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List of economists

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Title: List of economists  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Economy, History of economic thought, Outline of economics, Innovation economics, Rybczynski theorem
Collection: Economics Lists, Economists, Lists of Economists, Lists of Social Scientists
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List of economists

This is an incomplete alphabetical list by surname of notable economists, experts in the social science of economics, past and present. For a history of economics, see the article History of economic thought. Only economists with biographical articles in WorldHeritage are listed here.


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Thomas Attwood
Sir William Ashley
Edith Abbott
George Akerlof
Kenneth Arrow
Maurice Allais
Robert Aumann


Jean Bodin
Frédéric Bastiat
Eugen von Boehm-Bawerk
Gary Becker
Fischer Black
James M. Buchanan
Ben Bernanke
Walter Block
Francine D. Blau
Olivier Blanchard
Willem Buiter
Ali Babacan


Thomas Chalmers
Henry Charles Carey
John Bates Clark
Gustav Cassel
John R. Commons
Attilio Celant
Augustin Carstens
Ha-Joon Chang


Antony Davies
Gérard Debreu
Harold Demsetz
Partha Dasgupta
Huw Dixon
Avinash Dixit
J. Bradford DeLong
Esther Duflo


Friedrich Engels
Robert F. Engle


William Fleetwood
Irving Fisher
Milton Friedman
Jason Furman
Robert Fogel


Charles Gide
Henry George
John Kenneth Galbraith
David Gale
Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen
Edward Glaeser
Ian Goldin


David Hume
Friedrich Hayek
Eli Heckscher
Trygve Haavelmo
James Heckman
Glenn Hubbard



William Stanley Jevons


Ibn Khaldun
Nicholas Kaldor
Finn E. Kydland
Anne Osborn Krueger


John Law
Lyndon LaRouche
Abba Lerner
Oskar Lange
Rosa Luxemburg
John Lott


Thomas Malthus
John Stuart Mill
Alfred Marshall
Karl Marx
Ludwig von Mises
Gunnar Myrdal
Roger Myerson
Dale Mortensen
Xavier Sala i Martin
Dambisa Moyo


Dudley North
John Forbes Nash


Robert Owen
Bertil Ohlin
Elinor Ostrom


Vilfredo Pareto
Arthur Cecil Pigou
Thomas Piketty
Edward C. Prescott
Christina Paxson


Francois Quesnay


David Ricardo
Joan Robinson
Murray Rothbard
Christina Romer
Matthew Rabin
Paul Craig Roberts


Jean-Baptiste Say
Adam Smith
Joseph Schumpeter
Paul Samuelson
Robert Solow
Joseph E. Stiglitz
Michael Spence
Mark Skousen
Hans-Werner Sinn
Robert Shiller
Lawrence Summers
D. Shina


Anne Turgot
Frank William Taussig
Jan Tinbergen
Gordon Tullock



Thorstein Veblen
Paul Volcker


Léon Walras
Max Weber
Knut Wicksell
Marilyn Waring
Martin Wolf



Janet Yellen
Muhammad Yunus


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