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List of current Home and Away characters

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Title: List of current Home and Away characters  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Home and Away, Alf Stewart, Leah Patterson-Baker, Marilyn Chambers (Home and Away), Martin Ashford (Home and Away)
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of current Home and Away characters

  • Current cast and characters at the official AU website
  • Current cast and characters at the official UK website

External links

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  2. ^ "Jeremy Lindsay Taylor will lay down the law as Summer Bay’s new boy".  
  3. ^ Moran, Jonathon (22 August 2015). "Home and Away star Steve Peacocke brings Brax back for one-off".  
  4. ^ Dainty, Sophie (28 October 2015). "Home and Away: Morag Bellingham heading back to Summer Bay as Cornelia Frances reprises role".  
  5. ^ Pustetto, Megan (4 September 2015). She comes to the bay with bad intentions' Popstar Samantha Jade signs on to play bad girl on Home and Away and reveals she will don a bikini"'".  


Character Actor Debut/return date Reference
Jett Palmer Will McDonald 19 November 2015 [1]
Dylan Carter Jeremy Lindsay Taylor 2015 [2]
Darryl Braxton Stephen Peacocke 2015 [3]
Morag Bellingham Cornelia Frances January/February 2016 [4]
Isla Samantha Jade 2016 [5]

Upcoming and returning characters

Cast changes

Character Actor(s) Duration
Stevenson, NealNeal Stevenson Mattiuzzi, Michele-AntonioMichele-Antonio Mattiuzzi 2011–13, 2015–
Emerson, MikeMike Emerson Stewart, CameronCameron Stewart 2012–
Gunson, TrevorTrevor Gunson Heidenreich, DiarmidDiarmid Heidenreich 2015–
King, CharlotteCharlotte King Heynatz, ErikaErika Heynatz 2015–
Edmunds, JamesJames Edmunds Pollard, MylesMyles Pollard 2015–
Snelgrove, GregGreg Snelgrove Gleeson, PaulPaul Gleeson 2015–
King, HunterHunter King Lee, ScottScott Lee 2015–
Snelgrove, TankTank Snelgrove Milne, ReeceReece Milne 2015–
Ashfield, PetePete Ashfield Cutcliffe, AndrewAndrew Cutcliffe 2015–
Powell, TrystanTrystan Powell Mingay, BenBen Mingay 2015–

Recurring and guest characters

Character Actor(s) Duration
Stewart, AlfAlf Stewart Meagher, RayRay Meagher 1988–
Stewart, RooRoo Stewart Parker, GeorgieGeorgie Parker 1988–89, 2010–
Clarke, JustineJustine Clarke
Chambers, MarilynMarilyn Chambers Symons, EmilyEmily Symons 1989–92, 1995–99, 2001, 2010–
Roberts, IreneIrene Roberts McGranger, LynneLynne McGranger 1991–
Phillips, JacquiJacqui Phillips
Fraser Richards, OliviaOlivia Fraser Richards Banno, RaechelleRaechelle Banno 1998–99, 2005, 2015–
Latimer, IvyIvy Latimer
actresses, VariousVarious actresses
Patterson-Baker, LeahLeah Patterson-Baker Nicodemou, AdaAda Nicodemou 2000–
Patterson, VJVJ Patterson Little, MattMatt Little 2001–
Dean, FelixFelix Dean
Scott, CooperCooper Scott
actors, VariousVarious actors
Palmer, JohnJohn Palmer Withington, ShaneShane Withington 2009–
Braxton, KyleKyle Braxton Westaway, NicNic Westaway 2012–
MacGuire, ZacZac MacGuire Clausen, CharlieCharlie Clausen 2013–
Osborne, MaddyMaddy Osborne Clementi, KassandraKassandra Clementi 2013–
Harrington, ChrisChris Harrington Ruffo, JohnnyJohnny Ruffo 2013–
Sharpe, RickyRicky Sharpe Sveen, BonnieBonnie Sveen 2013–
Barrett, JoshJosh Barrett Gallagher, JacksonJackson Gallagher 2013–
Barrett, AndyAndy Barrett Hara, TaiTai Hara 2013–
Wilson, HannahHannah Wilson Howarth, CassieCassie Howarth 2013–
MacGuire, EvelynEvelyn MacGuire Northeast, PhilippaPhilippa Northeast 2013–
MacGuire, OscarOscar MacGuire Speer, JakeJake Speer 2013–
Cooper, NateNate Cooper Pryor, KyleKyle Pryor 2013–
Page, MattMatt Page Snow, AlecAlec Snow 2013–
Nicholson, PhoebePhoebe Nicholson Giovinazzo, IsabellaIsabella Giovinazzo 2013–
Ashford, MartinMartin Ashford Mason, GeorgeGeorge Mason 2014–
Chapman, KatarinaKatarina Chapman Miller, PiaPia Miller 2015–

Present characters

  • Present characters 1
    • Recurring and guest characters 1.1
  • Cast changes 2
    • Upcoming and returning characters 2.1
  • References 3
  • External links 4


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