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List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Virginia

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Title: List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Virginia  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Historic Jamestowne, Staunton River State Park, Culpeper National Cemetery, Green Springs National Historic Landmark District, Krepps Covered Bridge
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List of bridges on the National Register of Historic Places in Virginia

This is a list of bridges and tunnels on the National Register of Historic Places in the U.S. state of Virginia.[1]

Name Image Built Listed Location County Type
Appomattox River Bridge Appomattox River Bridge 1930 2005-07-27 Appomattox
Blackford Bridge 2010-6-24 Lebanon vicinity
Bob White Covered Bridge 1820, 1821 1973-05-22 Woolwine
Patrick Burr Arch
Bowstring Truss Bridge (Ironto, Virginia) 1878 2013-01-02 Ironto
Montgomery Truss
Bridge at Falling Creek ca. 1823, 1834, 1921 1995-10-12 Richmond
Broad Run Bridge and Tollhouse 1820 1970-04-17 Sterling
Loudoun Stone arch, collapsed since 1972
Cartersville Bridge 1822, 1842, 1883 1972-09-14 Cartersville
Cumberland Pratt truss
Catoctin Creek Bridge Catoctin Creek Bridge 1900, 1932 1974-06-25 Waterford
Loudoun Pratt Truss
Clarkton Bridge Clarkton Bridge 1902 2007-01-26 Nathalie
Charlotte Pratt through truss
Crab Run Lane Truss Bridge Crab Run Lane Truss Bridge 1896 2009-9-16 McDowell
Highland Truss
Gholson Bridge Gholson Bridge 1884 1978-05-05 Lawrenceville
Brunswick Pratt Truss
Goose Creek Stone Bridge Goose Creek Stone Bridge 1810 1974-10-09 Atoka Loudoun
Goshen Land Company Bridge Goshen Land Company Bridge 1890 1978-05-15 Goshen
Rockbridge Through Pratt Truss Bridge
Hibbs Bridge Hibbs Bridge 1829 2011-3-1 Mountville vicinity
Loudoun stone arch
High Bridge High Bridge 2008-9-12 Farmville vicinity
Humpback Covered Bridge 1835 1969-10-01 Callaghan
Jack's Creek Covered Bridge 1914 1973-05-22 Woolwine
Francis Scott Key Bridge 1917, 1923, 1939 1996-03-01 Arlington
Linville Creek Bridge Linville Creek Bridge 1898 1978-04-15 Broadway
Rockingham Hybrid Pratt-Warren Truss
Meems Bottom Covered Bridge Meems Bottom Covered Bridge 1893, 1894 1975-06-10 Mt. Jackson
Shenandoah Burr truss
Natural Bridge 1774 1997-11-18 Natural Bridge
Rockbridge natural rock bridge
Nokesville Truss Bridge 1882 1978-04-15 Nokesville
Prince William Single span Pratt truss
Norfolk Southern Six Mile Bridge No. 58 1995-10-12 Lynchburg Amherst, Campbell Pratt Truss
Oak Ridge Railroad Overpass Oak Ridge Bridge 1882 1978-04-15 Shipman
Nelson Pratt truss
Orange and Alexandria Railroad Bridge Piers 1861, 1865 1989-08-08 Manassas Park Prince William
Orange and Alexandria Railroad Hooff's Run Bridge Orange and Alexandria Railroad Bridge Piers 1856, 1872, by 1885 2003-08-07 Alexandria
Alexandria City Stone-arch railroad bridge
Phoenix Bridge Phoenic Bridge 1887 1975-06-10 Eagle Rock
Botetourt Trapezoidal Whipple Truss
Valley Railroad Stone Bridge Valley Railroad Stone Bridge 1874 1974-11-19 Jolivue
Virginian Railway Underpass Virginian Railway Underpass 1906 1989-11-13 New Ellett
Montgomery Horseshoe-arch underpass
Wolf Creek Bridge Wolf Creek Bridge (Rocky Gap, Virginia) 1927 2011-01-07 Rocky Gap vicinity
Bland Truss
Bridge over North Fork of Roanoke River 1892
removed 2001-03-19
Ironto Montgomery Through Pratt truss bridge
Mansion Truss Bridge 1903
removed 2005-06-10
Mansion Campbell Camelback through truss
Springwood Truss Bridge 1883, 1884
removed 2001-03-19
Springwood Botetourt Wooden Truss


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