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List of castles in Romania


List of castles in Romania

Castles are declared historic monuments by the Romanian Culture Ministry. This is a list of castles in Romania.


  • Major castles 1
  • List by historical region 2
    • Banat 2.1
    • Crișana 2.2
    • Dobrogea 2.3
    • Maramureș 2.4
    • Moldavia 2.5
    • Oltenia 2.6
    • Transylvania 2.7
    • Wallachia (Valahia) 2.8
  • Other fortifications 3
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Major castles

Image Name Location Construction started Completed
Bánffy Castle Bonțida, Cluj County 1437 1543
Bran Castle Bran, Brașov County 1211 1377
Corvin Castle Hunedoara, Hunedoara County 1446 17th century
Făgăraș Citadel Făgăraș, Brașov County 1310 1630
Lázár Castle Lăzarea, Harghita County 1532 1742
Mikó Castle Miercurea Ciuc, Harghita County 1623 1631
Peleș Castle Sinaia, Prahova County 1873 1914
Pelișor Castle Sinaia, Prahova County 1899 1902
Săvârșin Royal Castle Săvârșin, Arad County 1650 1680
Sighișoara Citadel Sighișoara, Mureș County 12th century 1642

List by historical region


Timiș County

The Huniade Castle, Timișoara

Caraș-Severin County


Arad County

Károlyi wing of Csernovics Castle, Macea

Bihor County

Zichy Hunting Castle, Gheghie


Constanța County

Monument and Roman citadel of Tropaeum Traiani

Tulcea County

Castle of the Enisala Citadel


Satu Mare County

Maramureș County


Iași County

Sturdza Castle, Miclăușeni
Cuza Palace, Ruginoasa

Neamț County

Suceava County

Bacău County

Vaslui County

Vrancea County


Dolj County

Administrative Palace, Craiova

Olt County

  • Cosma Constantinescu Palace, Corabia

Mehedinți County

Gorj County

Vâlcea County


Alba County

Bethlen-Haller Castle, Cetatea de Baltă

Bistriţa-Năsăud County

Braşov County

Bran Castle
Făgăraş Fortress

Cluj County

Bánffy Castle in Bonţida in 1935.

Covasna County

Harghita County

Hunedoara County

Mureş County

Overview of the Sighisoara Citadel

Sălaj County

Sibiu County

Wallachia (Valahia)

Prahova County

Arges County


Other fortifications

See also


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  • Ion Dorin Narcis (2001). Castele, palate şi conace din România (in Romanian). Bucureşti: Editura Fundaţiei Culturale Române.  

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