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List of barangays of Metro Manila

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Title: List of barangays of Metro Manila  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Entertainment City, Tugatog, List of Cultural Properties of the Philippines in Metro Manila, Tinajeros, Malabon, Calumpang, Marikina
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List of barangays of Metro Manila

Metro Manila is divided into seventeen primary local government units (LGU) that consist of sixteen cities and one municipality. Each city and municipality is governed by an elected mayor and is divided into several villages or barangays (formerly called barrios) headed by an elected barangay captain and barangay council. Barangay populations range in size from under 1,000 to over 200,000. As of the 2010 census, the total population of Metro Manila was 11,855,975.[1]

Among all local government units in Metro Manila, only the cities of Manila, Caloocan and Pasay implement the so-called "Zone Systems". A zone is a group of barangays in a district. Although a zone is considered a subdivision in the local government units, the people do not elect a chairman for the zone in a popular election similar to the normal barangay or local elections. The zoning system is merely for strategical purposes. Additionally, these three cities use a hybrid system for its barangays - all barangays have their corresponding numbers but only a few have corresponding names. For example, the name of a barangay in the City of Manila would read as "Barangay 288 Zone 27".

As of 2010, there are 1,704 barangays in Metro Manila. This list covers all barangays sorted alphabetically with the exception of Manila, Caloocan and Pasay. Instead, district names are listed for these cities.

Number of barangays per LGU

Local government units of Metro Manila, 2012
City/Municipality Population as of 2010[1] Number of barangays
City of Manila 1,652,171 897
Caloocan 1,489,040 188
Las Piñas 552,573 20
Makati 529,039 33
Malabon 353,337 21
Mandaluyong 328,699 27
Marikina 424,150 16
Muntinlupa 459,941 9
Navotas 249,131 14
Parañaque 588,126 16
Pasay 392,869 201
Pasig 669,773 30
Pateros 64,147 10
Quezon City 2,761,720 142
San Juan 121,430 21
Taguig 644,473 28
Valenzuela 575,356 32

List of barangays


Name City/Municipality
Acacia Malabon
Addition Hills Mandaluyong
Addition Hills San Juan
Aguho Pateros
Alabang Muntinlupa
Alicia Quezon City
Almanza Uno Las Piñas
Almanza Dos Las Piñas
Amihan Quezon City
Apolonio Samson Quezon City
Arkong Bato Valenzuela
Ayala Alabang Muntinlupa
A. Mabini Caloocan


Name City/Municipality
Baclaran Parañaque
Baesa Caloocan
Baesa Quezon City
Bagbag Quezon City
Bagbaguin Valenzuela
Bagong Barrio Caloocan
Bagong Ilog Pasig
Bagong Katipunan Pasig
Bagong Lipunan ng Crame Quezon City
Bagong Pag-asa Quezon City
Bagong Silang Caloocan
Bagong Silang Mandaluyong
Bagong Silangan Quezon City
Bagumbayan Quezon City
Bagumbayan Taguig
Bagumbayan North Navotas
Bagumbayan South Navotas
Bagumbuhay Quezon City
Bahay Toro Quezon City
Balangkas Valenzuela
Balingasa Quezon City
Balonbato Quezon City
Balong-bato San Juan
Bambang Pasig
Bambang Taguig
Bangkal Makati
Bangkulasi Navotas
Barangka Marikina
Barangka Drive Mandaluyong
Barangka Ibaba Mandaluyong
Barangka Ilaya Mandaluyong
Barangka Itaas Mandaluyong
Baritan Malabon
Barrio San Jose Caloocan
Batao Pasay
Batasan Hills Quezon City
Batis San Juan
Bay City Pasay
Bayanan Muntinlupa
Bayanihan Quezon City
Bayan-bayanan Malabon
Bel-Air Makati
BF Homes Parañaque
Biglang-Awa Caloocan
Bignay Valenzuela
Binondo City of Manila
Bisig Valenzuela
Blue Ridge (A/B) Quezon City
Botocan Quezon City
Buayang Bato Mandaluyong
Buli Muntinlupa
Bungad Quezon City
Burol Mandaluyong
Buting Pasig


Name City/Municipality
CAA-BF International Las Piñas
Cabrera Pasay
Calumpang Marikina
Calzada Taguig
Camp Aguinaldo Quezon City
Caniogan Pasig
Canumay Valenzuela
Carmona Makati
Cartimar Pasay
Catmon Malabon
Capri Quezon City
Cembo Makati
Central Quezon City
Central Bicutan Taguig
Central Signal Village Taguig
Coloong Valenzuela
Comembo Makati
Commonwealth Quezon City
Concepcion Malabon
Concepcion (I/II) Marikina
Corazon de Jesus San Juan
Culiat Quezon City
Cupang Muntinlupa
Cuyegkeng Pasay


Name City/Municipality
Daang Bakal Mandaluyong
Daanghari Navotas
Dagat-Dagatan Caloocan
Dalandanan Valenzuela
Damar Quezon City
Damayang Lagi Quezon City
Dampalit Malabon
Daniel Fajardo Las Piñas
Dasmariñas Makati
Del Monte Quezon City
Dela Paz Pasig
Dioquino Zobel Quezon City
Don Bosco Parañaque
Don Carlos Village Pasay
Don Galo Parañaque
Don Manuel Quezon City
Doña Aurora Quezon City
Doña Imelda Quezon City
Doña Josefa Quezon City
Duyan Duyan Quezon City


Name City/Municipality
East Kamias Quezon City
East Rembo Makati
Edang Pasay
Elias Aldana Las Piñas
Ermitaño San Juan
Escopa (I-IV) Quezon City
Ermita City of Manila
E. Rodriguez Quezon City


Name City/Municipality
Fairview Quezon City
Francis Burton Harrison Pasay
Flores Malabon
Forbes Park Makati
Fort Bonifacio Taguig
Fortune Marikina


Name City/Municipality
General T. de Leon Valenzuela
Grace Park East Caloocan
Grace Park West Caloocan
Greater Lagro Quezon City
Greenhills San Juan
Guadalupe Nuevo Makati
Guadalupe Viejo Makati
Gulod Quezon City


Name City/Municipality
Hagdan Bato Itaas Mandaluyong
Hagdan Bato Libis Mandaluyong
Hagonoy Taguig
Harapin ang Bukas Mandaluyong
Heroes del 96 Caloocan
Highway Hills Mandaluyong
Horseshoe Quezon City
Holy Spirit Quezon City
Hulo Mandaluyong
Hulong Duhat Malabon


Name City/Municipality
Ibaba Malabon
Ibayo Tipas Taguig
Ilaya Las Piñas
Immaculate Concepcion Quezon City
Industrial Valley Marikina
Intramuros City of Manila
Isabelita San Juan
Isla Valenzuela


Name City/Municipality
Jesus de la Peña Marikina


Name City/Municipality
Kabayanan San Juan
Kalawaan Pasig
Kalayaan Pasay
Kaligayahan Quezon City
Kalusugan Quezon City
Kamuning Quezon City
Kapasigan Pasig
Kapitolyo Pasig
Karuhatan Valenzuela
Kasilawan Makati
Katipunan Quezon City
Katuparan Taguig
Kaunlaran Quezon City
Kaunlaran Village Caloocan
Kristong Hari Quezon City
Krus na Ligas Quezon City


Name City/Municipality
La Huerta Parañaque
La Paz Makati
Laging Handa Quezon City
Lawang Bato Valenzuela
Layug Pasay
Leveriza Pasay
Libertad Pasay
Libis Quezon City
Libis Reparo Caloocan
Ligid Tipas Taguig
Lingunan Valenzuela
Little Baguio San Juan
Longos Malabon
Lourdes Quezon City
Lower Bicutan Taguig
Loyola Heights Quezon City


Name City/Municipality
M. Dela Cruz Pasay
Mabini-J. Rizal Mandaluyong
Mabolo Valenzuela
Magallanes Makati
Magtanggol Pateros
Maharlika Quezon City
Maharlika Village Taguig
Makati (Pob.) Makati
Malamig Mandaluyong
Malanday Marikina
Malanday Valenzuela
Malate City of Manila
Malaya Quezon City
Malibay Pasay
Malinao Pasig
Malinta Valenzuela
Mandaluyong (Pob.) Mandaluyong
Mangga Quezon City
Manggahan Pasig
Manila Bay Reclamation Pasay
Manresa Quezon City
Manuyo Uno Las Piñas
Manuyo Dos Las Piñas
Mapulang Lupa Valenzuela
Marcelo Green Parañaque
Mariana Quezon City
Mariblo Quezon City
Maricaban Pasay
Marikina Heights Marikina
Marilag Quezon City
Martires Pateros
Marulas Valenzuela
Masagana Quezon City
Masambong Quezon City
Matandang Balara Quezon City
Mauway Pasig
Maybunga Pasig
Maypajo Caloocan
Maysan Valenzuela
Maysilo Malabon
Maytunas San Juan
Merville Parañaque
Milagrosa Quezon City
Monumento Caloocan
Moonwalk Parañaque
Morning Breeze Caloocan
Muntinlupa (Pob.) Muntinlupa
Muzon Malabon


Name City/Municipality
Nagkaisang Nayon Quezon City
Namayan Mandaluyong
Nangka Marikina
Napindan Taguig
Navotas East Navotas
Navotas West Navotas
Nayong Kanluran Quezon City
New Era Quezon City
New Lower Bicutan Taguig
New Zañiga Mandaluyong
Newport City Pasay
Nichols Pasay
Niugan Malabon
North Daang Hari Taguig
North Fairview Quezon City
North Signal Village Taguig
Northbay Boulevard North Navotas
Northbay Boulevard South Navotas
Northbay Boulevard South 1 Navotas
Northbay Boulevard South 2 Navotas
Northbay Boulevard South 3 Navotas
Novaliches Quezon City
N.S. Amoranto Quezon City


Name City/Municipality
Obrero Quezon City
Old Capitol Site Quezon City
Old Zañiga Mandaluyong
Olympia Makati
Onse San Juan
Oranbo Pasig


Name City/Municipality
Paang Bundok Quezon City
Paco City of Manila
Padre Burgos Pasay
Pag-asa Mandaluyong
Pag-ibig sa Nayon Quezon City
Palanan Makati
Palasan Valenzuela
Palatiw Pasig
Paligsahan Quezon City
Palingon Taguig
Paltok Quezon City
Pamplona Uno Las Piñas
Pamplona Dos Las Piñas
Pamplona Tres Las Piñas
Pandacan City of Manila
Panghulo Malabon
Pansol Quezon City
Parada Valenzuela
Paraiso Quezon City
Parang Marikina
Pariancillo Villa Valenzuela
Pasadena San Juan
Pasay Luna Pasay
Pasay Rotonda Pasay
Paso de Blas Valenzuela
Pasolo Valenzuela
Pasong Putik Quezon City
Pasong Tamo Quezon City
Pateros (Pob.) Pateros
Payatas Quezon City
Pedro Cruz San Juan
Pembo Makati
Phil-Am Quezon City
PICC Pasay
Pilar Village Las Piñas
Pildera Uno Pasay
Pildera Dos Pasay
Pinagbuhatan Pasig
Pinagkaisahan Makati
Pinagkaisahan Quezon City
Pinagsama Taguig
Pineda Pasig
Pinyahan Quezon City
Pio del Pilar Makati
Pitogo Makati
Plainview Mandaluyong
Pleasant Hills Mandaluyong
Polo Valenzuela
Port Area City of Manila
Post Proper Northside Makati
Post Proper Southside Makati
Potrero Malabon
Progreso San Juan
Project 6 Quezon City
Pulang Lupa Uno Las Piñas
Pulang Lupa Dos Las Piñas
Punturin Valenzuela
Putatan Muntinlupa


Name City/Municipality
Quiapo City of Manila
Quirino 2 (A-C) Quezon City
Quirino 3 (A-B) Quezon City


Name City/Municipality
Rembo Makati
Rincon Valenzuela
Rivera San Juan
Rivera Village Pasay
Rizal Makati
Rosario Pasig
Roxas Quezon City


Name City/Municipality
Sacred Heart Quezon City
Sagad Pasig
Salapan San Juan
Salvacion Quezon City
Sampaloc City of Manila
San Agustin Malabon
San Agustin Quezon City
San Andres City of Manila
San Antonio Makati
San Antonio Parañaque
San Antonio Pasig
San Antonio Quezon City
San Bartolome Quezon City
San Dionisio Parañaque
San Isidro Makati
San Isidro Pasay
San Isidro Galas Quezon City
San Isidro Labrador Quezon City
San Joaquin Pasig
San Jose Mandaluyong
San Jose Navotas
San Jose Pasay
San Jose Pasig
San Jose Quezon City
San Lorenzo Makati
San Martin de Porres Parañaque
San Martin de Porres Quezon City
San Miguel City of Manila
San Miguel Pasig
San Miguel Taguig
San Nicolas City of Manila
San Nicolas Pasig
San Pablo Pasay
San Pedro Pateros
San Perfecto San Juan
San Rafael Pasay
San Rafael Village Navotas
San Roque Marikina
San Roque Navotas
San Roque Pasay
San Roque Pateros
San Roque Quezon City
San Vicente Quezon City
Sangandaan Caloocan
Sangandaan Quezon City
Santa Ana City of Manila
Santa Ana Pateros
Santa Ana Taguig
Santa Clara Pasay
Santa Cruz City of Manila
Santa Cruz Makati
Santa Cruz Pasig
Santa Cruz Quezon City
Santa Elena Marikina
Santa Lucia Pasig
Santa Lucia Quezon City
Santa Lucia San Juan
Santa Mesa City of Manila
Santa Monica Quezon City
Santa Quiteria Caloocan
Santa Rosa Pasig
Santa Teresita Quezon City
Santo Cristo Quezon City
Santo Domingo Quezon City
Santo Niño Marikina
Santo Niño Parañaque
Santo Niño Pasay
Santo Niño Quezon City
Santo Rosario Kanluran Pateros
Santo Rosario Silangan Pateros
Santo Tomas Pasig
Santol Quezon City
Santolan Malabon
Santolan Pasig
Sauyo Quezon City
Siena Quezon City
Sikatuna Village Quezon City
Silangan Quezon City
Singkamas Makati
Sipac-Almacen Navotas
Socorro (Cubao) Quezon City
South Cembo Makati
South Daang Hari Taguig
South Signal Village Taguig
St. Ignatius Quezon City
St. Joseph San Juan
St. Peter Quezon City
Sucat Muntinlupa
Sumilang Pasig
Sun Valley Parañaque


Name City/Municipality
Tabacalera Pateros
Tagalag Valenzuela
Tagumpay Quezon City
Talayan Quezon City
Talipapa Caloocan
Talipapa Quezon City
Talon Uno Las Piñas
Talon Dos Las Piñas
Talon Tres Las Piñas
Talon Cuatro Las Piñas
Talon Cinco Las Piñas
Tambo Parañaque
Tandang Sora Quezon City
Tangos North Navotas
Tangos South Navotas
Tanyag Taguig
Tanza Navotas
Tañong Malabon
Tañong Marikina
Tatalon Quezon City
Teacher's Village Quezon City
Tejeros Makati
Tibagan San Juan
Tinajeros Malabon
Tondo City of Manila
Tonsuya Malabon
Tramo Pasay
Tripa De Gallina Pasay
Tugatog Malabon
Tuktukan Taguig
Tumana Marikina
Tunasan Muntinlupa


Name City/Municipality
Ugong Pasig
Ugong Valenzuela
Ugong Norte Quezon City
Unang Sigaw Quezon City
University Hills Caloocan
UP Campus Quezon City
UP Village Quezon City
Upper Bicutan Taguig
Urdaneta Makati
Ususan Taguig


Name City/Municipality
Valencia Quezon City
Valenzuela Makati
Valenzuela (Pob.) Valenzuela
Vasra Quezon City
Veinte Reales Valenzuela
Ventanilla Pasay
Vergara Mandaluyong
Veterans Village Quezon City
Villa Maria Clara Quezon City
Villamor Airbase Pasay
Vitalez Parañaque


Name City/Municipality
Wack-Wack Greenhills Mandaluyong
Wawa Taguig
West Crame San Juan
West Kamias Quezon City
West Rembo Makati
West Triangle Quezon City
Western Bicutan Taguig
White Plains Quezon City




Name City/Municipality
Zapote Las Piñas

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