to be powerful incorporeal beings, and pacifists. They force the Klingons and humans to end their hostilities, and establish the Neutral Zone as part of the Treaty of Organia.

Orias III - Formerly uninhabited planet in Cardassian space, where the Obsidian Order and the Romulan Tal Shiar mounted forces to attack the Dominion in 2371.[68][98]

Orion - Quark plans to smuggle a load of kemacite to Orion.[105] Homeworld of the Orion species; the planet orbits the star Pi³ Orionis.

Orion I - Location of the Institute of Cosmology.[106]

Orion III - As Chakotay starts his fight, Tom Paris tells him that the odds at Vegas, Mars and Orion III are against him, and that his fight is being called "The Disaster in the Delta."[107]

Ornara - Also known as Delos III, this is home to the Ornarans who have become addicted to the drug felicium by the inhabitants of Delos IV, the Brekkians.[108]

Otar II - Destination for the Enterprise-D in TNG episode "The Offspring".


Paan Mokar - Andorian planet featured in the Enterprise episode "Cease Fire" and "Kir'Shara".

Pacifica - An ocean planet that often is used for crewmember shore leave and diplomatic conferences. The planet is administered by Federation Governor Delaplane. It was first mentioned the TNG episode "Conspiracy", in which the Enterprise-D was en route there for shore leave. In the second season,[18] the Enterprise takes Lwaxana Troi and a pair of Antedeans (who travel in a self-induced catatonic state) to Pacifica for a diplomatic conference.

Palamar - Home of the Palamarian species.[44]

Panora - Cardassian colony in the Cardassian DMZ.[24]

Paraagan homeworld - The Paraagans established a mining colony on another world with an atmosphere that reacts explosively with plasma. In 2152, an Enterprise NX-01 shuttle craft causes the atmosphere to ignite which killed 3,600 colonists. The cause of the blast was traced back to Suliban sabotage.[109]

Parada II - Gamma Quadrant planet and home of the Paradan species.[76]

Parada IV - The largest planet in the Parada system with seven moons. Miles O'Brien used the gravity of one of the moons to outmaneuver a pursuing runabout.[76]

Parliament - A neutral conference planet where the Enterprise-D was taking dignitaries of the warring Selay and Antican species.[110]

Parsion III - Planet where Quark discovered rich sources of the valuable mineral feldomite. His discovery caused the crash of the Sepian Commodities Exchange.[44]

Parvenium system - the Enterprise had just completed a magnetic wave survey of this planetary system when it encountered a small probe.[111]

Paxsor III - The Doctor's holowife brews him a new blend of coffee from Paxsor III.[112]

Pegos Minor - system that was the origin of a distress signal from Dr. Paul Manheim.[113]

Peliar Zel - Planet with two inhabited moons (Alpha and Beta). The people of Alpha moon developed a power source which tapped the magnetic energies of the main planet, but it also caused ecological damage to the Beta moon and started a war.[114]

Pellius V - Original destination of the USS Enterprise-D before it was hijacked by the Bynars.[101]

Pendari - Homeworld of the Pendari species.[86]

Pentarus - Pentarus system, Pentarus II, III, IV, and V.[115]

Pentath III - Cardassian colony.[116]

Penthara IV - A planet facing traumatic climate change due to an asteroid strike.[117]

Pernaia Prime - Lifeless planet with a methane atmosphere. In 2152 Capt. Archer assists T'Pol in tracking down a Vulcan fugitive who escaped to the planet's moon.[118]

Persephone V - a Federation colony visited by the Enterprise-D.[56]

P'Jem - World with a Vulcan monastery, which hides a secret listening post.[119] P'Jem orbits Luyten's Star.

Planet Q - Planet where the Shakespearean acting troupe led by Anton Karidian was performing, when the Enterprise was called there by Dr. Thomas Leighton, before the Enterprise transported the troupe to Benecia Colony.[120]

Planet X - Holographic planet, featured in Voyager episode "Bride of Chaotica!".

Platonius - Homeworld of the Platonians.[121]

Pluto - An ice and rock dwarf planet. The Enterprise-B's maiden voyage was to take a group of media reporters out to Pluto and back again.[122]

Polaric Ion Planet - Class M world of the Delta Quadrant whose humanoid pre-warp civilization had city structures, provinces like Kalto, waterways and aqueducts, and a continental transport system in 2371. While in an alternate time loop the USS Voyager caused an accidental detonation of a polaric ion power grid and destroyed all life there, then helped restore the correct timeline using floating subspace fractures.[123]

Pollux IV - a Class M planet visited in the where the Enterprise crew encounters a powerful being who claimed to be the Greek god Apollo.[124]

Porakas IV - Delta quadrant planet that is the source of Porakan eggs. Neelix claims they are a galactic favorite when prepared with a little dill weed and a touch of rengazo.[125]

Portas V - Breen controlled planet.[24]

Prakal II - Guinan offers Data a drink that she heard about on Prakal II. Data quickly analyzes the drink as containing 87% Saurian Brandy, with the rest made up of Targ milk and Denevian Mead.[126]

Pralor homeworld - Delta Quadrant planet with a civilization destroyed by robots. B'Elanna Torres activated one of the robots found floating in space by Voyager.[127]

Praxillus - System where Dr. Timicin and the Enterprise conduct experiments to save the dying star of his home world Kaelon II.[128]

Praxis - a moon of Qo'noS, and the Klingon Empire's prime source of dilithium. In 2293, Praxis exploded due to overmining and disregard for safety measures, blowing off about 60% of the moon's material and causing life-threatening damage to the atmosphere of Qo'noS. The military economy of the Klingon Empire also crumbled and as a result, forced them into a truce with the Federation.[57][125] How the damage was rectified has not been revealed, but Qo'noS is shown to remain habitable and still serves as the seat of power well into the 24th century.

Preenos - Planet that is source of the spice hajjlaran.[129]

Prema II - Talaxian mining colony.[130]

Procyon V - Site of a battle in the mid-26th century between the Federation (led by the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-J) and the Sphere Builders.[126][131] Note: Star Trek: Star Charts names the Procyon system as the home system of the Andorians; their homeworld of Andoria is a moon of the gas giant Andor, or Procyon VIII.

Prometheus - System where a popular nectar beverage comes from.[92]

Prophet's Landing - Bajoran colony.[132]

Psi Upsilon III and IV[133]

Psi 2000 - a planet with a Federation research station. In the TOS episode "The Naked Time", the Federation research station contained a virus which caused the Enterprise crew to go mad.

Pullock V - Planet in Cardassian space raided by Bajoran resistance.[134]

Purser's Planet[27]

Pyris VII - An uninhabited planet featured in the TOS episode "Catspaw" and discovered to be the home of two powerful beings who toy with the crew of the Enterprise.

Pythro V - Homeworld of the Pythron species.[135]


Qo'noS - The main capital world of the Klingon Empire. It is also referred to as Kronos (an alternative transliteration), Klinzhai, or Kling. The reference to a native or anything pertaining to the people, "Klingon," derives from this last reference.

Qomar homeworld - Homeworld of the Qomar species and the central world of the Qomar Planetary Alliance.[136]

Quadra Sigma III - a colony world which was the destination of the Enterprise-D to help in the aftermath of a methane explosion.[137]

Qualor II - Location of Federation surplus depot "Z15", an orbiting station that manages a large fleet of mothballed starships and other unused equipment. The system is located 0.83 light-years from Galorndon Kor, which would probably place it close to the Romulan Neutral Zone. The depot is known to hold at least a few offices and one lounge. The outpost is run by the Zakdorn species; the leader of the depot at the time was Klim Dokachin.[138]

Quarra - Planet home to many sentient humanoid species, one of which is the industrious Quarren. Although advanced, the technology of the world used little automation and required lots of manpower and physical labor. The Quarren would capture crews of ships and bring them into the planet's complex workforce.[139]

Quatal Prime - Cardassian colony attacked by the Maquis.[24]

Quazulu VIII - Planet where several Enterprise-D children contracted a flu-like virus during a field trip which eventually infected nearly everyone on the ship.[140]

Quinor VII - Cardassian controlled planet destroyed by the Dominion.[141]


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