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List of Star Trek reference books

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Title: List of Star Trek reference books  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Star Trek, List of Star Trek technical manuals, Star Trek: The New Voyages 2, Prime Directive (Star Trek novel), Star Trek (comics)
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of Star Trek reference books

This is a list of reference books on the subject(s) of Star Trek. For more details on in-universe technical manuals, please see List of Star Trek technical manuals.

Title Year Subject(s) ISBN
A Vision of the Future: Star Trek Voyager 1998 Art and Visuals ISBN 0-671-53481-5
Klingon for the Galactic Traveller 1997 Language ISBN 0-671-00995-8
Legends of the Ferengi 1997 Culture ISBN 0-671-00728-9
Making of Star Trek 1986 Behind the Scenes ISBN 0-345-31554-5
Ships of the Line 2007 Starships ISBN 1-4165-3243-9
Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future 1996 History ISBN 0-671-53610-9
Star Trek Compendium 1993 ISBN 0-671-79612-7
Star Trek Phase II: The Making of the Lost Series 1997 Episode & Series Guides ISBN 0-671-56839-6
Star Trek Sketchbook: The Original Series 1997 Art and Visuals ISBN 0-671-00219-8
Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology 1980 History ISBN 0-671-79089-7
Star Trek Star Charts: The Complete Atlas of Star Trek 2002 Cartography ISBN 0-7434-3770-5
Star Trek Starship Spotter 2001 Starships ISBN 0-7434-3725-X
Star Trek The Next Generation Sketchbook: The Movies Generations and First Contact 1998 Behind the Scenes ISBN 0-671-00892-7
Star Trek Voyager Companion 2003 Episode & Series Guides ISBN 0-7434-1751-8
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion 2000 Episode & Series Guides ISBN 0-671-50106-2
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual 1998 Technology ISBN 0-671-01563-X
Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion 2003 Episode & Series Guides ISBN 0-7434-5798-6
Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual 1991 Technology ISBN 0-671-70427-3
Starfleet Survival Guide 2002 General ISBN 0-7434-1842-5
The Art of Star Trek 1997 Art and Visuals ISBN 0-671-01776-4
The Continuing Mission 1998 Episode & Series Guides ISBN 0-671-02559-7
The Federation Travel Guide 1997 Cartography
ISBN 0-671-00978-8
The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition 1995 Culture ISBN 0-671-52936-6
The Klingon Dictionary 1992 Language ISBN 0-671-74559-X
The Klingon Way: A Warrior's Guide 1996 Culture ISBN 0-671-53755-5
The Making of Star Trek Deep Space Nine 1994 Behind the Scenes ISBN 0-671-87430-6
These Are The Voyages: TOS, Season One 2013 Behind the Scenes ISBN 978-0-9892-3811-3
These Are The Voyages: TOS, Season Two 2014 Behind the Scenes ISBN 978-0-9892-3814-4
Star Fleet Technical Manual 1986 Technology ISBN 0-345-34074-4
Star Trek Concordance 1977 General ISBN 0-345-25137-7
Star Trek Concordance 1995 General ISBN 0-8065-1610-0
The Star Trek Encyclopedia 1999 General ISBN 0-671-53609-5
Star Trek: The Original Series 365 2010 General ISBN 978-0-8109-9172-9
Voyages of Imagination 2006 General ISBN 1-4165-0349-8
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